Arctic Melting Due To Global Warming, But Antarctic Ice Growth Due To Ocean Currents, NSIDC Says

Hooray, Spiegel reports on the Antarctic sea ice record! Though, the piece was pretty much buried in the back pages. Yet, thanks to science reporter Axel Bojanowski, Spiegel at least mentions that the South Pole did set a sea ice record last month, and even presented the following NSIDC chart:

September sea ice extent at the South Pole keeps growing. Chart source: National Snow and Ice Data Center, USA

Spiegel reports:

While sea ice at the north pole this summer disappeared like never before since satellite measurements began in the 1970s, sea ice at the south pole set a counter record: Never has so much ice surrounding Antarctica covered such a large area at this time of the year since satellite measurements began in the late 1970s.”

Isn’t it nice pushing it right back into the faces of warmists?

Of course, we are told that the loss of the north polar sea ice is due to warming. So would it not be logical to blame the sea ice increase at the south pole on cooling? No! says the NSIDC. Spiegel writes:

Responsible is likely changed wind and ocean currents, says the National Snow and Ice Data Center of the USA.”

For the Arctic, it’s global warming. But for the Antarctic, it’s local phenomena! And if we hold our horses for just little while longer, surely the spinsters at the NSIDC will even find a scientific explanation blaming the southern sea ice increase on global warming.

1700 record lows set last week in USA

Meanwhile yesterday Joe Bastardi informed us at Twitter that a huge number of cold temperature records were set last week in the USA. Isn’t the media silence deafening here as well? Joe writes:

Wasn’t kidding around about 3rd major cold shot into summers  heart of hot.  From Hamweather, record lows, and low maxes,lowmax,snow …

Over 1700 Record Lows Set In USA Last Week!”


3 responses to “Arctic Melting Due To Global Warming, But Antarctic Ice Growth Due To Ocean Currents, NSIDC Says”

  1. DirkH

    You know what, when I was still reading magazines like Der Spiegel or Der Stern, which I did when one of them was laying around wherever I was – I never bought them myself -, I developed the habit of reading them from back to front. I never understood why I was doing it, it was more fun, for some reason, and I couldn’t bring myself to read them in the normal order…

  2. salvatore del prete

    If one goes to the sea surface temp. anomaly map, one will se that all the ocean waters adjacent to the Antarctic Sea Ice, are more then -1c below normal.

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