Growing, Climate-Warming Sea Ice Seizes Yet Another Vessel! Icebreaker Xue Long Issues Distress Call!

Yet another vessel has been trapped by global warming sea ice! The Xue Long icebreaker has sent out a distress call.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority has released another press release:

Aurora Australis on standby as a precautionary measure

Xue Long notified AMSA at 1pm AEDT this afternoon it has concerns about their ability to move through heavy ice in the area. The Aurora Australis has been placed on standby by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority’s (AMSA) Rescue Coordination Centre Australia (RCC Australia) to remain in open water in the area as a precautionary measure. The Xue Long has advised RCC Australia that it will attempt to manoeuvre through the ice when tidal conditions are most suitable during the early hours of 4 January 2014.

There is no immediate danger to personnel on board the Xue Long.”

Prof Turney tweets he is gutted by the news. I guess he can’t believe that climate warming could trap so many ships in sea ice. His communication manager just announced that all the new sea ice is caused by global warming, see my last post.


4 responses to “Growing, Climate-Warming Sea Ice Seizes Yet Another Vessel! Icebreaker Xue Long Issues Distress Call!”

  1. JP

    The French Antarctic researchers are as furious as the Australian ones:

    C’est une expédition touristico-pseudo-scientifique, estime Yves Frenot, le directeur de l’Institut polaire français Paul-Emile-Victor (IPEV). C’est un peu “La croisière s’amuse”. »

    It is a tourist-pseudo-scientific expedition, according to Yves Frenot, the director of the French Paul-Emila-Victor polar institute (IPEV). It is like “The Love Boat”.

    Already the video parodies are popping up:

  2. Mervyn

    What concerns me is that Chris Turney is a university professor. It makes one wonder what sort of knowledge his students are acquiring from him when he expresses opinions that clearly conflict with common sense and logic.

    1. Jimbo

      The way the story has been told to me is that the melting ice caused more ice. Over 3 metres they were stuck in too! 🙂

      Jokes aside, if Antarctic sea ice extent trended down since 1979 they would blame global warming. Now that it has increased they still blame global warming. Mr. Turkey’s students will make brilliant climate scientists I must say.

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