Spiegel Scare: 2011 Sees New “Gigantic” CO2 Emissions Record (Pssst – But Global Temperatures Dropped)

Spiegel here writes 2011 global CO2 emissions have just been released – a new (modern) record!

It sounds like a broken record played year after year after year…”CO2 emissions break a new record!” And year after year we are shown the chart depicting atmospheric CO2 concentrations (see below) accompanied by grave warnings that the greenhouse gas is out of control.

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And year after year, they neglect to show us the superimposed temperature chart over the last 15 years, i.e. since the CO2-global warming scare began in earnest. The reason is obvious: Yes, take a look!

Interpret this! Source: Also see here.

There’s not a damn bit of correlation. CO2 hasn’t had any warming effect whatsoever. CO2 up, temperature down! Why are you (Spiegel) too stupid to see that?

Spiegel here:

Globally in 2011 a gigantic 34 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide were emitted – thus the burden on the Earth’s atmosphere reached a record level, reports the International Economic Forum for Regenerative Energies. The figures leave little room for interpretation.”

Spiegel adds that experts at the Dutch Environmental Research Institute PBL confirmed the trend, and that the “promises for reductions at the climate summits of the last years have hardly yielded anything”.

What the hell are you talking about? Temperatures haven’t risen at all. Isn’t that the result you wanted to begin with? What more could you possibly want? We are talking about only a few molecules of CO2 per million.

Not surprisingly, Spiegel forgets to mention that global temperature in 2011 fell about a “gigantic” 0.2 degrees.

In fact, I repeat, global temperature hasn’t risen at all in 15 years. How come? Natural factors stopped playing a role, remember?

Get a life, media.


10 responses to “Spiegel Scare: 2011 Sees New “Gigantic” CO2 Emissions Record (Pssst – But Global Temperatures Dropped)”

  1. Bob W in NC

    …and everybody in the media seem to forget (or ignore) that ONLY about 3% – yes, 3% – of yearly CO2 emissions are from human activity.

    The actual tonnage emitted is irrlevant (except in keeping accurate data); rather, it is the relative amounts that tell the story. Human activity accounts for almost a negligible amount of CO2 in contrast to that from natural sources.

    OK, I’m off my soapbox…but, still…!

  2. Jim

    Where did I read it, the activity there is increasing from the year before, around volcano’s. And where was this again? my question is “?” are they really this stupid? that they want me to shake in my boots, in the midwest with winter coming on, lets see, I should shake more, if measured at yellowstone. Possible ash here. Or one of the california volcano’s ash, would pull down the CO2 to the ground, might increase the crops here. Bad boy.

  3. NoFreeWind

    what has happened is the CO2 went from about 350 to about 400 parts per million, an increase of 50 ppm. So 1 out of every 20,000 molecules of air changed to a CO2 molecule. that’s what is causing all the trouble.

  4. TheJollyGreenMan

    Why spoil a good story with facts?

  5. Alan

    Like others have said, we are only responsible for a small portion of that CO2 graph. If we did influence it, then why is there no downward blip to reflect the 1970s oil crisis etc, or a change in slope to reflect the dot com bust or the most recent financial crisis? Virtually all human activities, when measured, are noisy – but that CO2 graph looks so regular – essentially a sinewave superimposed on a ramp. Very odd – and very un-human like.

    1. Brian H

      Seasons. Summer warming of the SH oceans cause degassing, cooling permits resorption. Long-term sea warming cycles with long lag times currently are driving the “trend”.

  6. Ric Werme

    Picking 1998 as “i.e. since the CO2-global warming scare began in earnest” is a bit of cherry picking – that was the peak of a very big El Nino. If you start with the summer of 1988 when Jim Hansen first talked to the US Congress, you’d get a very different line!


    It’s almost enough to make me give up on looking for trends in temperature plots – they’re way too noisy.

    1. DirkH

      The warming period in the 80ies and 90ies obviously has the same slope as the one in the beginning of the 20th century.

      How can this be? CO2 levels have only risen significantly from 1960 on.

      Warmists, and Der Spiegel especially, don’t care for facts.

  7. Joseph dance

    co2 in our atmosphere has dropped.Before latest update,Mauna Loa Observatory had it @ 391.07ppm/v but now it is 391.03ppm/v so that is a 0.04ppm/v drop.So it is actually has dropped more than what we humans have put into the atmosphere.

  8. mwhite

    If you haven’t seen it already

    “Member states may soon face a ban on domestic subsidy initiatives, including some that are already well established. For Germany, the law on the promotion of alternative energies, which prompted a boom in wind and solar power as well as a hike in electricity prices in recent years, could be at stake”

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