German Parliamentary Enquete Commission Report Calls For “Consumption Limits, Fundamental Changes”

Europe, and especially authoritarian Germany, has passed numerous measures over the years to get people to change their behavior – all to protect the climate.

But the efforts are failing says a new Enquete Commission report to be issued Monday by the German Federal Parliament, and so its authors are now calling for more radical measures to curb the impact of human activity on the planet. The influential commission includes members from every party.

Latest Enquete report of global doom and gloom

The report was drafted by the Parliamentary Enquete Commission, which includes green enviro-zealots like Hermann Ott (Parliamentarian, Green Party) and Michael Müller (Parliamentarian, Socialist Party).

Ott writes that “technical solutions alone are not adequate” and thus proposes the implementation of consumption limits, and making energy and raw materials more expensive. The project group which wrote the report, according to Ott, says “global concepts for curbing the consumption of raw materials are essential”.

According to Ott, his team “has reached the worrisome conclusion that the ecosystem being overburdened is not something on the horizon, but has already occurred in some areas – and is already shown by climate change, species extinction and the burdening of natural cycles by excessive nitrogen fertilization. […] According to the consumption of resources and the pollution of the environment, 1.3 to 1.5 Earths are needed.”

Moreover, the Parliamentarians are calling for “a price signal”. They say that up to now the “atmosphere and oceans have had no price”.

Technology has failed to cut CO2 emissions

The report also finds that green products and technology will not solve our climate problems because of the so-called “rebound effect”. As new technology makes many things more energy-efficient, people just end up consuming more energy because they just run their appliances longer. For example energy saving lights require only a few watts, and so people now leave the lights on more longer. People also feel less bad about driving their hybrid car. In some cases, there’s the so-called “back-fire effect”, where the technology ends up causing more consumption and not less!

Therefore the report hints that far more drastic behavior control measures will be needed. Hello tyranny, size XL!

We’re headed for “self-destruction”

The online daily Die Welt quotes green leftist Michael Müller: “One of the findings of the report is that extending today’s trends leads to self-destruction. We have to fundamentally change our thinking.”

What Müller means here is that citizens need to ignore the scientific data and become as neurotically paranoid and obsessed with the end of the world as he himself is.

Müller is also the Chairman of the umbrella environmental organization Umweltverbandes Naturfreunde Deutschland (Environmental Association of Nature Friends Germany). He is also a contributor to the alarmist climate site “Klimaretter” (Climate Rescuers), and so fancies himself as a planet-saving hero.

Another challenge for climate and environmental protection, the report says, is that developing countries are striving to reach western levels of prosperity and are therefore consuming more and more resources. It seems this is now becoming intolerable for green neurotics.

It used to be that poverty and lack of development were the ills of the planet – now they are the ills of the planet.

Green tyranny gets a stern signal from the US Senate

Meanwhile the US Senate just sent a powerful signal to the enviro-kooks in Europe, which boil down to something like: Take your paranoid fear-mongering obsessions and stuff them. Indeed most of the world is pleased to hear that the Senate “unanimously passed a bill on Saturday that would shield U.S. airlines from paying for their carbon emissions on European flights, pressuring the European Union to back down from applying its emissions law to foreign carriers.”

John Thune:

The Senate’s action today will help ensure that U.S. air carriers and passengers will not be paying down European debt through this illegal tax and can instead be investing in creating jobs and stimulating our own economy.”

Claire McCaskill

It’s refreshing to see strong, bipartisan support for the commonsense notion that Americans shouldn’t be forced to pay a European tax when flying in U.S. airspace.”

Glad to see the US politicians are working to serve the people, and not the other way around, as is obviously the case in Europe.


7 responses to “German Parliamentary Enquete Commission Report Calls For “Consumption Limits, Fundamental Changes””

  1. Bernd Felsche

    They are really quite insane.

    At this rate of mass delusion, there’ll be ration books by Christmas.

    Electricity supply is already to unstable of energy-intensive industry. Companies should be informing the people who are about to lose their jobs. But that won’t happen because the politicians will shift the blame to the companies unless they remain pliable. Companies will probably receive subsidies to lay off workers; more payments NOT to produce. With money borrowed from the grandchildren.

  2. mwhite

    “Germany’s wind power chaos should be a warning to the UK”

    “Germany is way ahead of us on the very path our politicians want us to follow – and the problems it has encountered as a result are big news there.”

    Is it big news??????????

  3. DirkH

    It’s a pity that all parties are in that mad comission; that leaves me no party to vote for.

    Oh shucks. It’s the EU anyway, why vote.

  4. Robin

    Thomas Malthus revisited. Read Robert Zubrin’s book, Merchants of Despair.

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