Climate-Warming Propaganda Meisters Borenstein And Weather Channel Show Ice Melting At 135 Degrees Below Zero!

“It was just a photo of Antarctica that we happened to have around and we were in a hurry.” This is surely the kind of answer you would get if you asked the climate propaganda-meisters at the AP and The Weather Channel about their choice of photo for their latest story.

Hat-tip: Reader ES.

They’ll insist that the photo used to illustrate the story of record cold in the Antarctic was just something random they had given little thought about and that they were in a hurry. What a joke…these guys and gals think they are soooooo clever. Boy, they sure almost fooled us.

Anyone with just an inkling of experience in journalism knows that words and picture are carefully chosen to effectively communicate a message. So you have to wonder why Borenstein or The Weather Channel used a photo of melting ice to illustrate the headline story of Antarctica setting a record cold temperature of -135.8°F. Hey, why not use a parched-land photo to illustrate the next flood story…or overweight people to depict starvation in Africa!

The answer is clear. Science journalist Seth Borenstein and the Weather Channel are infamous for their alarmist positions on global warming and have long been known for their glaring bias when reporting on the issue. It was hard enough for them to have to print words on the record cold temperatures, and so by golly they weren’t about to depict it with a photo. That would be asking too much. No, better to use the “1000 words” to stealthfully tell the other story – the one that contradicts Antarctic reality…and make damn sure that picture gets placed right smack at the top of the story, immediately after the headline, where no one can miss it.

With a little luck, the melting ice photo will be just enough to distract readers from what’s really going on.


12 responses to “Climate-Warming Propaganda Meisters Borenstein And Weather Channel Show Ice Melting At 135 Degrees Below Zero!”

  1. Harry

    The link to this is also strange in the article:
    MORE: Shrinking Arctic Ice Means Scorching U.S. Summers

  2. DirkH

    Maybe it’s a river of liquid nitrogen.

    1. Bernd Felsche

      And it’s glowing blue because of Cherenkov radiation?

      1. Mindert Eiting

        Download the picture and upload it in Gimp. Mark a part of the river walls and remove with the colour tools red about minus 20 points in the direction of cyan. You will get that wonderful glowing blue. And of course, mark the whole river and add red in order to get a frozen landscape without water.

  3. John F. Hultquist

    The photo looks like Greenland in the summer rather than Antarctica at a high elevation winter setting (low or no light). Maybe someone can track the source of the photo just for the fun of it. I looked a bit but did not find it. Partly my lack of computer skills and lack of time.

    1. Bob Koss

      That photo is image number 12 from an article in the Atlantic. It was taken July 17, 2013 in Greenland. Just more propaganda.

      1. John F. Hultquist

        Thanks Bob.

      2. Bernd Felsche

        Excellent. I’ve added the link to the comments at the Weather Channel article.

        It’s an amazing choice of photos, isn’t it? There a lots of photos of the frozen wastelands near Vostok station; fewer of the mountains deeper into the continent where the temperature was inferred by NASA’s remote non-sensing; almost 40 months after the fact. So the Weather Channel chooses a picture from the other side of the globe.

        And few people seem to notice.

        It’s just like that fictional ice planet, “Hoth”. Seriously? That didn’t make you choke on your popcorn when you saw it in the cinema?

  4. it's Greenland

    After Hurricane Sandy in the US last fall the photographer got a grant from the NSF to go to Greenland and take pictures of melting ice.

    Of course he waited until July to go. You know, until when it was warm enough.

    1. Ed Caryl

      It has always amazed me that people can believe that Greenland will melt away when the melt season is July and August. The rest of the year everything is frozen solid.

  5. DirkH

    German Green says more efforts are necessary to slow down climate change to prevent further damages to German trees.
    I am sure the Germans will swallow this without thinking, because they are not capable of rational thinking, but I’m amused by the idea of slowing down something that stopped 17 years ago. This will probably take superhuman efforts.

  6. Bob in Castlemaine

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