Veteran Meteorologist Joe Bastardi Issues NSIDC Caveat Emptor After Claim Global Warming Behind Record Sea Ice

Weatherbell Analytics presents its latest Saturday Summary featuring the one and only Joe Bastardi.

There used to be a time when meteorologists truly admired and trusted the work and data put out by national weather services. After all if you couldn’t trust them, who could you trust!

But those days are becoming a thing of the past.

I don’t want to give the impression that Joe Bastardi doesn’t admire and respect these institutions, I’m sure he still does so very much, but if his latest video is anything to go by, he is adding reservations to that trust – at least when it comes to the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC).

Starting at the 6:60 mark Joe focusses attention on global sea ice, showing that right now globally it’s about 1 million square kilometers above average…in a world that is supposedly in the midst of runaway global warming.


Global sea ice on the rebound. Image cropped from Weatherbell Saturday Summary.

Then at the 8:56 mark Joe brings up the recent (some would call absurd) claim made that Antarctic sea ice is expanding to record high levels because of global warming. (With that kind of logic one could hypothesize that the snowball earth episodes occurred when the earth was a hot house). Bastardi:

Now the guy, I believe the guy that was saying that the Arctic was in a death spiral, now he’s saying that it’s global warming that’s causing the Antarctic to have more ice. It is absolutely astounding to me…the National Snow and Ice Data Center …that no matter what happens, the answer is global warming. That by itself should make you suspicious, okay.”

To me that sounds like “buyer beware” if you are getting your information from certain leading individuals at the NSIDC.


6 responses to “Veteran Meteorologist Joe Bastardi Issues NSIDC Caveat Emptor After Claim Global Warming Behind Record Sea Ice”

  1. DICK R

    It makes no difference ,whatever the weather, be it wind , rain , snow, or sleet extreme heat or drought, the ecolunatics will attribute it to global warming , but to attribute extreme cold to global warming proves they really are stark raving barking mad .
    If they were stripped down to their underpants and marooned on an ice floe off Greenland in January they would die complaining about global warming ,that is if they were not first consumed by an almost extinct polar bear.

    1. Kevin R. Lohse

      With Respect, Dick R, this is the very reason that the Haters of Mankind, WWF, Greenpeace and the rest of the International Luddites, changed the meme from Global Warming to Climate Change. Whether it’s too hot or too cold, Man-made, CO2-induced Climate Change will be the cause. And the solution – global government, de-industrialisation and the reduction of Humanity to a tenth of the present number, will always be the answer. We’re dealing with some very sick people here.

      1. Mindert Eiting

        Or look at it from the bright side, Kevin. The best way to falsify a theory, is deriving contradictory explanations or predictions. They are doing it themselves giving us the opportunity to consume popcorn and watch the much more interesting world championship soccer.

  2. Robin Pittwood

    I know about the general change in tack from global warming to climate change and all sorts of disasters, but I’m sceptical about the formal name change from Global Warming to Climate Change. If the IPCC was established in 1988, where is the evidence of a name change preceding that?

  3. DirkH

    O/T For some reason, Die Welt finds it necessary to crawl deep into Hillary clinton’s backside.
    For anyone who thinks that Die Welt (or the CDU – Welt’s publisher Friede Springer is BFF of Merkel) were conservative; or sane.

  4. DICK R

    If the ecolunatics are so concerned about overpopulation why can they not do the right thing , JUMP OFF BEACHY HEAD!!!

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