German Business Magazine: UBA Federal Environment Agency Authors “Made Themselves Religious Warriors”

Just how radical has the environmental movement become in Germany?

Well, to give you an idea, Germany’s Umweltbundesamt (Federal Environment Agency), or UBA, which is Germany’s version of the EPA, recently issued a 122-page pamphlet that fiercely defended the alarmists predictions of catastrophic global warming, and used harsh tactics to pillory skeptic US and German journalists and scientists. Read background here and here.


This 123-page pamphlet released by the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA) was written by authors who “have made themselves religious warriors” says German flagship business magazine WirtschaftsWoche.

But since then, this form of raw, brute state intimidation has been met with harsh reactions from parts of the media, from the right, centre and left.

The latest harsh reaction comes from leading German business and financial magazine WirtschaftsWoche. The article concludes that the UBA has lost its objectivity and have become overzealous.

“Authors have made themselves religious warriors”

The winter and spring of 2013 have been unusually cold; the last 5 winters have been colder than normal, and so it is only natural that people are wondering if the global warming apocalypse is real after all. WirtschaftsWoche writes (my emphasis):

The Federal Environment Agency (UBA) and its President Jochen Flasbarth would like to prevent that question from leading to any doubt. […] In a targeted manner the UBA-authors are insinuating that skeptics, among them science journalists Michael Miersch of ‘Focus’ and Dirk Maxeiner, are either clueless or cozy with the fossil fuel industry. […]

The approach reveals that the issue is now being discussed ideologically instead of scientifically. Instead of being objective, the UBA authors have made themselves religious warriors.”

Another term for religious warrior could be “crusader”, or “jihadist” as in green jihadist. Whatever you choose, infidels like Maxeiner and Miersch are no longer to be tolerated in Germany under Angela Merkel, Peter Altmaier and Jochen Flasbarth. Maxeiner and Miersch, like the US and German scientists listed in the pamphlet, are today official targets of German state persecution.

Wirtschaftswoche also agrees that apparently the climate issue is indeed far from being settled after all, and openly wonders how the German state could think otherwise.

Much within the complex climate subject is still insufficiently understood by the scientists. Admitting that would enhance credibility. But instead of doing that, the UBA pamphlet suggests there is already certainty.The number of studies that are distancing themselves from the original IPCC horror scenarios are piling up.”

TAZ blogger: UBA “has lost every justification for existence”

Not only have major centre-right and centre-left media outlets blasted the UBA’s heavy-handed, one-sided tactics, but so has even a blogger from the very leftist TAZ daily. TAZ blogger Detlef Guertler posted at his site:

‘I understand this pamphlet to be an application to dissolve the Federal Environment Agency’, I wrote yesterday. And: ‘It’s frightening that the Federal Environment Agency has taken over the deplorable habit of Rahmstorfian black lists. Sinister effort.’ A federal agency that denounces single journalists as heretics of the ‘state of knowledge of climate science’ … has lost every justification for existence.”

Guertler feels so strongly about the UBA’s renegade tactics that he confessed agreeing with Henryk Broder’s characterization of the UBA as the Bundesklimakammer (Federal Climate Chamber).


2 responses to “German Business Magazine: UBA Federal Environment Agency Authors “Made Themselves Religious Warriors””

  1. L Michael Hohmann

    at the risk of repeating myself: As George Orwell said: “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act”.

  2. Fred Colbourne

    “One day posterity will remember these strange times,
    when ordinary common honesty was called courage.”

    Yevgeny Yevtushenko commenting on the days of the Stalin regime

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