Paging George Clooney (Again!)…97% Of All Doctors Recommended Carbohydrate-Rich Diets – For Diabetics!

Lately I’ve been reading up a lot on nutrition, and I’m finding out that the riff-raff and fraud that are rampant in the food and pharmaceutical industry is even more cold-blooded than the playground kind of stuff we see in “climate science”. It really is that bad.

Recall how George Clooney once asked (paraphrasing) “if 99% of doctors tell you’re sick and only 1% say you’re fine, who are you gonna hang out with?” Turns out that taking Clooney’s advice is a good way to long, painful death.

Right now I’m reading “Wheat Belly” by Dr. William Davis. This is a must read for anyone over 30.

When you get down to it, the pharmaceutical industry is not interested in making you healthy, rather they are all about making you sick while dragging out your life in order to reap maximum profits through a lifetime of drugs sales and expensive treatments. It turns out that many of the diseases (e.g. diabetes, cardio-vascular disease, skin diseases, asthma, arthritis, bone degeneration, etc., etc., etc.) are easily preventable (and even reversible) just by making adjustments in your diet: reducing the intake of carbohydrates, eliminating glutens, and avoiding plant-based fats and oil. But what good is a healthy patient to Big Pharma’s bottom line?

What follows is a short excerpt of Wheat Belly that depicts the cold-blooded advice that supposedly respectable professional organizations like the America Diabetes Association (ADA), American Dietetics Association, and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) all have been feeding the public for decades:

Years ago, I used the ADA diet in diabetic patients. Following the carbohydrate intake advice of the ADA, I watched patients gain weight, experience deteriorating blood glucose control and the increased need for medication, and develop diabetic complications such as kidney disease and neuropathy. Just as Ignatz Semmelkweis caused the incidence of childbed fever in his practice to nearly vanish just by washing his hands, ignoring ADA diet advice and cutting carbohydrate intake leads to improved blood sugar control, reduced HbA1c, dramatic weight loss, and improvement in all the metabolic messiness of diabetics such as high blood pressure and triglycerides.

The ADA advises diabetics to cut fat, reduce saturated fat, and includes 45 to 60 grams of carbohydrate – preferably ‘healthy whole grains’ in each meal, or 135 to 180 grams of carbohydrates per day, not including snacks. It is, in essence, a fat-phobic, carbohydrate-centered diet, with 55 to 65 percent of calories from carbohydrates. If I were to sum up the views of the ADA toward diet, it would be: Go ahead and eat sugar and foods that increase blood sugar, just be sure to adjust your medication to compensate.”

My, what a wonderful way to milk the patient for years until he dies. Davis continues:

But while ‘fighting fire with fire’ may work with pest control, and passive aggressive neighbors, you can’t charge your way out of credit card debt and you can’t carbohydrate-stuff your way out of diabetes.

The ADA exerts heavy influence in crafting national attitudes toward nutrition. When someone is diagnosed with diabetes, they are sent to a diabetes educator or nurse who counsels them on ADA diet principles. If the patient enters the hospital and has diabetes, the doctors orders an ‘ADA diet’. Such ‘dietary guidelines’ can, in effect, be enacted into health ‘law’. I’ve seen smart diabetic nurses and educators, who coming to understand that carbohydrates cause diabetes, buck ADA advice and counsel patients to curtail carbohydrates consumption. Because such advice flies in the face of ADA guidelines,  the medical establishment demonstrates its incredulity by firing these rogue employees.”

Here too we see how “skeptics” of “consensus science” are harshly dealt with.

Davis continues, listing the ADA recommended foods for diabetics:

– whole grain breads, such as whole wheat or rye
– whole grain high-fiber cereal
– cooked cereal such as oatmeal, grits, hominy, or cream of wheat
– rice pasta, tortillas
– cooked beans and peas, such as pinto beans or black-eyed peas
– potatoes, green peas, corn, lima beans, sweet potatoes, winter squash
– low-fat crackers and snack chips, pretzels, and fat-free popcorn

In short, eat wheat, wheat, corn, rice, and wheat.”

Boy that’ll sure help your diabetes to improve, won’t it! This is like trying to cure an alcoholic with Jack Daniels, or a gunshot wound with a shot gun.

Recall the diet to help diabetics cope with their illness is recommended by the quintessential 97% of all real doctors and experts. Why, you’d have to be crazy not to hang out with them if you’re a diabetic!

Paging George Clooney.

William Davis’s Wheat Belly is chock-full with examples of such riff raff in the fields of food, nutrition and pharmaceuticals.

PS: Also available in German!


17 responses to “Paging George Clooney (Again!)…9717 Of All Doctors Recommended Carbohydrate-Rich Diets – For Diabetics!”

  1. Stephen Richards

    Celebs are amazing aren’t they. They spend their days earning money for being what and who they are not and think that they those characters who they they weren’t telling everyone else not to do what they most enjoy doing.

    Travelling the world, spending money, living in huge houses by the beach, feeding they friends with huge amounts of food and so on.

  2. mwhite
    1. mwhite

      Check out the insuline test at the end of the diet.

    2. Kuhnat

      If you do some research you will find that it takes over a month to fully convert your body to a full saturated fat diet such as Nunavuts used to live on. Explorers who lived with the Nunavut would suffer from low muscular performance and endurance until completing the changeover after which their full performance would be restored. This video shows that the Fat diet was still in conversion mode. Can you imagine Nunavuts fighting blizzards could survive bonking from lack of sugar?!?! I would add that Nunavuts are one of many native peoples who are used to show how healthy a pre-modern diet can be.

