Global Laughing Stock UK Met Office – “Lost Touch With Reality…Corrupted Valuable British Institution”

Just days ago I posted on a how veteran German Die Welt journalist Ulli Kulke was amazed at how supposedly one of the world’s best meteorological outfits, the Met Office of England, had botched 13 of  the last 14 annual forecasts. Read here.

Kulke accused the Met Office of “systematic false alarms”, saying they “refuse to accept the reality” of no warming and that it was “stunning” that they “never learn.”

Today Paul Homewood’s site features an article that focuses on the very competence of the Met Office Director asking: Can Slingo Get Anything Right? Homewood writes:

Last April, Julia Slingo told us that ‘climate change was loading the dice towards freezing, drier weather.’

Apparently, she actually meant milder, wetter weather.”

Benny Peiser at the Warming Policy Foundation site has just published a far more comprehensive list of botched Met Office predictions, the latest being the forecast for this winter:

Met Office winter forecast: For the December-January-February period as a whole there is a slight signal for below-average precipitation.

Last summer the UK Spectator wrote a blistering piece that claimed the Met Office had “lost touch with reality” and that “ideology has corrupted a valuable British institution.” It adds:

Last year, it forecast a ‘drier than average’ spring — before another historic deluge that was accompanied by the coldest temperatures for 50 years. Never has the Met Office had more scientists and computing power at its disposal — yet never has it seemed so baffled by the British weather.

But there is no paradox. It is precisely the power of this technology in harnessing climate scientists’ assumptions about global warming that has scuppered the Met Office’s predictions — and made it a propagandist for global warming alarmism.”

Finally Tallbloke here writes that Met Office predictions on sea level rise are equally deplorable.


14 responses to “Global Laughing Stock UK Met Office – “Lost Touch With Reality…Corrupted Valuable British Institution””

  1. Roger 'tallbloke' Tattersall

    Met Office sea level rise predictions are no better

  2. Stephen Richards

    They have no skilled forecasters left at Exeter or anywhere else in the UK. They send their devoted idiots out to the blogs to defend and deflect and only succeed in making themselves look ever more inept and religious.

  3. John Shade

    I think there is still time for the weather section of the Met Office to be rescued from the people who have made such a mess of climate work, and dragged the reputation of the entire Met Office down with them. The appointment of a WWF activist, Robert Napier, to be the previous chairman of the board of governors there was a sign that all was not well back then. What with the climate-driven evangelism of John Houghton when he was Chief Executive, the organisation looked doomed in all except financial terms. It has gone downhill since. In fear it has done a great deal of harm and could yet do more.

    1. hro001

      […] people who have made such a mess of climate work, and dragged the reputation of the entire Met Office down with them. […]

      But, but, … John, this just could not be! The Met Office has been declared to be “a jewel in the crown, of British science and global science” by no less a personnage than John <let me swing through that revolving door one more time> Ashton!

      And, on a somewhat less sarcastic note … while I’m here … for those who might be interested in my take on the fallout from the latest follies and foibles of Dame Julia … please see:

      There is nothing like a(n extreme) Dame

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  5. Roger 'tallbloke' Tattersall

    Thanks Pierre.
    The political reaction to the extensive floods has been quite illuminating.

    My coblogger Tim C gets the credit for the sea level plot.

  6. John F. Hultquist

    Check with Julia. I’m certain she was making a forecast for the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Friends in Marquette are not happy.

    Lake Superior is almost ice covered and that shuts down the “lake effect” snow. Thus, both cold and dry.

  7. Stephen Richards

    John Shade 10. Februar 2014 at 23:13 | Permalink | Reply

    I think there is still time for the weather section of the Met Office to be rescued from the people who have made such a mess of climate work –

    Good comment John. They could radically reduce the UK Met Off. The climate unit could be made redundant, the global weather modeling given to the WMO at Reading (their weather model shows the best measured performance of all models), sell the building at Exeter and take the staff back to Reading with the WMO.

  8. WillR

    With Climate Science only the past is uncertain.

  9. Jimbo

    Botching 13 of the last 14 annual forecasts tells you something about their co2 assumptions. Tossing a coin or using a dart throwing chimp yields better results. They will now demand better, faster, more expensive super computers to perpetuate their GIGO.

  10. Mike Haseler (Scottish Sceptic)

    It’s very obvious to me, that as a result of the partial privatisation of the Met Office whereby it started seeking commercial contracts outside of the normal government ones, it began exploring climate change as a potential revenue stream.

    As a result it hired in a number of people including the head from the WWF who had an obsession with climate change as well as a number of non-scientific PR people who’s understanding of climate makes most MPs look clever.

    So, the organisation has effectively been taken over by global warming zealots who now dictate a position on climate which has no bearing to the scientific evidence or the general view of the – if the Royal Society meeting is anything to go by – pretty sane and sensible people who do the donkey work.

  11. Mike Haseler (Scottish Sceptic)

    The other thing worth noting is that the Met Office got their fingers burnt on “solar activity” – it must be in the 1960s.

    As a result it developed a dogmatic view that solar activity could not in any shape or form have an affect on the climate.

    This I believe is why the Met Office as an institution will never countenance sunspot-linked activityu as a causal driver for the climate.

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