Romney Wins First Debate – Even German Media Declares Romney The Winner

The German mainstream media has always acted as Obama’s lawyers, carefully sanitizing and grooming the message to the public to ensure it delivers the right effect.

UPDATE: europe-us-debate4

But I guess there’s no way of spinning what went down yesterday, and so the major dailies have declared victory for Romney.

Photos: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License

Before the debate, the German public for the most part had been fooled into thinking that Obama had done a great job so far, and that his re-election should be a shoe-in.

But they also knew that Romney is within striking distance and were told by the media that with Americans you just don’t know what stupid things can happen. And plus they are told there’s a lot of racism in primitive America. If Obama loses, then it’ll probably be because of angry, male, gun-toting racists turning out at the polls.

I haven’t seen the debate yet, but have just scanned a few German headlines:

Der Spiegel’s headline: Romney scores points in duel against Obama

DIE WELT: First Round goes to Romney

The FAZ: Romney scores in TV duel, but Election is still not decided.

FOCUS: Disaster for the President – Obama was way off his role.

Other leftwing dailies like the TAZ and DIE ZEIT have nothing so far, which leads us to believe they haven’t been able to bring themselves to write about it, or they still haven’t figured out how to spin the event.

It’ll be interesting what they’ll blame his poor performance on. My guess is that they they’ll blame…yes, you know who.

GOOD ANALYSIS HERE: …no place to hide.


14 responses to “Romney Wins First Debate – Even German Media Declares Romney The Winner”

  1. DirkH

    taz declares a draw.!102890/

    Well, the Germans will not see the pictures, so it is likely that taz readers will not notice they’ve been sold a bill of goods by that writer.

  2. Nonoy Oplas

    The huge public debt of the US, $16.2 trillion now, will remain as the single biggest issue that the two Presidential candidates have to grapple with. The German public can sympathize with this issue as it’s the public debt that cripples several European economies, and they are being bailed out largely by German taxpayers.

  3. John Silver
  4. Ed Caryl

    Romney mopped the floor with Obummer. O was either looking at the floor or staring into the headlights all night. The only thing O didn’t do was endorse Romney directly, and at one point he almost did that.

  5. DirkH
  6. grayman

    O did not have his telepromter, hence he was lost!

  7. DirkH
  8. DirkH

    Here’s Obama sounding very confident after the debate at a rally.
    The intersting moment is when he enters the podium.
    Notice his two friends?
    Yes – They’re back – the TOTUS twins!

  9. archaeopteryx

    58 million viewers, “Obama’s top campaign adviser (Axelrod) pledged Thursday morning that there would be “adjustments” in strategy before Obama faces off against Mitt Romney in the second debate”.

    1. DirkH

      I guess that means no more champagne bashes with Beyoncé and Jay-Z for Barack…

  10. Kevin R. Lohse

    We already know the reason for POTUS’ fail. The Archbishop of Gaia, Algore, has decreed that it was the height above sea level in Denver that did for his acolyte.

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