(Dumb) German Politicians Deem Defending Climate More Vital Than Defending Our Freedom/Values!

Now climate politics are becoming a real threat to the very defense of our freedom, democracy and western civilization.


The real enemy, according to some German politicians, activists. Copyright: Eurofighter, Geoffrey Lee, Planefocus Limited.

Germany’s socialists, pacifist greens and anti NATO activists (who are well represented in German government) have found a new excuse for shirking their NATO defense responsibilities and reason for shutting down important military operations thus unwittingly playing into the hands of our enemies – many of whom are at Europe’s very own doorstep!

“Eurofighter Typhoon is a climate-killer”

Their latest claim: “the Eurofighter Typhoon is a climate killer” and so it needs to be grounded. Protecting the climate is much more important than defending the freedom and democracy of the very citizens they were elected to represent.

According to the doomsday-obsessed, leftist Klimaretter here: the Eurofighter’s CO2 footprint is intolerable and represents a real reason to stop its use. It writes: “For the climate the Eurofighters are real poison.”

Klimaretter explains how leftist Parliamentarian Eva Bulling-Schröter sent a query to the German government concerning the Eurofighter Typhoon of the 74th Neuburg Fighter Wing in Bavaria on July 16, 2014. The German government in turn sent its reply on July 31.

Of fourteen questions three are of particular interest: Nos. 3, 4, and 7.

3. How high was the fuel consumption (kerosene) of the Neuburg Fighter Wing in 2013?

In 2013 at the tactical 74th Neuburg a.d. Donau Fighter Wing, 12,751,000 liters of jet fuel were given out to the EUROFIGHTER. That is an equivalent of approximately 10,200 tonnes of jet fuel.

4. How high was the CO2 emission of the Neuburg Fighter Wing in 2013?

Based on the fuel consumption of then tactical 74th Neuburg a.d. Donau Fighter Wing in connection with the average conversion factor for kg jet fuel to emitted kg CO2 of 3.15, in the year 2013 approximately 32,130 tonnes of CO2 were emitted.

7. How high was the CO2 emission of the “Eurofighter” weapon system per flight hour?

One EUROFIGHTER per flight hour needs average 3.5 tonnes of fuel. Using the conversion factor of 3.15 for kg jet fuel to emitted kg CO2 yields an average CO2 emission per EUOFIGHTER flight hour of approx. 11 tonnes.”

Klimaretter promptly points out that flying a Eurofighter for a single hour produced as much Co2 as one citizen does in an entire year. It adds:

‘The Eurofighter weapons system is also a climate killer as the fighter jet emits as much carbon dioxide as a German citizen does in one year,’ assesses Eva Bulling-Schröter the results of her query. ‘Weapons only bring death and suffering; they also damage our environment and climate.'”

When compared to global natural and man-made total emissions, the 10,000 tonnes emitted by the Eurofighter is a mere drop in the ocean, and theoretically has an impact on the climate than can be measured only in pico-degrees.

Klimaretter does not stop at pushing for a grounding of the Eurofighter at the Neuburg base, but even implies that the military all over the world contributes substantially to climate damage, posing the question under the photo it posted:

US American soldier in the Iraq War: Just how much the military contributes to climate change worldwide has been hardly studied so far.”

Yes, this needs to be studied, the leftists are demanding. And should the military emit too much CO2, then it too will have to be grounded all over the world.

Oblivious to gathering threat from extremists worldwide

Indeed Islamic fanatics, the ISIS, Taliban, Boko Haram, Russian rebels and a host of other menacing threats to our western civilization and freedom probably could not find better, unwitting allies in Germany than the leftwing socialist/green parties – and kooky climate-doomsday websites like Klimaretter.


17 responses to “(Dumb) German Politicians Deem Defending Climate More Vital Than Defending Our Freedom/Values!”

  1. Moose

    The next step of these green lunatics is that humans must wear a mask to filter the expelled CO2.

  2. Jeff Wood

    Yes, the Soviet Union left quite a lot of voluntary stay-behinds.

