Winter Hits Early On Three Continents…Cold, Snow And Blizzard Conditions Hit China, New York And The UK

As snow falls over New Jersey and other parts of the mid-Atlantic states, the Northeast USA is not the only region being visited early by old man winter.

Winter visits early. (Illustration photo, source: NOAA).

Heavy snows have also hit China, hitting Peking with full force, according to German online Bild daily, which writes:

Snow Alarm in China! The capital Peking has been paralyzed by a winterstorm. […] The situation is worse in the countryside regions of North China. In the Yanqing region 47 cm of snow fell in just a few hours, entire villages have been cut off, thousands are without power and heat. […] A group of Japanese tourists got caught in drifting snow while on the Great Wall; three women froze to death.”

Winter also paid an early visit last weekend in England, reports the Daily Mail, with snow falling in the South and West Country, including in Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire and Devon. The Mail writes that “the snowfall was England’s fifth in nine days  amid an early winter”. and that “temperatures plunged to -5.6C last night at Aboyne, Aberdeenshire, with -4.3C Redesdale Camp, Northumberland, and -0.9C at Brize. The Weather Service says temperatures are up to 5°C below normal.

Snow was also reported in Gloucestershire and Dorset, with “up to six inches in Somerset in Bath, Frome, Midsomer Norton and the Mendip Hills” The Mail quotes. Charlie Powell, forecaster at the Met Office:

It has been incredibly cold recently and the snow was caused by an area of low pressure coming in from the North West.”

And adds:

More snow is due on higher ground in the North by Friday, with mainly below-average temperatures expected for the whole of November.”

Britain’s early winter is being enhanced by a mid-Atlantic high pressure preventing mild south-westerly winds from reaching Britain, and is pumping in Arctic air from Greenland.

So much for snow being a thing of the past at the middle latitudes. Indeed winter is making early appearances not only locally, but globally.  Odd signs of warming, wouldn’t you say?


10 responses to “Winter Hits Early On Three Continents…Cold, Snow And Blizzard Conditions Hit China, New York And The UK”

  1. DirkH

    Fox News video from Staten Island. 10 cm of snow on top of the rubble leftover from Sandy.

  2. Neven

    Do you guys think the record melting season in the Arctic might have something to do with this? There’s a lot of open water up there, pumping heat and moisture into the atmosphere (particularly the Barentsz and Kara Seas, and Baffin Bay as well).

  3. BargHumer

    The snow was a bit early here in Sweden too, but it didn’t last long and now the temperatures are up again.

    I don’t think that more snow is evidence against GW, or even earlier winters etc., it is that it was not predicted by the models except with hindsight that casts doubt on those AWG prophets of doom and the authoritative IPCC.

    More warmth could logically cause more moisture in the air which then gets dumped in the areas that are cold enough to do it.

    Unfortunatey it could become a new paradigm, and everyone blaming the cold and snow on AGW.

    I suspect AGW is not falsifiable so any change can be made to fit.

    1. DirkH

      We don’t need evidence AGAINST CO2AGW; THEY need evidence to show that the null hypothesis (natural, cyclical change) does not explain current events.

      Early snowfalls could be evidence FOR global cooling, which I think many of us expect. But if no cooling happens, that is still no evidence for CO2AGW.

      Evidence FOR CO2AGW would be, for instance, if the statistical properties of CO2 rise would, with a time lag, appear in the temperature record (which they don’t), or if there were a significant correlation between the two (it’s very weak). Or if GCM’s had proven predictive skill (which they don’t have).

  4. DirkH

    O/T This might be of interest to British readers; Energy commissioner Oetttinger blames Rupert Murdoch for UK’s Euro scepticism.

    (Well basically he’s even partially right, as Rupert is really a godsend. Maybe he’ll be prohibited from smuggling the truth into the EU? 😉 )

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