Lost! Models Missing Gigantic 1.9 Billion Hiroshima Bombs Of Heat…Has Anyone Seen It By Chance?

Twitter today led me to a comical report by “climate communications expert” David Holmes titled: Four Hiroshima bombs a second: how we imagine climate change. We’ve all heard about the farmer who expected to harvest a thousand bushels, but ended up only with only a hundred. Gee, whatever happened to the other 900?


Has anyone seen 1.9 billion Hiroshima bombs of missing heat? Goofball climate professors can’t find the mega-heat. Photo source: theconversation.com/uk.

Yes, expectations are often far from reality.

In his post Holmes tells his readers that James Hansen calculated that “the planet is building up heat at the equivalent of four Hiroshima bombs worth of energy every second” and that John Cook (the guy who lost thousands of scientists in a simple survey) and oceanographer John Church say “90% of that heat is going into the oceans.” …somewhere.

Such a naïve calculation is Holmes idea of poignantly communicating the seriousness of man-made global warming to the public. With such enormous heat being added to the lower atmosphere, you’d think it would heat up very quickly. Recall that according to the models and the physics, the heat is indeed supposed to appear in the lower atmosphere, and not hidden miles deep down in the oceans.

Well it hasn’t, and it’s a real big problem for climate scientists. Expectations again far from reality. In fact the temperature of the lower atmosphere hasn’t gone up at all in 15 years, nor has the upper 700 meters of the ocean. Even the ice caps are growing once again, thus showing that heat, to the contrary, is disappearing! Holmes and climate scientists insist that the heat is there, and that 90% is hidden somewhere DEEP in the oceans in a place from which we happen to have very little measured data.

Whopping 1.9 billion Hiroshima bombs of heat – missing!

Just how much heat is lost? Using Hansen’s 4 Hiroshima bombs per second calculation over 15 years, it comes out to 1.9 billion Hiroshima bombs of heat. It’s gone – missing! Nobody is able to find it.

The truth is that most of it very likely does not even exist. This is an error magnitude of monumental proportions committed by the climate modelers. The 1.9 billion Hiroshima bombs of heat is their error, and it is glaring. This is way beyond left field. It’s not even in the ball park. Soon we are going to need an awfully big ocean to hide that kind of error. Little wonder that an exasperated Kevin Trenberth once called it a “travesty“.

Astonishingly, Holmes admits that “for the most part, climate change as change cannot be visualised. People living in cities are the last to notice changes in climate, because it is happening a long way from our direct experience in the natural world.”

Indeed. If it wasn’t for all the media hype, nobody would even notice climate change.


12 responses to “Lost! Models Missing Gigantic 1.9 Billion Hiroshima Bombs Of Heat…Has Anyone Seen It By Chance?”

  1. Green Sand

    The missing “energy” will be found! I have no doubt they will find what they need to find. Also could the name of this project be a clue as to where it will be found?

    “DEEP-C project”

    “The Diagnosing Earth’s Energy Pathways in the Climate system (DEEP-C) consortium is a 4-year project that is tackling the questions:

    (1) What mechanisms explain the reduced global surface warming rate since around 2000

    (2) Where is the excess energy due to rising greenhouse gas concentrations currently accumulating in the climate system?”


    The real interesting bit will be the explanation of the “mechanisms” that put it there.

  2. DirkH

    Energetic imbalance in hiroshima bombs per second
    sunlight delivers 1000 times the energy

    1. DirkH

      the skepticalscience piece Holmes links to turns out to be 7 months older than the WUWT article.
      WUWT gives James Hansen the honour.
      So Holmes gives “wrong” a whole new dimension.
      And BTW Holmes; you’re NOT supposed to explain to everyone how propaganda is MADE (by using focus groups); you are supposed to SPREAD it. Man! The first rule of propaganda is that nobody should notice that it’s propaganda.

      This must be a real low point in the history of the Global Warming lie.

      1. DirkH

        ” turns out to be 7 months older than the WUWT article.”

        …I wanted to say, 7 months YOUNGER – i.e. Hansen / the WUWT article cam first…

  3. RC Saumarez

    The Hiroshima bomb unit of heat storage has turned up on Dana Nucciteli’s 97% blog on the Guardian.

    He tells an interesting story about the minimal effect of solar activity failing to change the inexorable rise in temperature.

    If you haven’t visited this blog, it is an interesting experience from a psychological perspective (psychopathalogical?).

    One can only quote AP Herbert’s famous remark:
    “If nobody were to open their mouths without knowing exactly what they are talking about, a deadly hush would fall upon the world….”

  4. AlecM

    There is no missing heat because the climate models are perpetual motion machines that exaggerate warming up to 6.85 x and what they don’t need to prove their claim is offset by double real low level cloud optical depth.

    In reality the Earth is self controlling by a mechanism to be published. The Tyndall experiment has been misinterpreted. There can be no thermalisation of the limites surface IR [effective emissivity 0.16] in the gas phase.

    Everything they could get wrong they got wrong – 13 mistakes, 3 of them elementary and very embarrassing.

    Anyone who believes in it is either taught wrongly [meteorologists and climate scientists] or is being unprofessional.

  5. Nzrobin

    I know where the heat had gone. It has been reflected as long wave infrared back to space as it always has. God bless nature.

  6. pkuster

    “Has anyone seen it?”
    Yeah- the dog ate it.

  7. John F. Hultquist

    Although it is likely not ‘p c’ to mention the Joel Chandler Harris’ story of Tar-Baby the notion came to mind about the CO2 and CAGW crowd. They grabbed on to (‘punched’ in the original story) this thing and now can’t let go. The idea is also expressed in the phrase “sticky situation.” Many of these folks have spent half their adult lives (some are not adults) with this fever raging in their heads and they can’t wrap their crisply fried mind around the falseness of their belief.

  8. nzrobin

    I think I know where the missing heat has gone. It’s gone to the same place all our spare heat goes, back out into space via long wave infra red radiation. How about somebody do an integral of LWIR over the past 20 years or so and see if there’s any difference. Richard Lindzen maybe?

  9. Ric Werme

    My [Big Oil] money is on the missing heat turning up in Phil Jones’s office along with the missing temperature records.

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