Climate Scientist Warns Of “Enormous” Warming Of “Catastrophic Proportions”…Way Back In 1947!

Over the last months, Steve Goddard has dug up a number of clippings from old newspapers showing stories of catastrophic climate change going to the early 20th century.

Here’s one I found from 1947, 30 years before the satellite measurements showed a massively frozen Arctic and the media bedwetted about “global cooling”.

Townsville Daily Bulletin, 31 May 1947. Source:

It’s possible Mr Goddard has already posted this one. If so, then it doesn’t hurt to remind people of what nature does on it’s own and that today’s Arctic condition is nothing new. Note how the language is the same as what we hear from the media and climate institutes today. Like today, it was surely effective fund-raising back then as well.


5 responses to “Climate Scientist Warns Of “Enormous” Warming Of “Catastrophic Proportions”…Way Back In 1947!”

  1. David Joss of Downunder
  2. DirkH

    Die Welt reports that a shortfall of money in the FIT cross subsidy fund will force the electricity providers to increase the cross subsidy contribution for renewable energy from 3.5 to 5.3 Eurocents/kWh next year.
    (so average price will go up from 23.5 to 25.3 Eurocents/kWh)

    Altmaier, federal enviro minister, says “We need a new renewable energies law. The existing one has worked for 10 years but has gotten out of control.”

  3. Rutger

    I noticed that Ahlman, the swedish researcher, was mentioned in that old article.
    He was an outstanding scientist and You skould read his vey interesting lecture in NY, 1953, the Bowman Memorial Lecture before the American Geographical Society. The title was ”Glacier Variations and Climatic Fluctuations”
    He shows how great the climatic variations were at that time.
    I usually check this interseting site so I hope that You will like this little contribution.

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