“Green” Energy Industry Suspected Of Red Kite Cleansing To Clear The Way For Windpark Permitting

The dispute over windpark development on some of Germany’s most idyllic landscapes is heating up rapidly and massively. And should the dispute continue on its current trajectory, it won’t be long before the ugly contraptions get stopped for good.

The dispute reached a boiling point recently with windpark opponents suspecting green energy activists of poisoning birdlife in order clear the way for an unobstructed windpark permitting.

According to south Germany’s online Stuttgarter Nachrichten, a number protected red kites have been found poisoned by the E 605 herbicide – in rural areas that just happen to be sited for the installation of large-scale industrial windparks.

Under Germany’s wildlife protection laws, wherever the predatory red kites are found to be nesting, green energy developers are promptly denied permits to install their turbines. But if red kites are nowhere to be seen, then wind-park developers stand a far better chance of getting the go-ahead. Angry windpark opponents are now pointing the finger at the windpark proponents for the poisoning. The Stuttgarter Nachrichten writes, however, that there’s no proof.

The Stuttgarter Nachrichten writes that a number of poisoned red kites were found at several locations in southwest Germany.

‘Systematically’ rare predatory birds are being killed wherever they find themselves in the way of large windparks, some wind-power critics are now surmising. That in the recent days in Pfalzgrafenweiler in the district of Freudenstadt also a dead peregrine falcon has been found, which according to police died from chloralose, just makes the situation more explosive.”

But windpark proponents are calling the accusations unfounded, and claim that poisoning the birds would even have the opposite effect: The bird would be put higher up on the endangered list, and thus make permitting of wind turbines even more unlikely. Other “green” activists call the accusations “speculation”.

The Stuttgarter Nachrichten ends its article writing that one fact is certainly beyond speculation: “The gloves have come off when it comes to the dispute over the transition to green energies.”


8 responses to ““Green” Energy Industry Suspected Of Red Kite Cleansing To Clear The Way For Windpark Permitting”

  1. DirkH

    Ah, now the Greens finish off wildlife to save their profits; next humans. Kretschmann’s Culture Revolution.

  2. “Green” Energy Suspected killing Red Kites to Clear for Windparks | ScottishSceptic
  3. Kurt in Switzerland

    Thanks, Pierre.

    This topic begs for a larger article.

    Is there a ‘Dachorganisation’ of Windpark opponents? How about a summary of the total number of wind turbines operating in Germany today, the land footprint they occupy (especially on what used to be referred to as ‘protected’ territory)? Add the number in construction today and projected by 2020.

    That should be enough to raise a few eyebrows.

    Add anecdotes where the Cleantech movement has closed one or both eyes and made the Faustian trade of ecology vs wealth.

    Close with the total energy (GWh produced, not peak capacity), the % of time the turbines required backup from elsewhere and a sober estimate of the end price of a unit of that energy produced. Don’t forget the cost of the grid upgrades and the backup sources.

    Offshore wind deserves its own separate chapter, as cost overruns and logistics problems put it into a separate category.

    Then compare land use footprint of a typical thermal plant,the amount of forest reserve land thus sacrificed and the price per unit energy.

    At that point, a few more eyes would be opened. Share with Bojanowski & others.

    Kurt in Switzerland

  4. DirkH

    Let’s start a Green movement for the video recording of the Southern German hilltops, so that we can later show our Green children how it used to look like before we put a 6 MW Siemens/GE/Vestas windmill there and destroyed it to save it.

    BTW these hilltops look just amazing; I drove over the Spessart yesterday and it’s beautiful – lots of forests, grazing cattle, horses, kites, and I can see those hills from my window right now and they’re still covered in fog at 10 a.m. in the morning.

    Not yet destroyed by wind turbines.

    1. Kurt in Switzerland
      1. DirkH

        Ok. So now that that’s archived, let’s destroy it.

  5. Steve C

    This all sounds very Machiavellian to my British ears. Over here, they just build the turbines wherever suits the subsidy-seeking landowner – who of course doesn’t actually live there, so doesn’t have, or believe in, any trouble with infrasound. Then, when the birds get knocked out of the sky, just keep it quiet. Judging by the public awareness of the issue, it’s a pretty effective MO.

    1. DirkH

      Your infestation of Greens is tiny. Here, it is the religion. Basically the modern face of socialism; and half of Germans are socialists.

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