German Global Analysis: 2013 Was A Debacle For The Promoters Of Anthropogenic Global Warming

Veteran German journalist Ulli Kulke of Die Welt writes a summary of 2013 in terms of the global warming debate at his blog He concludes: “Once again evidence has mounted that we are slowly but surely departing from the view of a global apocalypse.”

On 2013 global temperature, Kulke writes:

We will hear that 2013 was one of the ten warmest years of recent history (probably one of the seven warmest). And with great certainty the following will be concluded from all this: This is proof that global warming is galloping unhindered, if not accelerating. But according to the statistics this is not the case at all, especially the latter. It cannot be emphasized enough: One of the ‘ten warmist’ or ‘seven warmest’ in fact shows that global warming has reached a relatively high level, but also that the dynamic for a further warming has halted, at least for the time being. […]

In the meantime there’s another observation that has been officially recognized. Even the IPCC confirmed in its fifth assessmernt report from last September: There has been no statistically significant warming in the last one and half decades. […]

Thus global warming has stopped – and has done so even while CO2 emissions have increased unhindered.”

2013 was a blow to the credibility of climate models and CO2 sensitivity. Kulke:

It was just last year – and regrettably this was kept away from the public’s attention – that many scientific peer reviewed papers appeared in scientific journals showing that CO2’s effect on the climate, its ‘climate sensitivity’, had previously been estimated to be much too high.”

2013 saw the death of the science that claimed CO2 is causing more storms. Kulke writes:

Here there are no indications that the number or intensity of hurricanes and typhoons have increased over the last decades. Quite to the contrary. The tendency is, for both strength and frequency, significantly less, as shown by this compilation umistakably shows. Also the last 2013 report from the IPCC: The authors downgraded the statements on the probability with respect to the previous report of 2007.”

And 2013 saw another grand climate conference failure in Warsaw:

No one expected there would be an agreement on a binding reduction of CO2 emissions. And of course there wasn’t. What a surprise…just like every year before. […]

Once again what became clear in Warsaw: In the end it’s not really about CO2 emissions – it’s mostly about money and a redistribution from North To South.”

Also Kulke writes it is very clear that in countries like Canada, Japan, Russia, Great Britain and Germany have been sending out loud signals that their enthusiasm about climate protection is waning.

The list of naysayer countries has gotten considerably longer.”

Kulke adds that even climate refugees seeking asylum from sea level rise were turned away:

All that remains to be mentioned for 2013 is the court case in New Zealand where a citizen of the Pacific island nation of Kiribati attempted to be recognized as a a climate refuges because his island nation is supposedly going under. The judge threw out the case – mainly due to formal reasons. That’s a pity because she could have provided the Polynesian with a real factual reason: namely that the islands of his nation are not going under. Quite to the contrary in the last 50 years the islands are growing, as you can read about it here.”

2013 was in fact so bad that even after almost everyone had closed the books on the year and unanimously called it a knockout for the skeptics, 2013 delivered two other massive bonus blows that left the warmists reeling at the very end of the year: the Chris Turney Antarctic expedition debacle and the record North American cold wave. These last-second blows are carrying well into the year 2014.

Never has a new year started off so well for the skeptics. The debate tipping point is steadily getting closer.


20 responses to “German Global Analysis: 2013 Was A Debacle For The Promoters Of Anthropogenic Global Warming”

  1. grumpydenier

    The dedicated cAGW trolls keep mouthing the mantra, though.

    It seems only Australia is making any attempt to face these fools head-on.

    More strength to them, I say.

    1. Buddy

      Here is an interesting video clip from some very recent research done by your friends in Australia (those Aussie’s are great folks). The research was on the formation of low clouds as climate warms……and the effect on climate sensitivity.

      1. DirkH

        Sherwood has conjectured 4 deg C warming for a doubling of CO2. That’s been around for a few days now. Now, this makes the last 17 years of non-warming even more difficult for the warmist GCM’s to explain; they fail even harder.

