Veteran German Meteorologist Calls Climate Science “A Fairy Tale That’s Rich In Fantasy…Spook Watching”

Two short items today: 1) an open letter from independent German climate scientist Josef Kowatsch in response to the recent PIK study we discussed here, and 2) an opinion piece appearing here by veteran meteorologist Dr. Wolfgang Thüne on the topic of climate science in general.

1) Open letter to the PIK by Josef Kowatsch

To: Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)
Date: January 15, 2013 11:04 AM
Subject: Your alleged heatwaves as proof of a (non-occurring) climate heating / PIK press release

Dear Madam or Sir,

Of course heat records have been recorded in various regions of the world over the last 10 – 12 years. Yet temperatures during this period have neither risen in Germany nor globally; rather they have fallen slightly. Moreover, a number of cold records have occurred. In your press release you completely ignore these cold records and avoid mentioning them. What follows is a chart of Germany’s temperature over the last 15 years:

Germany temperature trend Josef Kowatsch

Chart source: Josef Kowatsch, EIKE; Data source is the DWD German Weather Service

Over the same time period, global CO2 emissions have increased. The increase in CO2 has had no warming effect. Indeed there has been a light cooling. These are the facts. Your press release is simply not honest.

I’ve sent this letter to other media outlets as well.

Yours sincerely,
Josef Kowatsch
73460 Hüttlingen, Germany
Independent climate scientist, as I am not getting paid by the CO2 tax coffers.


2) Veteran meteorologist Dr. Wolfgang Thüne slams climate science

Thuene_der wettermannIn a commentary posted at his website, meteorologist Dr. Wolfgang Thüne aims harsh criticism at warmist science. The article is titled: The Greenhouse: A House of Bondage. As the title suggests, Thüne describes a science that has run amok, and now threatens to take over the lives of every citizen on the planet – how we behave, think, and what we eat.

He reminds us that attempting to control “weather and climate” by controlling human behavior is an utter folly, and there are other far more powerful factors at play in dominating weather and climate – like the sun.

To illustrate this point he describes how temperatures on can vary by up to 100°K at some locations. In Oymyakon in Yakutia, Russia, a record low temperature of -68°C was once recorded. At the same location, the temperature reached a record 34.6°C on July 28, 2010. Thus the temperature here can fluctuate over a range of more than 100°K. What does CO2 have to do with that? CO2 is even higher there in the winter, yet it’s far colder. Clearly the sun is the driving factor.

Thüne concludes at the end of his commentary: “The statement that CO2 concentration, whether natural or man made, is the main factor in driving air temperature is a scientific fairy tale that’s rich in fantasy. Making climate forecasts is spook-watching!”

Photo credit Dr Thüne:

(h/t: Bernd Felsche)


12 responses to “Veteran German Meteorologist Calls Climate Science “A Fairy Tale That’s Rich In Fantasy…Spook Watching””

  1. Edward.

    Concerning, these two items and their affect – it much depends on how widely read and dispersed throughout the German media.

    I guess anyone who lives in Germany [OK not with – some greens living in caves] has got the message, that, “the climate science is very unsettled to nonexistent” and that all the ‘major’ climate laboratories [Penn State U, CRU UEA, NOAA, Met Office Hadley centre, Rahmstorf’s crew – Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)] promulgators of CAGW are the biggest liars – since Bernie Madoff told us he could make you millions…….for a small investment in his ponzi scheme – it couldn’t fail [could it?].

    But how this affects the workings of the German energy sector and of the German government and notwithstanding the pervasive interest and arm twisting by Brussels – is very much open to question.

  2. JC Smith

    Well, if one German meteorologist says that global warming is a hoax….that’s good enough for me. And beshides….we actually have three meteorologists that say its a hoax if you count Joe Bastardi and Anthony Watts. Why would we want to bother listening to 97% of climate scientists…..when we have 3 weather men that knows its a hoax? I’m in…..

    1. Bernd Felsche

      Nature (what is natural; not the periodical) doesn’t take popularity polls to decide what it should do. It does what it does, without declaring how or why. We can at best guess. We will never know for sure.

      One thing of which we can be sure is when theories and hypotheses are wrong; because the real world is observed to work differently.

    2. DirkH

      argumentum ad populum.

      Why can’t you give valid arguments for your favored theory of antropogenic Global Warming

  3. Doug Cotton

    Of course it is a “fairy tale” for the reason below.

    The automatic development of a vertical thermal gradient (AKA “lapse rate”) in any atmosphere in a gravitational field has been confirmed by over 800 experiments since 2002. It happens at the molecular level, regardless of the surface temperature or the amount of convection. Details are in “Planetary Surface Temperatures. A Discussion of Alternative Mechanisms.”

    This autonomous “lapse rate” fully explains that “33 degrees of warming” without any need for any greenhouse effect.

    All should read this comment by, Geoff Wood, qualified in astrophysics.

    The following are excerpts ..

    As Doug has said about a dozen times, gravity modifies the mean free path between collisions. That is ‘every’ upward, ‘every’ downward ‘every’ sideways, ‘every’, ‘every’ free molecular path between collisions is modified. Therefore it is impossible for the modified ‘collisions’ that result, not to impart the gravitational ‘information’ into the macroscopic development of the gravitational thermal profile. This is the ‘diffusion’ process.

    At this point, we have a reasonable depiction of the thermal profile of ANY atmosphere. FROM BASIC PHYSICS.

    Given a simple reason why any atmosphere tends towards this isentropic profile as depicted and described by entry level physics, why would anyone look for a more complicated reason to explain what we already know!

    The point which Geoff and I make is that the “33 degrees of warming” supposedly caused by water vapour and carbon dioxide etc was already there due to the effect of gravity on the atmosphere. This happens on all planets, and also fully explains why the poles of Venus are over 720K, even though they receive less than 1W/m^2 of direct insolation from the Sun. For more detail read my article “The 21st Century New Paradigm Shift in Climate Change Science” easily found with Google. I’ve also recorded an introductory 10 minute video here

  4. DirkH

    Europe’s dirty secret
    The unwelcome renaissance
    Europe’s energy policy delivers the worst of all possible worlds
    (talks a lot about coal resurgence in Germany)

  5. PeterF

    schon gesehen:
    “Bauern sollen Klimazertifikat für Kuhställe kaufen”

    1. DirkH

      Ok, a bureaucrat called Flasbarth says farmers should buy emission certificates to compensate for Methane emissions from their cows, and also suggests to force fertilizer price hikes as fertilizer allegedly causes NO2 emissions which are, surprise surprise, “damaging the climate”.

      One of the commenters over there says:
      “…studierte Volkswirtschaft, Politikwissenschaft und Philosophie und wurde von Trittin auf diesen einträglichen Versorgungsposten gehievt – da darf man nicht allzuviel Intelligentes erwarten.”

      In German:

      Flasbarth, the person who made the suggestion was installed by Trittin (boss of the Green party) during the Red-Green government (probably public servant for life). He studied economy, political science and philsosophy.

      So we got a fifth column there that has not been uninstalled by the Merkel government.

  6. mwhite

    “Green Socialism: Germany May Nationalise Power Grid”

  7. Ike

    now, thats interesting to read. German Spiegel onlone writes about why temp. didn´t rise and what might be the cause.

    Regards Ike

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