Greenpeace Accuses Russian Authorities Of Holding Activists As “Captives”

I watched the following  Greenpeace video clip of Camila Speziale, the youngest of the 30 Greenpeace activists. I really wonder if Greenpeace is getting the message at all.

I found it peculiar that at the end of the video Greenpeace added the text (my emphasis): “Camila is one of the 30 activists taken captive when Russian authorities stormed the Arctic Sunrise on September 19.”


When Greenpeace illegally trespasses onto a facility and rams the boats of authorities, they insist it’s “peaceful protest”. But when Russian authorities arrest activists for breaking the law, Greenpeace describes the Russian authorities as “taking captives”…like hostage takers holding people illegally. A rather hostile and confrontational choice of words by Greenpeace lawyers, I’d say.

Greenpeace seems to be confused about who the accused criminals are and who the law-enforcement authorities are.


15 responses to “Greenpeace Accuses Russian Authorities Of Holding Activists As “Captives””

  1. DirkH

    Well, she’s 21; so she’s old enough to be held responsible for what she does. The parents have failed in her education.

    She says she doesn’t understand why oil comnpanies do what they do. So she probably also doesn’t understand that one barrel of Oil, 168 liter, contain as much energy as 7 years of slave labors (assuming 1kWh/day delivered), enabling her to lead a lifestyle that would be unthinkable without oil and coal.

    It is cynical of Greenpeace to exploit complete numpties like her.

  2. g1lgam3sh

    Another Argentinian egotist violently invading someone else’s territory illegally and then crying about the consequences.


  3. PexiS

    She is from Argentina! It’d been much easier for her to go to Antarctica to see ever growing sea ice and wonder what that means to global warming?

  4. Bernd Felsche

    Greenpeace took her captive a long time ago.

    The purpose of preparing such videos is in the expectation of there being trouble with the authorities for breaking the law. Other terrorist organization prepare similar martyr biographies with ideological statements.

    When Greenpeace acts all surprised that some of their useful idiots have been sacrificed, it underscores how low an attitude Greenpeace has of people an humans in general.

  5. Graeme No.3

    They go there determined to obstruct and/or damage and expect to be let off with minimal punishment.

    Is she mentally competent to plead? Who cares. A long spell in jail will help her to understand and to “discourage the others”.

  6. M E Wood

    This used to be called Piracy on the High Seas and I think it is still Maritime Law that you cannot board a vessel of another flag without it being deemed piracy. Compare anti whaling protestors who hinder Japanese whalers in the South Pacific.
    This will be well known to the planners of the expedition and the members of the crew especially the captain will necessarily know the law as part of their qualifications to take a ship to sea. If they were unqualified Greenpeace will be in even more “hot water” even in the Arctic

  7. Peter C

    “Greenpeace seems to be confused about who the accused criminals are and who the law-enforcement authorities are.”

    They are not at all confused. They are saving the planet which puts anything they do above and beyond any man-made law, they are doing God’s work, and anyone who opposes them in any way is by definition criminal. Simple really!

  8. Loodt Pretorius

    We can only hope that an extended stay in a cold and icy Russian prison might bring the realisation that a little bit of warming is not such a bad thing afterall?

  9. mwhite

    “This brilliant video from the Galileo Movement explains in the clearest possible terms why so many of our politicians are so enthusiastic about ‘doing something’ to stop climate change… money.”

  10. Pointman

    Hi Pierre, it seems we’re the only ones tracking this story. You just gotta admire how GP are mishandling the whole situation.


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