Baltic Sea Sets March Ice Record…”Never Seen This Much Ice This Late In The Season”

Seal- ringedSpiegel June 2006: “For the Baltic ringed seal climate change could mean its demise warned a team of scientists at the Baltic Sea Experiment (Baltex) conference in Goteborg. This is because the warming leads to the ice on the Baltic Sea to melt earlier and earlier every year.”

Seven years later, in 2013, The Local reports: “Late-season freeze sets Baltic ice record”

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Gee how could this happen? Some German scientists are claiming that this winter hasn’t been that cold. For example Prof. Peter Lemke of the Alfred Wegener Institute says:

In the typical winter months of December and January it was in Germany a bit too warm. In February the mean temperature on the other hand was a bit below normal. That means at the end of the 3-month period it was pretty much evened out, and looking back we had a completely normal winter.”

Prof. Mojib Latif has been appearing in the media confirming the same basic message. One has to wonder if the two scientists have become totally detached from reality.

The Baltic Sea and other scientists do not appear to agree with the global-warming-obsessed Lemke and Latif. The Local writes:

Ice breakers navigating the Gulf of Bothnia have been astounded at the record spread of ice on the Baltic Sea, while scientists say they have never seen anything like it.

‘Since record keeping began in the sixties, we’ve never encountered anything like this before,’ ice breaker Ulf Gulldne told the local newspaper Örnsköldsviks Allehanda.

On March 29th, 176,000 square kilometers of the Baltic Sea was covered in ice, a record for the time of year.”

To blame is the long protracted winter with its unusually cold temperatures. The Local quotes a captain of an ice-breaker:

I’ve never seen this much ice this late in the season,” said Karl Herlin, captain of the icebreaker Atle.

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Photo: Saimaa ringed seal, public domain photo.

3 responses to “Baltic Sea Sets March Ice Record…”Never Seen This Much Ice This Late In The Season””

  1. ArndB

    Something might be not OK with the claim. Since January 2013 the extent of sea ice never surpassed the long–term average, and was also lower on the 1st of April 2013
    __Ice on 31 March
    __Normal per 01 April:

    Further Sea ice maps, info and discussion at

    See also the Baltic Sea Portal sea ice map of today (06. April. No. 135) here

    1. pekke


      You´r missing the point, its the latest ice max by date.
      Normally it should starting too melt before this date.

      It is not a total ice max record, it is the latest date for ice max compared with other years on record.

      1. ArndB

        The maximum Baltic sea-ice 2013 versus Normal/Average is shown in the following ice-charts from Baltic Sea Forum

        Average 21 March :
        Average 01 April :

        Sea Ice 18.March 13:
        Sea Ice 25 March 13:
        Sea Ice 28 March 13: (With the Note: “Next Chart 8.4.2013”)
        According these charts this year sea ice remained below average.
        All Ice-Charts as “Figure 25-29” at:

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