Collapsing Consensus – Another German Meteorology Site Wonders About The Global Temperature Stagnation

Brandt_donnerwetter.deLast week German meteorologist Dominik Jung openly wondered what had happened to all the warming, pointing out that Germany was suffering from its fifth consecutive colder than normal winter – a record!

Earlier this month renowned meteorologist Prof. Dr. Horst Marlberg announced that global warming was finished, and that cooling was ahead for the next decades.

Last month German meteorologist Dr. Karsten Brandt (photo above) dismissed (again) global warming catastrophism.

And just days ago, yet another German meteorology site questioned global warming in a piece titled: “Global Warming Stagnates – Guessing The Causes“. The report begins:

Since 1998 the global mean temperature has not risen significantly. While the global temperature rose by about 0.5°C from the 1970s until the end of the 1990s, it has stagnated for the last 15 years, though at a high level. […] The stagnation surprised a lot of experts, who are now searching for possible causes for this development.” then explains the various theories, writing that the stagnation may be due to weakened solar activity, or because of huge emissions of aerosols over Asia – global dimming – or perhaps because of ocean currents. ends its report with:

The climate system of the Earth is very complex. There are still many interrelationships, factors, and feedbacks affecting the climate that are not known or still not adequately researched. Thus a combination of the above factors is possible for explaining the stagnation in worldwide temperature. But also a completely unknown phenomenon that climate science knows nothing about is possible. Even a natural variation of the climate cannot be excluded.”

The author of this report is getting warmer, and warmer. He’s on the right path, and really only needs to pick up a copy of Fritz Vahrenholt’s and Sebastian Lüning’sDie kalte Sonne“. The book lays it all out on what’s behind climate change. Read it, and decide for yourself. It’s great reading, especially for meteorologists.

One thing is sure: the science of climate change is no longer an open and shut case – not by any means. The consensus that humans are driving the climate is more shattered than ever in Germany, and is crumbling at an increasing velocity.

If Professor Schellnhuber and his PIK wish to implement their “Great Transformation” of global society, they’d better hurry up!

Photo credit: Karsten Brandt,


12 responses to “Collapsing Consensus – Another German Meteorology Site Wonders About The Global Temperature Stagnation”

  1. Mr. Africa

    This is indeed getting very interesting!

  2. BobW in NC

    “The consensus that humans are driving the climate is more shattered than ever in Germany, and is crumbling at an increasing velocity.”

    May the information dam break, no shatter, in all countries espousing CAGW, so there is no going back.

    Although…the next, and climactic battle is yet to come—the battle with the news media. Fox News political analyist Juan Williams (a liberal formerly of National Public Radio) noted today that:

    “I always thought it was the Archie Bunkers of the world, the right-wingers of world, who were more resistant and more closed-minded about hearing the other side,” he said. “In fact, what I have learned is, in a very painful way — and I can open this shirt and show you the scars and the knife wounds — is that it is big media institutions who are identifiably more liberal to left-leaning who will shut you down, stab you and kill you, fire you, if they perceive that you are not telling the story in the way that they want it told.”

    1. DirkH

      Black Bloc mentality. I know it since the 70ies. It takes a certain stubborness to stay persistently wrong over decades.

    2. Mindert Eiting

      Self-censorship perhaps. My newspaper reads like a letter from the Vatican. Dissendent news is simply not reported. The newspaper-pope had said in 2009 that the science is settled. You cannot admit in 2013 that the science is not settled anymore. Very interesting to follow this development from a psychological point of view.

  3. Bernd Felsche

    Looks like EIKE is again under attack.
    Die Domain “” ist nicht verfügbar.

    “Domain not available.”

    DNS still has pointers to the webserver and whois says that registration is to the end of March.

    Perhaps the server’s been hacked.

    1. DirkH

      The Flak is strongest when you’re over the target.

  4. Jimbo

    The UK is currently being hit by some more white, fluffy stuff and warmcold weather. It’s so cold that the fountains in London’s Trafalgar Square have frozen up, again.

  5. Simon

    The real world data is like water getting into cracks in the concrete of warmism, and freezing, widening and lengthening the crack a little. It thaws, then more water gets in, freezes and opens the crack a little wider and longer. At some point, the crack will be wide and long enough to cause the concrete to completely fail.

    The nice thing is that climate realists don’t have to invent any story or theory, just let the observational data do its own thing and speak for itself.

  6. David in Texas

    “Even a natural variation of the climate cannot be excluded.”

    Hopefully, that is translation error. In English when you start a sentence with “Even” you are indicating the the following is surpising to you. It is hard for me to image that even the most extreme warmist would find it surprising that there is “natural variation of the climate”.

  7. Collapsing Consensus–Next Targets Are The Professional Societies | Climate Change Sanity

    […] a posting by P. Gosselin titled “Collapsing Consensus – Another German Meteorology Site Wonders About The Global Temperature St… he lists four German scientist that have openly rethought their position on this issue. […]

  8. Edward.

    The man made fiction and great global warming scam, has done its work and is still not finished, Obama is cranking up the ante in the USA – he has no real policies – so CAGW is the next best thing.

    Germany, may be having a crisis of green confidence but Brussels shows no sign on thawing and that’s what counts in EUrope.

    Plus…… and little global warming satan [UK] is still beholden to the great scam – we just keep marching onwards to green oblivion. Next for the UK – power outages and rolling blackouts next winter – or maybe sooner – rumours circulating that the recent cold nearly caused an outage. Current peak on the 25 Feb reached 52,904 MW at 18.00 -which is not much under our total capacity and will be touch and go in future winters – with the closure of some older oil, gas and coal plant in April 2013.

  9. DaveG

    Dark skys over Germanys watermelons.
    Keep the good news coming, it brightrnd my day.

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