German FAZ Commentary On Global Cooperation To Stabilize Climate: “Not Going To Happen”

The online Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung  (FAZ), Germany’s leading national political daily, has a commentary on the IPCC’s WG III report. It’s also online here.

On the front page AGW believer Joachim Müller-Jung comments:

The solution appears so simple – but collectively it is so difficult to achieve.”

He adds that meanwhile

Climate policy is now changing course. […] A global cooperation on stabilizing the climate is not going to happen.”

Never mind that Müller-Jung actually believes the IPCC’s already glaringly faulty crystal ball forecasts are going to come true if we don’t act. He sees a number of obstacles ahead in tackling the “climate problem” globally. He writes that coal and natural gas today are “so cheap that the ecological change to renewables will just have to wait” and that in respect to emission reductions “the IPCC has to acknowledge that rigid mandatory targets have little political value and are morally dubious.”

Müller-Jung sees no chance of a collective global agreement on reductions and that the best we can hope for are regional measures that take regional conditions into account. “Many climate activists have a hard time accepting that.”


2 responses to “German FAZ Commentary On Global Cooperation To Stabilize Climate: “Not Going To Happen””

  1. DirkH

    Well, in the meantime the Eurocrats amuse themselves dictating that coffee machines must switch of after 30minutes; and prohibiting plastic bags.
    And legislating the EU wide bail-in regime.

  2. Bernd Felsche

    Persistent ignorance is evident in efforts to stabilize climate.

    Of course as long as “fossil” fuels are cheap and abundant, those in pursuit of stable climate will try everything in order to make those fuel sources more expensive; by taxation and regulation; and if those methods fail to suppress demand (which is inevitable because energy demand is inflexible), they will take other measures to upset supply by e.g. starting civil wars, etc..

    What’re a few hundred thousand war casualties when one milestone to saving the planet is to de-populate? The collateral damage of e.g. the thousands who freeze to death from lack of affordable energy doesn’t even come into the equation.

    As Voltaire said:

    Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.

    Alas, those who think that climate was ever stable in the past will never have heard of Voltaire. They have not the sense to learn from history at all.

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