Germany’s Top Green Politician Lies/Deceives Shamelessly Over Fukushima Accident And Tsunami Victims!

If you ever wonder if the Greens tell the truth when it comes to climate science, then just take a look at what they say about the Fukushima accident of 2011. Hat-tip Bernd Felsche.

Green Party top honcho Claudia Roth left an astonishing message at Facebook where she comments about the 2-year anniversary of the mega earthquake and tsunami that rattled northeastern Japan in March, 2011. Here’s a shot of her Facebook message (before it disappears):

+++ Story now a headline at Die Welt here! +++


Translated in English:

Today two years ago occurred the devastating atomic catastrophe of Fukushima, which after Chernobyl once again has left an entire region and with it the entire world looking down an atomic precipice. In the catastrophe in Japan a total of 16,000 people died, more than 2700 are still considered missing. Hundreds of thousands are living away from the irradiated homes. Today our thoughts are with the victims and their families. The Fukushima catastrophe has once again shown us just how uncontrollable and deadly the high risk atomic technology is. Therefore we have to make every conceivable effort in Germany, and also in Europe and worldwide, to bring about the transformation to renewable energy as rapidly as possible instead of pushing it off, as the CDU-FDP are trying to do again. Fukushima is warning us.”

Claudia Roth is a highly influential politcian in Germany. She is not some uninformed twit off the street. In her comment she is communicating that it wasn’t the tsunami that caused all the deaths in Japan – rather it was the Fukushima accident, through man’s negligence. This is as grotesque of a revision of history and hideous lie as you’ll ever find.

The fact is that not a single death has been attributed to the Fukushima accident to this day. Surely some will likely get ill and may die later on, but name one product that isn’t capable of killing.

This tells us just how desperate the greens have gotten and the means they’ll resort to in salvaging their green project of renewable energy. Now they have to shamelessly lie and fabricate an entirely new historical record that fits their agenda.

Can we believe them on climate science?

Now at Bild.
And at NTV.

14 responses to “Germany’s Top Green Politician Lies/Deceives Shamelessly Over Fukushima Accident And Tsunami Victims!”

  1. DirkH

    In 1963, a 45 point programme of the American communists surfaced. One of the points was “infiltration of the media”.

    I am therefore not at all surprised. The fact that Germans are forced to hand over 8 billion Euro a year to their public media shows what goes on here.

  2. Ulllrich Elkmann

    I beg to differ: Claudia Roth may not be “off the street,” but an uninformed twit she most certainly is. In fact, she is notorious for it, and it makes it possible for her to get away with all sorts of “outrageous inanities” (if you are VERY charitably inclined), such as high-fiving the Iranian ambassador. I doubt that any serious Green party members (assuming there are any left) take her serious; but the media absolutely love her, seeing in her a real-life version of Pippi Longstocking or Pumuckl (, a court jester who “tells uncomfortable truths with a joke”: you can become the (co)-leader of the de facto most important political party, a moral authority – and You Never Have To Grow Up. It was charming with Michael Jackson (at first); with her, rather less so.

    1. DirkH

      Too simple. The trained ex-communist-now-green agitator Trittin said identical things. Laugh at them at your own peril.

      The greens are mostly teachers. Shouldn’t teachers be interested in telling the truth and not lies? Have any green party member teachers protested? No – for these teachers, the end justifies the means.

      They educate our kids.

      This is a coordinated campaign of lies.

  3. John F. Hultquist

    I recall reading that a worker at Fukushima died from injuries sustained in a fall from a ladder – or some such thing. No one died from radiation exposure. The wiki entry for Claudia Roth claims she trained as an artist, so her distortions can be attributed to artistic license.

  4. Mindert Eiting

    Propaganda, marketing, and advertisement are essentially the same. Technical support comes from Social Psychology, the field of Lewandowsky and Stapel. Perhaps the latter should become a bit our hero as he profoundly deceived the propaganda people with his fake data. You should always realize at whom the propaganda is directed. In order to believe that thousands of people perished by a nuclear incident in Japan, you must be totally uninformed. We may be quite sure that Roth is talking on Facebook to people with IQ <=100. That is one half of the population and no one of them will read NTZ.

  5. DirkH

    Completely undeterred by the economic destruction in the PIGS, the EU Kommission simply continues what wrecked the continent.
    ” 12 Mar 2013 12:34
    BRUSSELS, March 12 (Reuters) – The European Union needs to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent and increase the share of renewable energy to 30 percent by 2030, the executive European Commission said in a draft paper on new climate and energy policy.”

    Does anyone still believe that the EU Kommission works FOR the European peoples?

    1. DirkH

      Related: Canadian report about wind turbines and health effects. From 33:00 on, the pioneers of modern wind energy, the Danes, start complaining. They have, as it is a small country hell-bent on producing 50% of their “energy” (says a Dane, I think he means “electricity”) from wind, ridiculously small safety distances of only 4 times the height of the turbine. As the turbines grow larger the infrasound increases proportional to the nameplate capacity. Might cause depressions.

  6. Edward.

    On a more human level, the deaths of these many Japanese people was a human catastrophe.

    An unforeseen disaster, one still very much fresh in all our memories. Anyone who had witnessed that awful scale of the tragedy – through the lenses of camcorders and the like will attest to the appalling destruction of that terrible tsunami.
    Those relatives and friends of the deceased, who lost dear ones will still be in quiet mourning and I feel for them and their grief.

    Attempting to score political points, in this case drawing utterly false conclusions in order to advance an utterly idiot agenda is grossly heinous behaviour, this woman, Claudia Roth should apologise unreservedly and forthwith, she should then resign.

    Hang your head Roth, you’re a poor excuse of a human being.

  7. Jimbo

    After a bit of digging 2 deaths can be attributed to the Fukushima nuclear accident after two workers died from external injuries and blood loss.

    No radiation deaths so far. This is waaaay more than 16,000 people.

  8. Jimbo

    By the way I don’t know whether the 2 deaths were directly from the Tsunambi or the nuclear plant after being hit by the Tsunami.

    1. DirkH

      There were 3 deaths. One crane operator and one guy I think in an elevator who were killed by the Earthquake, not the Tsunami; and a few days later one guy who suffered a heart attack from exhaustion during clean up work.

  9. Joe

    Well, if you, say had a TIME MACHINE, you could convince yourself that the reactor meltdown CAUSED the earthquake that caused those deaths, so like,… yeah.

    (Oder sowas.)

  10. Bernd Felsche

    Mainstream awakening to the Greens continues in Wirtschaftswoche (Business Week). Bettina Röhl writes (excerpts, translated):

    The Green Catastrophe
    The sign of the times is green and that’s not good. The Greens are substantially responsible for the disintegration of society, splitting into dissenting groups and manically obsessing self-destructively or exhausting itself on senseless trivialities.

    The destructive effect of the Greens lies surely in that their political decisions aren’t based on the relevant, but on irrelevant motives. To turn the world on its head; to reflect reality as its oppposite; to provoke, torment, bully and bedevil people or groups; all the while portraying the moral savior, that is the supreme truth for the Greens.

    Röhl makes the point that that is happening under the administration of the conservatives, who follow the Green lead of “planet saving” in setting policies…

    The article is long … if you read German, do that.

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