      Their teeth is a very interesting point. While they are worn down from grit in the seafood and chewing leather etc. they rarely had cavities or gum disease!!

  3. Pointman

    Celebs for sale or traitors to their country. Take your pick …


  4. A Finn

    There are two western countries now that have managed to stop the obesity epidemic: Sweden and Finland.

    And why? Because there has been a widespread movement towards low-carb-high-fat -diet. No thanks to the officials – the nutritional establishment is constantly screaming bloody murder, even threatening parents on LCHF diet with taking away their children because the diet is in their opinion so unhealthy they are ruining their childrens lives.

    But the sad thing (from their perspective) is that LCHF works. Not only you lose weight, you also feel much better in general. Food tastes better when your taste buds are not numbed by sugar. Everyone can see for themselves that the cholesterol BS is false.

    With lots of saturated fat the HDL-LDL -relation improves and total cholesterol seems to stabilize to about 5.6 (european scale) – which is incidentally the lowest mortality point. And most importantly blood triglyseride content collapses to under 1.0, making it extremely unlikely for the person to ever get a cardivascular disease.

    Me and my wife have been on the diet for six years now straight, with me using a slightly relaxed version of the diet with a random potato and a beer here and there. The best thing with the diet has been the disappearing of the crankyness caused by low blood sugar that I and my wife suffered from almost daily.

    This trend has spread from Sweden so they are few years ahead of us Finns. Not only have they managed to stop the obesity epidemic, they are actually getting thinner! Propably Finland will follow this trend.

    Here’s a recipe for anyone interested: Mashed root vedgetables à la me.

    – 3kg turnips
    – 1kg carrots
    – 1 fennel
    – 6 onions
    – a cabbage, a cauliflower or a broccoli *
    – 8 cloves of garlic
    – 1dl of grated fresh gincer
    – 750g butter
    – 3 teaspoons of salt

    Use a 10l pot with a steaming basker, or a large enough steamer. Add turnips and carrots and steam for 15 minutes. Add fennel, onions and the cabbage/cauliflower/broccoli and keep steaming for another 15 minutes.

    Melt the butter on a pot and add mashed gloves of carlic, ginger and salt.

    Mash everything together, preferably using a blender. The amount of butter makes the mash very creamy. Use less if you like dryer, more solid mash.

    Eat for about a week as a side dish. Tasty, easy and healthy!

    *): If you want to see a weird effect, use instead both red cabbage and nettle leaves (about 50/50). This will cause the mash to turn disgusting looking, spotty grayish-greenish-brownish-blueish mash when cold, but delicious looking orange when warm – and then back to disgusting looking when it cools down. You can use this to detect when the mash is warm enough to serve. 🙂

  5. C3 Editor

    Wheat Belly is an excellent book.

    Another new, fantastic book is Denise Minger’s book about the ‘Food Pyramid’ (

    It explains how bad science, politicians and bureaucrats ruined the American diet by big government edicts, with the intent to demonize saturated fat and cholesterol. That message was spread wide and far by a complicit mainstream press that practiced press release science journalism.

    Sound familiar?

    Btw, the aforementioned ‘Twins’ BBC “science” experiment has been pretty much debunked by a number of authors. This Swedish doctor explains what’s wrong with the BBC show (

  6. DirkH

    O/T Die Achse Des Guten has a scathing description of the PIK and Bremerhaven Klimahaus related Climate Scare industry; and the constant jet-setting of the state-funded Climate Scaristas.

  7. Ross Handsaker

    It is my understanding that 90% of dry matter in fruit and vegetables is carbohydrate! Are you suggesting fruit and vegetables should not be included in your diet? Perhaps it would be best to differentiate between simple and complex carbohydrates.

    1. A Finn

      The problem is the amount of carbohydrates you eat. It’s not that much healthier to live eating lots of apples and oranges than it is eating wheat of sugar. Too much is too much no matter where it comes from.

      Green vegetables generally contain so little energy that you wouldn’t be able to fill your daily energy quota using carbs from – for example – broccoli.

      But broccoli with a slice of butter… mmm…

      And remember that bananas, apples and oranges were originally tiny bitter tasting berries, with relatively low carbohydrate amount. We have bred them during thousands of years to be the bags of sugar they are.

      I’m not saying some amount of them isn’t indeed good for you. They contain lots of necessary vitamins and other nutrients.

      Somehow nutritional science seems to follow the logic that if a little bit of something is good for you, a lot must be even better. If humans need to get a tiny amount of polyunsaturated fats from their diet to stay healthy, replacing 100% of you fat intake with polyunsaturated fats must make you live a hundred years old. And if a high cholesterol level is bad, reducing it to zero with diet and drugs will make you practically immortal!

      It sounds stupid, but that’s how they really seem to think.

      Btw. there is an excellent food database system here:

      It tells what is, where it is and how much there is.

      1. DirkH

        A Finn
        25. Mai 2014 at 19:51 | Permalink | Reply
        “And if a high cholesterol level is bad, reducing it to zero with diet and drugs will make you practically immortal!”

        It hasn’t even been shown that high cholesterol levels ARE bad. There is not even a correlation. They skipped that step after pushing the fraudulent “7 countries study ” by Anseln Keys. The entire edifice is floating in the air; it has no foundation.

  8. Max Erwengh

    Ye, right. Just look at the countries with the healthiest people and double check your claims. The same method makes you unconvinced of AGW claims, so why don’t you apply it on this topic too?

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