        Are you sure Sherwood’s conjecture is helping your cause? This makes the non-correlation of CO2 and temperatures even more of a sign screaming “THE MODELS ARE JUNK”.

    2. Henning Nielsen

      I think the situation is better than that. Which countries have agreed to co2-cuts in the Kyoto 2 agreement? Only the EU, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, Australia and New Zealand. Together they have ca. 15% of the world’s co2 emissions.

      The politicians will go on playing the crises game, but look at what they do, rather than what they say. It just doesn’t add up; they have lost their belief in CAGW long ago, if they ever had any. It is all lip service, and the desperate alarmists are meeting the deadly embrace of political Newspeak.

    3. Zdzislaw Meglicki

      No, Australia is not the only country turning its back on AGW. Canada was there first, followed by Japan and Russia. Only today I had my first look at Avakyan’s paper trashing AGW and published in the Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences. This is a momentous paper not only because of what it says, but also because where it says it and by whom. Avakyan is an important figure in Russian Science and the Herald an important Russian journal that pretty much presents the official standing of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
      But deeds speak louder than words. China’s and Poland’s strong support for the present day and future role of coal in their energy industries, as well as similar stance taken by Japan regarding carbon emissions prove they think little of AGW. In the US, the death of AGW and related policies is only an election away.

  2. Buddy

    “Please note that there are some warmist scientists that I respect and admire very much.”

    Please….do tell….who are the “warmist scientists” that you respect and admire. I would be curious to have a few names of those “warmists” that you respect.

  3. Barry Woods

    Met Office think 30 years of no warming might happen?

    At the Royal Society climate event for IPCC AR5

    Dame Julia Slingo – Chief Scientist at the Met Office is at (44 mins 50 secs)

    “……you’ve argued very convincingly and I say (said) it’s a great presentation about 15 years being irrelevant, but I think, some of us might say if you look at the Pacific Decadal Oscillation and it’s timescale that it appears to work, it could be be 30 years, not out of the woods yet, on this one”

    audio in the above link from talk by:
    Professor Jochem Marotzke, Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Germany

    Prof Mike Hulme, Kevin Trenberth and Gavin Schmidt are in the Q/A session as well.. Mike Hulmes question is very good

  4. John Shade

    A good year indeed.

    But the mantras of the global warming evangelists are widely embedded in school materials, as well as in the minds of many journalists and politicians, and there are substantial bureaucracies in place to keep the prayer-wheels of the new faith turning.

    They have not yet found a way, however, to influence the climate system and so it continues to disobey them. Nor have they managed a clean sweep of the universities. Here is an excellent essay from a professor in an Australian one:

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    […] German Global Analysis: 2013 Was A Debacle For The Promoters Of Anthropogenic Global Warming […]

  6. BobW in NC

    I almost feel sorry for the “poor” warmistas as they watch their world crumble.


  7. Stephen Richards

    Please note that there are some warmist scientists that I respect and admire very much –

    Sorry Pierre, but there are none that I respect. I might admire some of their other work but that would have been wiped clean by their AGW mantras.

  8. Stephen Richards

    It is all lip service, and the desperate alarmists are meeting the deadly embrace of political Newspeak. –

    There is nothing “lipservice” about the way the EU is pushing AGW and paying Greenpiss and others to do so.

    Car manufacturers (except german) must have an average of 130g/km co² by 2015 and 93 g/km co² by 2020. The germans have longer to achieve their targets.

    AGW is about tax and the commissariat want money to spend on their communist expansion. They will not let it go until they are swinging by their necks from a lamp post in brussells.

  9. Jimbo

    We have a consensus on 2013 being a bad year for Warmists. 😉

    2014 got off to a great start with Mr. Turkey Stuck in Antarctica.

  10. Jimbo

    On the islander who wanted to be the world’s first climate refugee, he has a lot of competition. 😉

  11. DirkH

    O/T Grüne Jugend Deutschland complains about calling Necrophilia (and other assorted perversion) perversions. Remember, these are the warmists.
    Yeah warmists, eat it up!

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