The Climate-Alarmism Centerfolds…Scientists Muster Most Frightened Looks For The Camera…”Emotional Manipulation”

The general public is realizing that the climate data are showing nothing to be alarmed about. Depending on data study one looks at, global temperatures have stagnated 18 years (have even fallen over the last 10 years), sea level rise is decelerating, and again we are beginning to experience winters like we saw in the 1960s. Climate is cyclic.

So if the data aren’t at all worrisome, then what can be done to convey the message of grave concern and worry to the public? The latest stunt concocted by the imaginative minds of climate hysterics is posing before a camera and to put on the most concerned look they could possibly muster. It’s a black-and-white photography series dubbed “Scared Scientists” by Nick Bowers. Read here.

Climate propaganda has reached Orwellian dimensions.

These scientists have cooperated with a professional photographer to handle this project. Lower the lights, turn your head bit to the right. Don’t blink! Be more tense…imagine your funding is about to be eliminated – yes, perfect! Exactly the photo we want!

Yes, this is exactly the kind of worry they wanted to capture on camera – to convey their fright and worry over man-made climate change.

Just like they are trying to do their best to feign a climate catastrophe with carefully selected and posed data, the climate-alarmism centerfold scientists are now doing their utmost to feign alarmism.

Even other alarmist science journalists are skeptical of the stunt. For example David Appell at his site writes:

It looks as fake as it is, and it also comes across as emotional manipulation. Probably we should be emotional about climate change, but come on, no one sits around all day looking worried, as if their checking account is low and the rent’s past due.”

Moreover he adds:

Look for this to be widely mocked. I can’t honestly blame anyone if they do.”

This is not something to mock. Rather it is something to be very concerned about. These scientists are no longer capable of doing objective scientific work. They’ve succumbed to their emotions and the results of their work will be potentially entirely contaminated and thus untrustworthy.


15 responses to “The Climate-Alarmism Centerfolds…Scientists Muster Most Frightened Looks For The Camera…”Emotional Manipulation””

  1. Kurt in Switzerland

    Thanks for highlighting this, Pierre.

    The lengths some “scientists” will go to these days to promote a pet cause is pitiful.
    But I disagree that this behaviour is not something to mock!

    Of course it is! The average person can see right through the duplicity, goal-post moving, cherry-picking and doomsday predictions. Satire and sarcasm have always been excellent methods for outing the ridiculousness of politicians and hangers-on.

    Besides, if you’re overly stoic, nobody notices a word.

    Kurt in Switzerland

  2. DirkH

    David Appell is just jealous because he didn’t get invited.

    1. Kurt in Switzerland

      Be happy you and David Appell appear to agree on something!

      1. DirkH

        I’m scared that I and David Appell agree on something.

        “Even other alarmist scienitsts are skeptical of the stunt. For example David Appell at his site writes: ”

        He is not a scientist; he is a freelance science journalist.

  3. Mindert Eiting

    Donna la Framboise called them Drama Queens. Very to the point.

    1. Mick J

      Another expression I have seen used is “Drama Greens”.

      As for those facial expressions of concern, the photog said just prior to taking the picture, “grant funding is drying up”. 🙂


      1. Bernd Felsche

        I’ve sent a note to Donna Laframboise about this Gallery of Drama Queens.

        Donna’s been trying to keep track. Every week brings new challenges as amateur dramatic groups like the Climate Council seek limelight and funding after the new Australian Government showed the former Climate Commissioners the door nearly a year ago.

        1. DirkH

          Please use the korrekt terms: Soviet Of Climate; Climate Kommissar.

  4. Kevin R. Lohse

    “..and again we are beginning to experience winters like we saw in the 1960s. Climate is cyclic.” To say nothing of August bank holidays just as Mother Nature used to make them when I was 10 years old. This weekend, I felt young again.

  5. David Johnson

    A lot of climate scientists seem to be rather narcissistic. All this will do is to raise the scared level of the already scared. No one else will take a blind bit of notice.

  6. Skrämda klimatforskare som propaganda.. | Leffe45's Weblog

    […] knappt nämna en störning i naturen utan att blanda i klimatförändring. de ägnar sig åt emotionell manipulation. Allmänheten inser ofta att uppgifterna klimat visar inget att oroa sig, kanske inte i hysteriska […]

  7. Steve Fox

    Hi Pierre,

    Nice post, but I don’t go along with the last part, about being concerned that these ‘scientists’ will be too depressed to do their work. This is because almost none of them are hard scientists, as Jo Nova has observed. They are ecologists and environmental wingnuts. They would probably consider that doing their work without regular blub breaks was just too callous anyway.

  8. normalnew

    I know many with huge alcohol, heroin and amphetamines worries. And they are not even parts per million as desperate as these clowns.

    I don’t like seing people in this much pain. This whole thing is beyond pathological.

  9. Betapug

    This whole stunt is dreamed up by an advertising copywriter, professional “Merchants of Belief” who can also turn their skills to raising alarm.
    Copywriter Rachel Guest and French Art Director, Celine Faledam work for McCann Australia where:
    “.. they’ve created a number of global integrated campaigns for clients such as MasterCard and Coca Cola, helped McCann become the top-ranked agency in the world”.
    “They’re also pretty proud of their personal projects, Scared Scientists and The Ugly Fruit Bowl.”

    More of their work here:

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