!! Prime Minister Of India: “Climate Has Not Changed” … Alarmist Scientist Accuses Modi Of Denial !!

The online India Today here reports that India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Friday:

Climate has not changed. We have changed. Our habits have changed. Our habits have got spoiled. Due to that, we have destroyed our entire environment,” he said while addressing students and replying to their questions through video conferencing in the first-ever initiative.”

Hat-Tip Tom Nelson at Twitter.

Alarmist climatologist Stefan Rahmstorf of the end-of-world-obsessed Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) responded angrily at Twitter, as the German-government-funded scientist called the statement “very depressing” and accused the Prime Minister of “denial about reality”:

Rahmstorf_India PM

When considering climate on larger timescales, Prime Minister Modi is actually very correct in claiming that climate has not really changed when viewed on a millennial or centennial scale, as the Earth’s temperature is well within the Holocene temperature range. Over the short term climate is always changing, and many scientists attribute much of the change over the last 100 years to natural factors. There are hundreds of peer-reviewed papers supporting this. Unfortunately, these papers were mostly ignored by the UN IPCC.

The big climate change that Rahmstorf is talking about is what one finds in the climate model projections. Rahmstorf seems to be confusing the model world with reality and observations.

The models have come under increasingly massive criticism as 97% have over-projected global temperature increase for the last 15 years.

Concerning whether the planet is warming, the online India Today adds that it is an “issue that is being debated at various multilateral fora”.


9 responses to “!! Prime Minister Of India: “Climate Has Not Changed” … Alarmist Scientist Accuses Modi Of Denial !!”

  1. Kevin R. Lohse

    What a slapping for Prof. Rahmsdorf! The Leader of an emerging nation won’t accept that he must return his people to a medieval economy to save the Alarmist scamwagon.

    1. Henning Nielsen

      Not only an emerging nation, but the second largest nation in the world, and a coming world power.

      Note that the Indian political leader is NOT going to the Paris 2015 doom-and-gloom warming-up (sic) party that president Obama is hosting this month. Nor is Mrs. Merkel, by the way. Something more important than “the greatest threat to mankind ever” must have come up.

  2. Henning Nielsen

    India if fact has more than 1,2 billion people, maybe it is a while since mr. Rahmsdorf checked the population growth stats. At least there he would find a nicely growing graph, but then again, seeing it does not represent global warming, he might be disappointed.

    If we try to look 20 years into the future, where countries like India, China, Brazil and Indonesia probably will have a much bigger say in world politics than today, a signal like this from India spells out oblivion for Mr. Rahmsdorf, at least for his avowed climate policy. Let us hope that his alarmism may never be forgotten or forgiven.

  3. Walter H. Schneider

    “…we have destroyed our entire environment,” is a gross exaggeration. Not only is it impossible for anyone to cite evidence of that, but it is not even possible to measure in the least what impact mankind has had on climate trends.

  4. Bruce of Newcastle

    I suspect that their premier space scientist Prof U.R. Rao has something to do with it. He is a global GCR expert and has shown the Sun has been the main reason for warming last century.

    I suggest that Dr Rahmstorf and PIK find a new cause, since the CAGW scare campaign is busted. ECS is less than 1 C/doubling in the real world data, so CO2 is harmless.

  5. John F. Hultquist

    Climate is a pattern of weather, not a temperature average. A location might be dry during the high sun season (is so where I live), or a location might get daily precipitation during the high sun season. Plants here, say the Ponderosa Pine, do well with the climate they have. Squash do not grow here naturally. I have to water them deeply and frequently use spray to cool and humidify the air around them. They are native to Mesoamerica and other places that do get predominantly high sun rainfall.
    Ponderosa Pines still grow and reproduce here, as do their natural neighbors. Eastward there is a transition to sage brush & steppe vegetation. All of this is as it has been fore hundreds of years.
    I agree with PM Modi’s statement: “Climate has not changed.”

  6. JFB

    Sorry, but very depressing would be a leader of one billion of peoples not say the truth to his people.

  7. Bob

    Warm thoughts after cool summer: – Six Degrees of Denial http://wp.me/p3eGWb-2X Enjoy

  8. Michael Gersh

    I think that when Modi says “…we have destroyed our entire environment,” he is not speaking to AGW at all, except to say that it is, at best, a peripheral environmental problem. Been to India lately? Bhopal maybe? I was in a June heat wave in Delhi in the early 70s (maybe 1972) when max temps tickled 50 every day for two weeks – 48 or 49 most days, according to the newspaper. Heat is nothing new there.

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