Blizzard, “Damn Cold” And Thick Sea Ice Thwart Latest Global Warming Research Ship Rescue Attempt!

The latest news on the sea-ice trapped MV Akademik Shokalskiy global warming research vessel comes from Radio Australia:

An Australian icebreaker has abandoned its attempt to rescue a Russian-flagged ship stuck in sea ice in Antarctica due to adverse weather conditions. […]

‘There could be further attempts if the master feels the weather conditions are OK to do that attempt, to get further into the ice fields.’

According to reports, the Australian ice breaker never got closer than 10 nautical miles to the global warming research vessel, and is now back out in open water 18 miles away, waiting for the weather to improve.

‘It’s blowing an absolute blizzard here, there’s a total white-out, there’s snow blowing everywhere and it’s damn cold outside,’ said expedition member John Black in his latest video message.”

Black also adds:

Expedition spokesman Alvin Stone says the group is not worried about spending New Year’s Eve on the ice.”

Of course not. They have lots of diesel fuel to keep the trapped vessel powered and warm. And who cares if the rescue efforts drag on and on. The taxpayers will simply foot the bill run up by all the foolishness.

The South China Morning Post here writes that a rescue by helicopter was also called off due to bad weather, snow and high winds.

Three hours ago, expedition leader Dr. Chris “Baghdad Al” Turney tweeted as he stood surrounded by miles of thick ice, “It’s so warm, it’s actually raining!” Everyone is just having a marvelous time, he assures.

See all the passengers bathing on deck in the warm sun?

Source: Intrepid Science YouTube Channel

Also read how media is hiding the folly:


8 responses to “Blizzard, “Damn Cold” And Thick Sea Ice Thwart Latest Global Warming Research Ship Rescue Attempt!”

  1. Mike Heath

    It is good that they have food for weeks, and the irony makes me laugh every time, but it starts to be more serious. The ice seems to be growing larger and even the helicopters cannot get it.

    The BBC reports… “The BBC’s Andrew Luck-Baker, on the Shokalskiy, said scientists on board thought the ice was much thicker than usual for this time of year.”

    Don’t these experts know the conditions of the sea when planning a voyage. I would have thought these guys would be the experts of ice thickness in the Antarctic.

  2. DirkH

    It’s white in all directions. A great place to put some solar panels! Mawson himself got snowblind by all the light!

  3. Pethefin

    And again the explanation for this naively planned climate science drama cruise seems to be intertwined vested interests. Not only the research financing related vested interests of the “scientists” involved, or the MSM interests in alarmist climate change news, but also the green technology interests since the “scientific” leader of this crew happens to have helped to set up a carbon refining company, which has developed “technology to fix carbon from the atmosphere and make a host of green bi-products, helping reduce greenhouse gas levels”.

    more information on such startup consulting activities can be found under the third update on this blog post:

    1. Pethefin

      It seems that the scientific head of this expedition did more than just industry consulting:

      now the vested interests seem to even stronger.

  4. Steevo

    That’ s all great and wonderful if they live to see their carbon tax credit schemes come to full fruition. When it’s snowing in June in the U S Midwest , perhaps more people will pay attention to the scam.

  5. ES

    The ship is scheduled to be in Ushuaia Argentina for a departure on another trip on Jan 15, 2014 for a tour of Antarctic Peninsula. Starting price is $8,690, so they stand to lose big money.

  6. Blizzard, “Damn Cold” And Thick Sea...

    […] "Blizzard, “Damn Cold” And Thick Sea Ice Thwart Latest Global Warming Research Ship Rescue Attempt!"  […]

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