Global Warming STOP Older Than 1997 Kyoto Protocol…Soon Only Old Folks Will Remember What Warming Is

It’s increasingly obvious that warnings of a “rapidly warming planet” are coming from another alien world, one where the climate is completely different from the one we have here on Earth.

Recently we have been seeing headlines telling us that the GLOBAL WARMING STOP has been extended yet another month, now at 17 years and 9 months, read here and here.


17 years and 9 months take us all the way back to the end of 1996, i.e. before the Kyoto Protocol was adopted. That means there hasn’t been any warming since activists and bureaucrats declared it a problem that needs to fought.

The question remains: How much longer will the period of zero-warming need to continue before scientists, activists and bureaucrats come to their senses and wake up to reality of our non-warming world?

Topic for the Geritol generation

Lord Monckton even writes at WUWT (my emphasis):

On the RSS satellite data, there has been no statistically-significant global warming for more than 26 years. None of the models predicted that, in effect, there would be no global warming for a quarter of a century.”

That means no children or young adults know what real warming is. Soon global warming will be something that only old folks will be discussing while consuming Geritol at the retirement home. By then the younger generations will only think that old folks believing in warming have all gone senile and have lost it. many of us are beginning to believe this today.

Earth to Warmworld. Earth to Warmworld…do you read me? Come in, please. Is anyone out there?


21 responses to “Global Warming STOP Older Than 1997 Kyoto Protocol…Soon Only Old Folks Will Remember What Warming Is”

  1. Ed Caryl

    The Kyoto Protocol worked! Time to declare victory and go home!

  2. William Connolley

    [snip, Foster is an ‘undesirable’ who cannot be trusted with statistics…Winston, please see Kevin Marshall comment below]

  3. Kevin Marshall

    Tamino uses an adjusted HADCRUT4 by Cowtan and Way, ostensibly to allow for the lack of data for the Arctic.
    Steve Mcintyre took a look at this paper last year.
    In particular, he computed the differences.

    This posting is about another temperature series entirely. RSS is from satellite data and HADCRUT4 is thermometers on the ground. One would have thought the Omniscient Wiki-Editor would have known this. Or maybe he is too quick to slap down anything he disagrees with.

  4. William Connolley

    My comments are being removed. Not just the ones that link to tamino; ones that comment on the censorship are also being removed. I have webcites for all this, and anyone interested can doubtless find what I’ve said, so I’ll trouble you no more.

    1. DirkH

      Willi Connolley:
      “My comments are being removed. Not just the ones that link to tamino; ones that comment on the censorship are also being removed. I have webcites for all this,”

      Call the WAAAMBULANCE!

      1. Sir OB


        So happy WIkipedia fired him. Hope he lost his stock options. What a tool!

  5. Martin

    And of course its getting worse, more floods, more drought, more hurrucains more BS… All due to man made ‘climate change’. What this tell us about the world we live in…

    1. Ian

      It tells us that climate science works!
      When climate science predicts that there will be more floods, more droughts and stronger hurricanes (not more) with the observed global warming and there are more floods, more droughts and stronger hurricanes then that is the world that we live in.

      1. Martin

        So you denied that their is a ‘pause’ occuring? The met office and the UN have admited it. Are you denying that alarmists have claim/predicted that more hurricaines are the result of CAWG and its happening now? So you think this graph is wrong, just like the Mann hockey stick? Or are you a MWP/LIA denier?

        Around 6 months after climate gate i went to check the David Suzuky web site to see what they ‘informed’ us about global warming: Mann hockey stick was still in front page.

        Nice usage of the memory hole, buddy.

        1. Martin

          One more thing, their are contless studies that predict one thing and the contrary due to AWG.
          So to detemine AWG i stick to global temperature, hot spot, and sensivity.

      2. DirkH

        Ian; what causes your alleged more droughts, more floods, and stronger hurricanes when the temperature hasn’t changed for 17 years?
        You know, rising temperature is the DRIVER for the predictions of warmist scientists. You can’t just remove the driver and claim the causal chain is still what the warmist scientists claim it is.

        Well anyway. Some fun: A German journalist thinks that kiloHertz is unit of loudness; and says, a cricket that chirps with 150 kHz is the loudest animal ever.
        I guess the journalist never stood near a lion’s cage.
        Before they let it disappear here’s a copy:
        “So lautstark sucht keiner eine Partnerin: Eine Heuschrecke in Südamerika hat den höchsten Liebesruf im Tierreich. Mit 150 Kilohertz flirtet das Männchen.”

  6. WilliamL

    Not a STOP – a weak REVERSAL. And the decrease is now as long as the short lived increase that preceded it.

    1. Ian

      What STOP or weak REVERSAL, WilliamL?
      There has been a weak INCREASE in global surface temperatures according to surface weather stations in the last “17 years and 9 months”. Most of the warming goes into the oceans and the heat content of oceans has been increasing at the same rate as before.
      Christopher Monckton misses out one important point – RSS data is not surface temperatures! They are upper air (troposphere) temperatures.
      Then he rather foolishly compares his graph of one set of troposphere temperatures to the IPCC conclusion from all of the surface temperature datasets!

      The actual science from RSS is
      “Over the past 35 years, the troposphere has warmed significantly. The global average temperature has risen at an average rate of about 0.13 degrees Kelvin per decade (0.23 degrees F per decade).”

      1. Pethefin

        Right Ian, a less dogmatic mind (like the fellows at the IPCC) might actually think that there is a pause/hiatus at the moment:

        the cause is strong with you.

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  8. Sir OB

    I showed this post to a warmmonger friend of mine and he said “RSS is an outlier.” Well, he was flat out lying. It’s the other 4 data sets that are outliers because they are run by government scientists. NASA? Government. UAH? Government. (Plus, they adjust for the tropical hotspot bias “predicted” by Michael Mann’s 1988 climate model that doesn’t even appear in the IPCC reports.) The guys running NASA and UAH are hacks sucking on the dessicated teats of the American taxpayers. Yeah, my warmmonger friend didn’t have anything to say to that.

    1. DirkH

      AFAIK RSS and UAH are also government-funded – they are just not corruptible with the homogenization algorithms because they really measure the entire area over which the satellites fly – avoiding violation of Shannon’s theorem, leaving no leeway to fill in gaps with invented stuff or apply an UHI adjustment in the wrong direction.

  9. David Appell

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