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Russian Itar-Tass: Global Warming Boatpeople To Be Air-Lifted From Sea-Ice-Surrounded Akademik Shokalskiy!

The German online Westfalen-Blatt quotes Russian news agency Itar-Tass: After a failed rescue attempt by an icebreaker sent to free 74 participants of an Antarctic expedition that became trapped in polar ice, a large number of them are to be rescued by air. It has been decided to rescue 52 passengers and four crew members […]

Real Data: 2013 Germany's Second Coldest In At Least 17 Years...Overall Trend Shows Clear Cooling!

Real Data: 2013 Germany’s Second Coldest In At Least 17 Years…Overall Trend Shows Clear Cooling!

Josef Kowatsch of the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) has issued a press release informing that there’s been no increasing temperature in Germany in 17 years! Even though CO2 concentrations are increasing, annual mean temperature in Germany is cooling. Originally a warming of 0.4°C per decade was announced. Instead a cooling of more […]

Leading Expert Modeler Tells Why Climate Models Hardly Better Than Hocus Pocus: “Welcome To Wonderland”!

If you still don’t believe climate models cannot be trusted to predict the future, then watch the following video of a presentation made with humor added by leading expert modeler Prof. Christopher Essex earlier this year. Absolutely worth viewing! Hat-tip: DirkH On scientific consensus Essex quotes a cartoon: “Then we are agreed nine to one that we […]

Blizzard, “Damn Cold” And Thick Sea Ice Thwart Latest Global Warming Research Ship Rescue Attempt!

The latest news on the sea-ice trapped MV Akademik Shokalskiy global warming research vessel comes from Radio Australia: An Australian icebreaker has abandoned its attempt to rescue a Russian-flagged ship stuck in sea ice in Antarctica due to adverse weather conditions. […] ‘There could be further attempts if the master feels the weather conditions are […]

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