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Holocene Cold Spells Brought Drought And Famine...Sea Levels Were Often Much Higher Than Today

Holocene Cold Spells Brought Drought And Famine…Sea Levels Were Often Much Higher Than Today

A Short History of the Human Race The Climb Out Of The Ice Age Part 2 By Ed Caryl Below is a plot of sea level and temperature for the last 21,000 years, when the world warmed out of the last ice age, and civilization became possible. This is the end of the Upper Pleistocene […]

Global Warming STOP Older Than 1997 Kyoto Protocol…Soon Only Old Folks Will Remember What Warming Is

It’s increasingly obvious that warnings of a “rapidly warming planet” are coming from another alien world, one where the climate is completely different from the one we have here on Earth. Recently we have been seeing headlines telling us that the GLOBAL WARMING STOP has been extended yet another month, now at 17 years and 9 […]

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