Has Michael Mann Lost His Marbles?

Anthony Watts this week posted twice on Michael Mann’s seemingly indignant (over)reaction to people criticizing his work here and here.

Mann_Climate Depot

Dr. Michael Mann feels industry and skeptic scientists are out to get him, and that the world’s climate is on the verge of catastrophe. Source: climatedepot.com/

From the shrillness and combativeness of his tones, one might get the impression that he may have never gotten past the emotional level of potty training. Sadly the behavior of some of his climate scientists is equally discouraging. For example, alarmist scientists have recently reached new levels of creativity when it comes to making up stories to explain away the growing body of observations contradicting the claims of runaway warming. Many of these scientists avoid good climate news like Superman avoids Kryptonite. One has to ask if this unrelenting insistence and obsession with imminent global climate catastrophe is a normal state of mind.

As news, data, and observations pour in from all over the world suggesting that the scenarios of global warming catastrophe are totally wrong, is it normal to greet such findings with hostility of the kind we’ve been seeing? And is it a healthy state of mind that has one altering the recorded temperature measurements from the past until they produce the curve that agrees with catastrophe scenarios, as James Hansen has been doing?

Is it psychologically normal to attribute record cold and snow to a cooling that is caused by global warming?

So with all this going on, should our suspicions about Michael Mann’s state of mind be laid to rest when he constantly claims being the “target of a witch hunt”, of having “received a number of anonymous death threats“, or being the target of “a destructive public-relations campaign being waged by fossil fuel companies, front groups, and individuals aligned with them“? Michael Mann seems to have developed an incredible blindness to real causes. Forget his ego, which has him thinking the world is out to get him.

There’s a reason, Dr. Mann, why your integrity has been forcefully attacked and damaged. It stems in part from your misleading, sloppy, hockey stick science, but foremost from your own pig-headed refusal to fess up. People normally just don’t react amicably when others attempt to force a false reality upon them.

Contrary to what you believe, your “hockey stick” is in no way that “icon in the climate-change debate, providing potent, graphic evidence of human-caused climate change.” Rather it has become in the climate science community the icon of shoddy, misleading and disingenuous science. This has been clearly demonstrated by McKitrick and McInytre, von Storch, Soon, and others, and then confirmed by the National Academy of Sciences AND by the leaked climate e-mails in which your own colleagues ridiculed it.

Your refusal to accept this harsh reality is the very source of your soiled public integrity, and it’s only going to get much worse until you do come to terms with it. It really is time for you to close this sorrowful chapter, one which you yourself have authored.

Your harshest critics are not being driven by the fossil fuels industry. It’s your own obstinate behavior that is fueling the hurricane-force criticism that you are now finding too tough to face. Your obsession with the fantasy of fossil fuels destroying the the planet is mostly irrational and appears to some as borderline paranoia.

My plight is dramatic.”

Indeed it is. And we really do hope you’ll get the help you need – and soon.


P.S. NoTricksZone has no affiliation with the fossil fuels industry. I do what I do purely as a concerned citizen.


5 responses to “Has Michael Mann Lost His Marbles?”

  1. DirkH

    “My plight is dramatic.”

    He really should learn to relax and enjoy his success. Seldom has a C-rated scientist and hobby statistician achieved so much fame and funding.

  2. Casper

    He seems to be on panic 😉

  3. gilbert dupuis

    You should have also mentioned the Wegman report before the US Congress in which G. North himself has agreed to all critics when he was asked to confirm.

  4. Mindert Eiting

    The created artwork is much better than the photo shop image of a polar bear on an ice floe. The latter was only cut and paste work.

  5. Galvanize

    That picture of Mann had me spraying my early morning coffee all over my monitor and keyboard. I am so going to plagiarise it at every opportunity. Sceptics can also photoshop better than the alarmists.

    Thanks Pierre.

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