NOAA Data (Again) Shows No Acceleration In Sea Level Rise. “CO2 Climate Hypothesis Is In A Free-Fall”

Michael Krüger at Readers Edition writes about sea level data from the NOAA.


“We have to get used to the idea of a sea level rise of about one meter for this century,“ announced Prof. John Schellnhuber in 2008, based on new findings. Other researchers, based on model computations, even claim 1.5 meters by the end of the century. That of course far exceeds the prognoses of the IPCC. But what does real data tell us?

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has an interactive graphic at its “Sea Levels Online” page that provides the locals trends for sea level rise (see above). You can check the trends based on tide gauges and calculate when Al Gore’s beachfront house will be flooded. Looks like it’s going to take hundreds of years.

At most coastal locations, sea level is rising just 0-3 mm/year, which is 30 cm per century or less, i.e. in the lower range of IPCC forecasts. This is the case for the German North and East Sea coastal areas.

For the German North Sea port-city of Cuxhaven, the rise is approx. 2.5 mm/year. There are areas where sea level is actually dropping.

Interestingly in the northern Adriatic Sea (near Rovinj), sea level rise is a mere 0.5 mm/year, which makes media claims that Venice is sinking into oblivion due to sea climate change pure absurdity. The city is struggling with a sinking ground, and that has little to do with climate.

What’s more, a letter to the editor from EIKE meteorologist/scientist Klaus Eckard Puls appears in today’s daily OstSee Zeitung.

In it he writes about the prophesies of sea level doom and gloom – from the bedwetters, like the PIK, for example – and compares them to reality:

Nature is behaving completely differently from what the prophets would like to have us to believe. Global temperature hasn’t risen in 14 years, and instead even shows a decreasing tendency. Thus the CO2 climate hypothesis is in a free-fall. Moreover, the sea levels, which have been rising for 10 thousand years, show no acceleration whatsoever globally, in stark contrast to the IPCC prognoses. There are many locations where the sea level trend has slowed down, like at the North Sea.”


5 responses to “NOAA Data (Again) Shows No Acceleration In Sea Level Rise. “CO2 Climate Hypothesis Is In A Free-Fall””

  1. mwhite

    “Global Warming Victims in Alaska Lose Novel Suit”

    “Our conclusion obviously does not aid Kivalina, which itself is being displaced by the rising sea,”

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  3. Steve Case

    Steve Nerem of Colorado U’s Sea Level Research Group addresses the no acceleration in sea level here:

    Why has an acceleration of sea level rise not been observed during the altimeter era?

    Nerem is the keeper of this familiar chart:

    Take a look at the last page of his presentation. The acceleration since the satellite era began is a negative 0.06 mm/yr² Not the sort of thing that the followers of Al Gore want to be made public.

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