German Survey Shows People Concerned About Climate, But Not Enough To Really Do Anything About It

The German online FOCUS news magazine has a short article on the results of a climate survey conducted by the ISOE – Institute for Social-Ecological Research of people in the German financial capital of Frankfurt.

The institute surveyed 1000 people on climate and facets of their day-to-day lifestyles like mobility and eating. Although 90% said the climate issue is important – the concern pretty much stops there. FOCUS gives the results:

Only one in five persons behave in an exemplary manner when it comes to climate protection. Another 40% have a lifestyle that is at least in parts climate friendly. Every third person held the opinion that the risks of climate have been portrayed as exaggerated.”

That “one third” is certainly a a figure that is much higher than say 5 years ago.

Another way of looking at it: 73% of the people surveyed in Frankfurt aren’t really up to changing their lives that much to protect the climate. That means they’ll accept minor policy changes, but nothing major that would disrupt their comfortable lives. It also suggests that all the hyping and exaggerating hurt the cause more than it helped.

The overall tone that I gather from the FOCUS piece is one of disappointment over the fact more people aren’t willing to do more. In the press release, project leader Immanuel Stieß said that “there’s still plenty of room for more climate protection commitment.”


8 responses to “German Survey Shows People Concerned About Climate, But Not Enough To Really Do Anything About It”

  1. DirkH

    O/T Munich Greens denounce German WW 2 survivors as Nahtzies; cover up Trümmerfrauen monument. TheTrümmerfrauen were the female survivors of Churchill’s carpet bombing campaign who sorted through the rubble of their cities with their bare hands to help the rebuilding effort.

    Population not quite as brainwashed as the Greens expected; their facebook page is under siege.

    1. G Mitchell

      The whole problem with your link to the AZ tabloid article is that it is uninformed and gives a very limited view of the whole issue. Yet that appears to be enough for you to generalise about ‘die Grüne’ which is ironic given the whole WWII context of the issue.

      If when digs a little deeper, one soon finds that it is not just those ‘Greenies’ who objected to the monument: even München’s own historian at the Stadtarchiv is critical for the simple reason that, unlike other German cities, München had very few if any real Trümmerfrauen as most of the rebuilding work was done by captured Nazi officials.

      “Among the total of approximately 1,500 people involved only about 200 were women, explains the historian”. “And among these were many former Nazi functionaries.” (‘Nationalsozialisten und ehemalige Funktionäre der NSDAP hätten sich durch die Aufräumarbeiten ihre tägliche Essensration verdienen müssen. Und unter diesen seien wiederum viele ehemalige NSDAP-Funktionärinnen gewesen.’)

      Even the Urban- and Elders Council (‘Stadt- und Ältestenrat’) shares this opinion, reason for which they voted four times against the installation of the monument.

      The only reason why the Greens are against this particular monument in Munich is because they see it as a ‘falsification of history’, a reason shared by many.

      But lets ignore those pesky, historically accurate details and smear those damn Greenies.

  2. G Mitchell

    “Although 90% said the climate issue is important – the concern pretty much stops there.”

    That’s not what the Focus article said. It clearly states “…das Thema sei ihnen wichtig und sie wollten hierzu einen eigenen Beitrag leisten…” (“to them [the 90%] the issue is important and they want to contribute to it”) which is fundamentally different from the interpretation you give here.

    Furthermore, despite the fact that you clearly read the original press-release by the ISOE, you only chose to interpret the ‘overall tone’ of the Focus article and omit to give the ‘overall tone’ of the original press release which is far less negative than what you’d like your readers to believe.

    1. DirkH

      Still hoping for a resurrection of Climate Catastrophism? Good riddance to you and the Greens.

  3. Bernd Felsche

    German-language Rapper Kilez More recently posted this on Facebook in response to Messener’s call for world government to save the climate:

    Oh du große zentralistische Weltregierung, die du bist im Himmel, geheiligt werde deine Planung, dein Weltreich komme, dein Wille geschehe, wie bei mir Zuhause, so auch überall auf Erden. Unser täglich Brot teile uns heute planmäßig zu. Und vergib uns unseren Willen, so auch wir vergeben unserem Denken. Und führe uns nicht vor Entscheidungen, sondern erlöse uns von der Wahlfreiheit. Denn dein ist das Weltreich und die Steuerung und die Hörigkeit, in Ewigkeit. Amen

    Rough translation

    Oh central world government in heaven. Hallowed be thy planning, thy kingdom come, thy will be done, as with me in my home, so everywhere on the Earth. Apportion our daily bread according to plan. Forgive us our will, as we forgive our thinking. Lead us not to decisions but deliver us from freedom of choice. For thine is the kingdom, the control and our serfdom, in eternity. Amen.

    1. DirkH

      I’m seeing small EUSSR stickers on lampposts.
      Kids not all stupid.

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