Nils-Axel Mörner Calls Global Warming “A Large-Scale Hysteria”…Antarctic Sea Ice Expansion “Not Surprising”

Renowned Swedish sea level expert and climatologist Nils-Axel Mörner also responded by e-mail on the Antarctic sea ice expansion.

Moerner_The Mind RenewedHere’s his view:

The Antarctic sea ice and sea surface temperature
Nils-Axel Mörner

Whilst there is a general hysteria of global warming, increasing temperature and rising sea level, new records from Antarctica indicate the opposite: a significant increase in the extent of sea ice over the last 30 years (in the order of 1 million square km) and a decrease in sea surface temperature south of Lat. 60°S (in the order of 0.4 °C).

Why is this?

First, the global warming hysteria is just what it is: a large-scale hysteria, which is primarily based on disinformation:

– The warming during the 20th century seems primarily driven by the Sun.
– There is negative evidence of CO2-driven process.
– The cooling over the last 17 years and 11 months is predominantly driven by the Sun.
– Sea level is by no means rising at an alarming rate.

Secondly, events taking place south of the Circum-Antarctic circulation belt are bound to be driven by other, often negatively correlated, effects than those recorded north of this belt:

– South of the Circum-Antarctic circulation belt ocean circulation and wind currents may generate climatic signals quite opposite to those in the north.
– An expansion of the sea ice over the last 30 years is not surprising.
– Nor is an increase in sea surface temperature of 0.4 °C since 2003 surprising.

But it all calls for an observationally based view of climate; in stead of a general hysteria.”


Photo source: The Mind Renewed (video very much worth hearing).



3 responses to “Nils-Axel Mörner Calls Global Warming “A Large-Scale Hysteria”…Antarctic Sea Ice Expansion “Not Surprising””

  1. Recovering Lutheran

    Doesn’t Nils-Axel Mörner realize that the apparent increase in Antarctic ice is really caused by a double-secret ice-making machine hidden in Area 51 and funded by the denialist Koch brothers? Or something like that.

  2. L Michael Hohmann

    I have formed a view of my own, arrived at as follows: THERE SIMPLY IS NOT A SINGLE CLIMATE MODEL, worth the name, in existence anywhere, as I tried to illustrate in
    or in
    That said, I am now rueing that I allowed myself to fall into the trap I should have avoided in line with an earlier comment I made elsewhere:
    “I am getting bored. The globe can be getting warmer or colder, but the idea that the human contribution from burning carbon fuels has anything to do with it is not only IMHO the biggest political and intellectual fraud ever – but so says the IPCC itself:
    The ongoing discussion pro and con is becoming akin to the scholastic argument as to how many angels can dance on the head of a needle. Which is, of course, exactly what is intended to achieve worldwide disorientation away from the actual IPCC aims of monetary and energy policies, i.e. helotization and de-democratization – and bringing a whole, if not all, of science into disrepute.
    And if you want to see how big that trap is, try those two TYGER reads, as in and
    Warning: you read these at your own risk!

  3. Don B

    Pierre, sorry about this OT comment, but I do not know how to communicate with you otherwise.

    From a comment on Climate Etc. there is a wonderful article from 2005 in Der Spiegel, about the ebb and flow of glaciers through the millenia.

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