  3. DirkH

    There was also, I think yesterday, some Green party woman who demanded a wholesale abolishment of the Bundeswehr.

    Well, fat chance.

    And in other news: Germans are more satisfied than ever with their government, a survey says. I know this is rather insane, but I think they are frightened of the hard left lunatics and are glad that Mutti is just an ordinary Big Government statist; not the full blown lunatic.

    In yet more news: Supreme court of Germany decides that deployment of Bundeswehr in peace times inside Germany CAN be justified in cases of terrorism.

    So, the state prepares for, let’s say, internal strife. And that’s why everything that the Greens and Die Linke demand is irrelevant.

    1. DirkH

      “There was also, I think yesterday, some Green party woman who demanded a wholesale abolishment of the Bundeswehr.”

      I was wrong – it was protestant bishop Kässmann. She thinks Germany should become like army-less Costa Rica. And not export any weapons – including to Israel.


  4. BobW in NC

    I keep looking back and forth between the US and Germany and see the US heading in the same direction as you folks. My only comment is stupid, stupid, STUPID!

    God help us all!

  5. Kurt in Switzerland

    Perhaps the Leftist Fraction could specify the aircraft type which might fulfil the mission profile yet have an “acceptable” climate profile based on their reckoning.

    The comparisons between the CO2 footprint of a tactical military jet with that of a commercial passenger aircraft are hilarious. By the same token, panzer / tank battalions should be grounded henceforth, since they use far more fuel than a city bus. Battleships, having a poor climate footprint, should be sent to the scrapyard, since passenger schooners and ferry boats are more climate-friendly.

  6. Steve Gregg

    What this demand makes clear is that the true agenda of environmentalism is to attack the West and dismantle its defenses. Weapons do not bring suffering and death but rather prevent them from happenning.

  7. John F. Hultquist

    The world will be much better when all people get back to foraging for acorns and berries. All disagreements can be settled with small rocks and stout clubs of broken tree branches. Eva Bulling-Schröter can use hide from a naturally deceased Auroch to fashion walking boots in which to visit her adoring voters.
    Get back to me when she does so. Until then, she should be ridiculed and/or ignored.

  8. mwhite

    “Democrats Risk Blue-collar Rebellion”


    The greens are beginning to push too far.

  9. DirkH

    Dear EU proles! Let it be known that thou shalt abstain from : Sugar, Salt, Fat.
    Because you’re consuming more of it than the WHO decreed.
    Thus, the EU created the project SALUX to change your unhealthy behaviour.
    German article
    English SALUX homepage
    Because we know what’s good for you. XXX000, Your EU.

    1. DirkH

      Ah, they target the food companies and demand timelines for the reduction or elimination of the named ingredients in processed food.

      I guess replacing it by sawdust should be okay. Cellulose has been shown to calm down rats – added bonus.

  10. Barry

    Actually, there’s a lot to be said for curtailing aerial military activities. A lot of the troubles in the world are initiated, worsened, or prolonged because militarized states prefer the warlike path over the peaceful one, and aerial capabilities appear to make war an attractive option. (EG: The destruction of Iraq and Libya were totally avoidable, not to mention criminal.) Moreover, such a course would also reduce pollution considerably (and maybe CO2, but I’m not in the CAGW camp!).

    By the way, your bias towards the coup plotters in Ukraine is lamentable: “…Russian rebels and a host of other menacing threats to our western civilization…” If you sincerely believe that the Donbass people’s legitimate rejection of a racist and fascist junta threatens western civilization, it indicates a poor understanding of history and democracy.

    1. DirkH

      “Actually, there’s a lot to be said for curtailing aerial military activities.”

      Somebody’s gotta do the curtailing. Hey I got an idea – how about we hand all military power over to the UN and they’ll handle it?

      Oh wait – that was the plan of the Fabians and of the USA up to JFK – only it was no longer acceptable after the UN used their aerial superiority to wipe out 100,000 people in 1961 in Katanga.

      1. DirkH

        Correction: In 1963. First, in 1961, Hammamrskjöld had to be killed before the genocide could be arranged.

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