Warming Defied…Meteorologists Again Pointing To Another “Piercing Cold Winter” Ahead

Correction: Yesterday I had the wrong chart up (2013). Now the 2014 winter chart is up.

This September is bringing with it already the first hints of winter for North America with snow predicted to fall over a vast area of the upper western USA, perhaps as far south as Denver, says meteorologist Joe Bastardi at his latest Saturday Summary.

Parts of Europe have already seen their first notes of winter, with snowfalls recorded in Austria, Germany, and Great Britain – read here.

About ten years ago many climatologists, those obsessed with the hypothesis of global warming, were already writing the last will for winter weather in many regions. They were convinced by their computer models and simulations, which foresaw a rapid rise in global warming. But then came the global warming pause, followed by about 8 years of modest global cooling, all accompanied by an unexpected string of nasty winters.

And listening to the latest forecasts for the coming winter, Mother Nature is once again set to defy the warming climate models.

First Joe Bastardi gives us a brief preview of his winter forecast for North America starting at the 11:52 mark of Weatherbell’s latest Saturday Summary.

Weatherbell_2014 Winter

Chart: Weatherbell Analytics Saturday Summary.

The above chart shows Weatherbell’s projected temperature anomaly for the upcoming winter.

Joe says they had already issued the forecast back in April and bases it on weather patterns already observed in the past. He thinks that the models used by climatologists don’t consider all the factors or underestimate some of them. Today he says their models are now also pointing to a colder and snowier winter for large parts of the US with the likelihood how heavy snows near the northern Southeast.

“Frigid conditions”

The US Farmers Almanac also came out predicting a brutal winter for much of the USA. Managing editor Sandi Duncan says Americans need to prepare for a “shivery and shovelry” winter. “We’re calling for some frigid conditions, bitter conditions,” she said.

The American National Weather Service (NWS) currently is pointing to a normal winter for USA, with warmer than normal temperatures out west, cool in the south, and normal in the east.

Central Europe (Germany) winter forecast

The German language www.wetterprognose-wettervorhersage.de site writes that long-term models point to the September, October and November autumn as too dry but with near normal temperatures.

For winter the site writes:

December will be slightly too warm, January and February for the most part normal temperatures with a tendency for higher precipitation. In other words, this variant points to a slightly warmer than normal, but in some regions a very snowy winter.”

Sounds like a potentially good ski season in the Alps!


7 responses to “Warming Defied…Meteorologists Again Pointing To Another “Piercing Cold Winter” Ahead”

  1. Ric Werme

    The time point you refer to has a different map that shows the core of the cold going from Ohio to Mississippi. Is the map you’re showing from last week’s video? I recall seeing something recent that told me the cold axis was going to be further west this year, and that might have been the map you posted here.

    I might look in a bit more later today.

  2. Stephen Richards

    JAMSTEC (aug 14) is showing the same winter as the Germans but with a cold or very cold spring (mar-may)

  3. Joe

    That map is wrong – that was for last winter (’13-’14)

  4. DirkH

    Build a giant conveyor belt from the East to the West coast so California gets some snow against the drought.
    Or better yet, a bucket brigade. With about 10 million excess workers
    ( http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-09-05/all-you-need-know-about-jobs-recovery ) and one meter per worker you can make a bucket brigade of 10,000 km length.

  5. Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #149 | Watts Up With That?
  6. Brian H

    Ahhhhh. Loverly. Here in Vancouver BC, +4. Is that Celsius or Fahrenheit? In either case, thangkewverrymuch.

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