Veteran Meteorologist Calls Climate Scientists’ Claims That More Sea Ice Proves Global Warming “Just Really Despicable”

At his Saturday Summary (12/28 here) veteran meteorologist Joe Bastardi comments on how humiliated global warming alarmist scientists are trying to save face by claiming that all the new polar sea ice proves global warming.

Antarctic sea ice has been approaching record highs and embarrassed alarmist scientists are scrambling to explain why.

After presenting his weather information, at the 7:10 mark Joe gets to the nitty-gritty on climate.

Bastardi 12_28

Global sea ice 1 million square kilometers above normal. Cropped from Saturday Summary.

Now, I’ve got to do this because the global warming agenda is just really despicable in trying to claim the increase in Antarctic sea ice, opposite of what they said several years ago, and now they are trying to deny they said that, is a sign of global warming.”

Makes you wonder if climate scientists put water in the oven at home to try to make ice cubes.

Arctic sea ice has leveled off

Joe also shows Arctic sea ice has actually leveled off over the last few years, attributing the earlier reduction to oceanic cycles.

Later at the 8:15 mark Joe again sharply criticizes the shenanigans of climate alarmists, accusing scientists of lying with respect to Antarctic sea ice increase:

I’ll tell you what, now I cannot say how despicable it is to see the lying that is going on as you watch the Antarctic ice shelf continue to increase […] It’s just amazing listening to all this going on.”

Joe later says that what’s going on in Antaractica is just a classic example of cyclical climate.

One thing is clear: climate science shows that scruples are in short supply within the field.


32 responses to “Veteran Meteorologist Calls Climate Scientists’ Claims That More Sea Ice Proves Global Warming “Just Really Despicable””

  1. Bob Weber

    Go get em Joe – and don’t stop

  2. Dee

    Wow. You should stick to forecasting the weather and leave “climate” science to the experts.

    1. DirkH

      You say unsuccessful cartoonists like John Cook are the experts about the climate? Somehow I can’t follow.

      1. Michael D Smith

        Cartoonist too? And I thought it was unfulfilled Himmler Wannabe. I’m so confused…

    2. DirkH

      I see John Cook has not updated his drivel with the latest idea that increasing winds around antarctica lead to more sea ice. He should really update his drivel faster; warmist science is such a fast moving thing. Please tell him.

    3. Raven

      Wake -up most who claim they are climate scientists are not,Joe is one of the most
      honest in he field.

    4. MarkC

      Did you even read the article you linked? It says the following:

      In Antarctica, sea ice grows quite extensively during winter but nearly completely melts away during the summer (Figure 1). That is where the important difference between Antarctic and Arctic sea ice exists as much of the Arctic’s sea ice lasts all the year round. During the winter months it increases and before decreasing during the summer months, but an ice cover does in fact remain in the North which includes quite a bit of ice from previous years (Figure 1). Essentially Arctic sea ice is more important for the earth’s energy balance because when it increasingly melts, more sunlight is absorbed by the oceans whereas Antarctic sea ice normally melts each summer leaving the earth’s energy balance largely unchanged.


      1. tom

        mark wake up….it is summer in antartica and the ice is not melting….no climate change understanding for that happening.

  3. Ken Petkau

    Good for you for calling them on this lie. Remember, truth to those with an agenda is whatever suits that agenda, no matter how blatant a lie it is.

  4. Diamond Dave

    Either these greenie fundamentalists, including the Sierra Club, are deliberately lying, or they are profoundly stupid.

  5. David Appell

    Why is Joe Bastardi more interested in noise than in signal?

    1. DirkH

      Let me help you there. The “signal” over the past 17 years is zero.

      1. David Appell

        Absolutely not.
        Take the 5 main datasets for surface or lower tropospheric temperature.
        Calculate the linearized warming for all of them,
        with uncertainty.
        Report back here.
        I dare you.

        Then do the same for the ocean.
        I dare you again.

        1. Tel
    2. John F. Hultquist

      Just today I read that William Safire believed that all faults in comprehension are the responsibility of the writer. So sorry, but can you try again to explain what you wrote and how it adds to our understanding of “climate scientists’ claims” or – well I’m not sure what it was about and I likely won’t check back to see if you can do better.
      Happy New Year, anyway!

  6. Shellie Correia

    The climate alarmists are not looking for the truth. They are looking for ways to convince people that their fear mongering, should be believed.
    They would have blamed no ice, on global warming, a bit of ice, on global warming, and getting stuck, because of LOTS of ice, is still blamed on global warming.
    They are not interested in the facts, just the spin. Intelligent people, are beginning to get disgusted with the AGW nonsense, and they are just ignoring them.

  7. Frederick Colbourne

    The most important point is missed in most reports of icebreakers getting stuck in the sea ice: this is summer in the Southern Ocean.

    The second most important point is omitted from the Skeptical Science web site where all of the reasons given for the loss of land ice mass are related to natural cycles, not human activities.

    The most obvious reason for loss of land ice is that we are living in the Holocene, which is an inter-glacial period. Thus, we expect loss of land ice. As evidence, the long inter-glacial about 400,000 years ago saw almost all land ice lost in the western Antarctic and sea level at least 20 meters (65 feet) higher than the present. The last inter-glacial (Eemian) was about 3 degrees Celsius warmer than at present and sea level was at least 2 meters (6 feet) higher than at present.

