Journal Nature Delivers “Robust” Fortune-Telling: Number Of Heat Wave Days To Double By 2020, Quadruple By 2040!

And DEATH by heat by 2100 if we don’t stop burning carbon now.

The ultra-alarmist Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) forecasts that the number of heat-wave days will double in just seven years, so reports CO2 Handel website here. The forecast appeared in Nature.

Recall that the PIK is the outlier panicky institute that insists sea levels may rise 2 meters by the year 2100 and believe that the planet is warming faster than ever, even though global temperatures have dropped slightly over the last decade. Its director is Professor Dr. Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber, the chairman of the WBGU, a 12-man advisory committee of “renown scientists” who are calling for the rapid transformation of the global economy to one that is driven mostly by renewable energies. The WBGU also calls for a watering down of democracy, insisting that professors in academia must have the say on how the planet is governed.

Back to the subject of heat waves, the German Press Agency DPA writes:

Strong heat waves for this time of the year will double by 2020, calculates a team led by 2020 Dim Coumou of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (Pik). By 2040 such weather patterns will even quadruple. Droughts, heat waves, and storms could in turn enhance climate change in the future, the scientists add in the journal Nature.”

The scientists also add that “soil and plants absorbed up to 30 percent of the man-made carbon dioxide over the past 50 years and thus have slowed climate change.” But they say forests are no longer absorbing the CO2 as well, and so the climate is going to get a lot worse.

“Robust” fortune-telling

Based on models – that’s the good news because so far every PIK model projection has been completely wrong. The opposite of what they projected is actually happening in reality. No temperature increase in 15 years.

The PIK fortune-telling doesn’t stop at the year 2040; it even looks at the year 2100. Now that must be some really powerful fortune-telling. For you non-believers and skeptics, think again:

‘The Pik study delivers more robust results than of the earlier studies,’ comments Stefan Hagemann of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg on inquiry. ‘What today is the exception, is what we will have to get used to in the future.'”

Dim Coucou claims that things are going to get a heck of a lot worse:

While today only 5% of the globe’s land surface sees heat extremes in the summer each month, that will go up to 85 percent. ‘In many regions the coldest summer months will become hotter than the hottest months today,’ Coumou says.”

Overall the German angst-spreading PIK scientists say it’s too late to prevent the massive heat waves foreseen for 2020 or 2040 – there’s just too much CO2 in the atmosphere. But if we act now and change our carbonic ways, then there’s still hope to avert the catastrophe that awaits our grandchildren in the year 2100, Coucou wants us to believe.


6 responses to “Journal Nature Delivers “Robust” Fortune-Telling: Number Of Heat Wave Days To Double By 2020, Quadruple By 2040!”

  1. Ed Caryl

    Are PIK and Nature willing to engrave those forecasts in stone over their front doorways? Ummm? So we can point fingers and giggle in six years? ROTFLMAO!

    1. Jimbo

      I think their hero is Dr. David Viner. He won’t repeat his crap too soon. PIK are in bed with the insurance companies and are in it for the money.

  2. Bernd Felsche

    Always challenge them to bet their pension on their projections. It would demonstrate their actual confidence in their predictions.

  3. DirkH

    Just as a reminder what a propagandist outfit the PIK is: In February of this year Schellnhuber had his goon Pethoukov trot out a study that states that the arctic will warm 2 to 3 times as much as the rest of the warming globe.

    That was of course before current temperature measurements from DMI came in, showing the coolest Arctic summer since records began.

    Has PIK already bent itself into a Pretzel explaining that away?

    1. John Silver

      Rahmstorf even “predicted” that the Arctic would be ice free in the winter!

  4. PvT

    I have two quotes regarding this non scienctific-activist PIK institute. Regarding Nature I have given up already years ago to take them seriously as science-journal , when they made the word denialist “fashionable” in an editorial. That was the reason to stop my subscription.

    “Telling the future by looking at the past assumes that conditions remain constant. This is like driving a car by looking in the rearview mirror.” -Herb Brody

    “You can’t change the past, but you can ruin the present by worrying about the future”

    Especially my concern is the second quote. I do not bother about future telling; it has the scientific quality of astrology, but activist groups as PIK may ruin the present by their political influence.

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