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French Le Monde Follows Revkin…Blasts Turney’s Antarctic Joy Ride For Disrupting Real Antarctic Science!

Le Monde here has an article which in large part re-iterates what NYT journalist Andrew Revkin wrote 3 days ago. The selfish, adolescent follies of the Turney expedition are seriously disrupting the supply of serious scientific operations in the Antarctic. A number of scientists worldwide have not found Turney’s charade amusing at all. The piece is […]

Growing, Climate-Warming Sea Ice Seizes Yet Another Vessel! Icebreaker Xue Long Issues Distress Call!

Yet another vessel has been trapped by global warming sea ice! The Xue Long icebreaker has sent out a distress call. The Australian Maritime Safety Authority has released another press release: Aurora Australis on standby as a precautionary measure Xue Long notified AMSA at 1pm AEDT this afternoon it has concerns about their ability to […]

Expedition Communication Director Alvin Stone: "Climate Warming Led To The Vessel's Awkward Predicament"!

Expedition Communication Director Alvin Stone: “Climate Warming Led To The Vessel’s Awkward Predicament”!

Add another to the list of absurd things claimed to be caused by global warming: Vessels getting trapped in unexpected sea ice! This morning Switzerland’s online flagship daily NZZ here has a report on yesterday’s rescue of the Professor Chris Turney’s ill-fated Antarctic expedition. Once again we see naughty climatologist kids hiding behind mother media’s dress for […]

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