    What is the cause of the present unusual extent of sea ice in Antarctica? The known causes are point to natural cycles internal to the climate system.

    Skeptics claim that: natural cycles at many time scales affect the climate system; natural cycles produce most of the observed changes in climate; human activity has less impact than climate modelers are claiming and less impact than natural cycles.

    Skeptics claim that the null hypothesis places the onus on the AGW (anthropocentric global warming) theory to show that natural cycles are NOT generating the observations of climate change used to support the AGW theory.

    My own view is that the skeptics may be correct, but we will not be able to confirm one way or another for at least another 30 years. I maintain this view because I do not accept that the AGW theory has disproved the null hypothesis by showing that natural cycles cannot account for most observed changes in climate during periods greater than 30 years.

    Extreme weather events tell us nothing about climate. Thus, I ignore weather and climte change during periods less than 30 years because the observational fluctuations are merely “system noise”, not evidence of climate change.

    1. DirkH

      “Skeptics claim that the null hypothesis places the onus on the AGW (anthropocentric global warming) theory to show that natural cycles are NOT generating the observations of climate change used to support the AGW theory.

      My own view is that the skeptics may be correct, but we will not be able to confirm one way or another for at least another 30 years.”

      Epistemology is not time-dependent. The null hypothesis is valid until disproven.
      My view is that we should have waited 30 years before assigning any predictive value to the CO2AGW conjecture and before burning all the money on solar panels and wind turbines. The politicians think otherwise. So the only good thing about our politicians, media, courts and police I can say is: They did not engage in wholesale slaughter by now.

  8. tomwys

    Not too hard to see the effects of the million sqKm ice/snow increase around Antarctica! One million sqKm covers the same area of ocean, which previously absorbed 90% of the incoming solar radiation.

    Now the albedo of the same area switches from 90% absorption to 70% reflection – a huge change, and the reflected solar radiation leaves the planet at short wavelengths that CO2 and CH4 cannot and do not intercept or re-radiate.

    Atmospheric temperature flatline for 17 years? Any surprise here???

  9. Mervyn

    The only way the global warming alarmism nightmare will ever be brought to an end is in a Court of Law. That is the only place where the United Nations IPCC can be held to account.

    We have seen that no matter how much empirical evidence is produced to demonstrate the IPCC mantra is false, the alarmists just keep pushing forward with more and more global warming propaganda.

    If it is illegal in most first world countries for corporations and their directors to engage in misleading and deceptive conduct, the same should be applied to the IPCC and its editors and authors.

    The only way to tackle this problem is by testing the evidence of alarmists in the Courts.

  10. Richard


    The ice breakers stuck in ice have proved global warming,

    1. Soarer

      “The ice breakers stuck in ice have proved global warming,”

      Nonsense. The excess heat is hiding in the extra ice.

      S’obvious init?

  11. David Rohleder

    Man made global warmist and the politicians that want to tax your energy bills are grifter’s – just to put their proposition another way ” give me your money and I will change the weather!”

  12. Veteran Meteorologist Joe Bastardi has Zero Tolerance for Stupid | Deft News

    […] Veteran Meteorologist Calls Climate Scientists’ Claims That More Sea Ice Proves Global Warming “… […]

  13. Gary Hemminger

    Be careful folks. The climate alarmists are now trapped. they are like wounded animals. You cannot help them. They are trapped in their own hell. There is no way out for them. The best thing to do is to stop cornering them and let them withdraw gracefully. they cannot win. the weather will not cooperate with their alarmism. What is incredible is that they did not see this coming. they actually thought the world was going to keep warming forever. They did not even consider the option that the world would cool again. Or they thought it would cool and that we were so stupid out here that we would think a cooling world was a sign of global warming. Either way, they were the stupid ones. But be careful. I warn you…they are dangerous now as they have no scruples at this point.

    1. DirkH

      Please do not worry. If they lose it they got 17 Russian sailors to cool them down.

    2. David Appell

      You are deluded. Nothing happening now brings any doubt to AGW, or its seriousness. Nothing.

      You need to read something other then blogs that reinforce your denialism.

      1. Ed Caryl

        And you need to read something other than blogs that reinforce YOUR delusions!

    3. David Appell

      >> They did not even consider the option that the world would cool again. <<

      There are no signs at all that the world is cooling. None.

      Global warming is a problem that will last for millennia. We are only in the first century of it. You do the math.

      1. Ed Caryl

        “There are no signs at all that the world is cooling. None.”
        Wait for it…

      2. DirkH

        “Global warming is a problem that will last for millennia.”

        David, while we’re talking about millenia timescales; look at the Marcotte & Shakun paper that proves unequivocally that we’ve been cooling for 8000 years. Ignore the spike at the end; Shakun admitted that the spike is unreliable in an interview with Revkin, due to obvious time resolution problems.

        So, if we climbed a little bit back up to the climate during the Minoan culture, I’d be all for it. I fear, though, that CO2 will do nothing to this effect, as the last 17 years have shown the non-correlation between CO2 levels and temperatures.

  14. Randy Breitbart

    I have an amusing collection of Warmist contradictions regarding changing levels of snowfall, and how it always indicates “Global Warming”:

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