MEP Roger Helmer: “Vahrenholt A Star Of The Climate Sceptic Movement…Time To Reject Climate Alarmism”

The mainstream media, and I’m sure many within Fritz Vahrenholt’s own party, have been expending huge effort to keep his message and his sceptic book Die kalte Sonne bottled up. That effort has failed. Vahrenholt is getting his message out.

Vahrenholt’s message along with the ever growing hopelessness for success we were told to expect from renewable energies is making a profound energy policy realignment inevitable. Already it’s beginning today in the UK, Germany, Spain, and Holland – to name a few. Mandatory feed-in tariffs are being massively scaled back.

This morning I was pleased to find that East Midlands MEP Roger Helmer took the time to leave a reader comment, which I now gladly present here as a post. Here’s what Roger wrote concerning Vahrenholt and UK energy policy:

He’s spoken several times in Brussels — the EU’s Heart of Darkness.  It’s a delicious irony that he has a long track record as a German green activist and a leading player in renewable energy.

Meantime here in the UK, the United Kingdom Independence Party (currently running third in the opinion polls) is preparing to launch (Sept 21st) a new Energy Policy Statement, becoming the first significant UK party explicitly to reject climate alarmism, to oppose renewables, and to propose a rational energy policy based on nuclear, gas and coal.

At Helmer’s website here he writes:

The EU is wrong on its policies on climate change and energy which are driving up energy bills, harming our industries, pushing businesses and jobs and investment offshore and forcing millions into fuel poverty. The EU ‘renewable’ energy rules will double electricity bills by 2020 and render our industries uncompetitive. Wind farms are an inefficient, inconsistent and punishingly expensive blight on our landscape which need backing up with conventional generation anyway. UKIP would scrap wind turbine subsidies and adopt a sensible energy strategy using a range of energy sources including nuclear and shale gas and coal, to free us from dependence on foreign oil and gas. By embracing gas and nuclear we could deliver the EU’s emissions targets (if you care about such things) more quickly and cheaply than the current plan, without the use of a single wind turbine!”

Climate ‘science’ does not even remotely resemble real science

One thing that needs to be viewed as a huge red flag by all citizens is the overall condescending attitude permeating through the IPCC climate science community. It’s an attitude that has nothing to do with science. Science does not progress by insisting you have the right answer from the outset, and that you are always right. It is not about stubbornly clinging to the first theory that emerges just because it’s yours or your friends find it fashionable. Science has nothing to do with excluding, altering, and filtering data you don’t agree with. And it certainly has nothing to do with shutting down open debate and the expression of alternative ideas. Sadly, all of the above ills are very deeply embedded in the corrupt culture of the IPCC “science” community.

Indeed it is high time to reject climate alarmism.

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One response to “MEP Roger Helmer: “Vahrenholt A Star Of The Climate Sceptic Movement…Time To Reject Climate Alarmism””

  1. DirkH

    O/T Random find – but EU related:

    Interview, German.

    Ex Maoist student leader and current boss of the EU commission José Manuel Barroso feels the need to dispute that he wants a European superstate, declares he was always for democracy, and maintains that he doesn’t want to take the Germans bank savings to pay for failing Spanish banks. He only wants a stronger new dimension of pan-European bank rescue mechanism. If that calms people down.

    One commenter saracastically quotes the late DDR boss Walter Ullbricht: “Niemand hat die Absicht, eine Mauer zu errichten.” – “Nobody intends to build a wall.” ROTFLMAO.

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