Climate Gatekeeper/Editor At German Language Wikipedia Would Even Make William Connelley Blush

Unbelievable but true: Political science Phd and former Greenpeace activist tailors Wikipedia climate entries to suit IPCC line
By Sebastian Lüning and Fritz Vahrenholt
(Translated, edited by P Gosselin)

Recall the Wikipedia scandal where an IPCC follower heightened the alarmism in English-language articles in the well-known online encyclopedia (See our blog report “Climate-falsifier Connolley: The man who revises our world view“). Also German climate alarmists have been very busy writing along.

In the early phases here there was an well educated political sciences major named Nils Simon, who was very energetically at work. He’s a former Greenpeace activist. For example the following German Wikipedia articles were “considerably tailored”: EU-emission tradingConsequences of global warming – Consequences of global warming on the Arctic – Glacier meltingGlobal warrmingControversy over global warming – Kyoto-ProtocolSea level riseOcean acidification. Moreover numerous other Wikipedia climate entries were posted by the activist (list here). Even though today the 32-year old Phd has very little knowledge about the natural science fundamentals, it does not keep him from writing away, now currently under a second name: “Hadern”.

In an article at the website of the Foundation for Science and Policy (SWP) in 2011 Simon made his IPCC climate apocalypse leanings very clear:

Whoever desires to promote the transformation of the global economy, must first overhaul the UN Commission, say Nils Simon, Marianne Beisheim and Steffen Bauer. Rio 2012 is the only chance for this and the state leaders must not pass it up.

The snail’s pace of the climate negotiations, the UNEP’s impotence or the failure of the UN Commission for Sustainable Development to even agree on a final declaration at their annual meeting in May 2011 poignantly demonstrates how urgent a fundamental institutional reshuffling of the United Nations in the area of environment and sustainable development really is. A strengthened mandate paired with strong political leadership as cover, more effective negotiating processes and implementation instruments as well as comprehensive and secured financial means are essential elements of such a reform.”

At Simon’s personal Wikiversity website one finds exclusively links to climate alarm organizations such as the PIK, Real Climate, James Hansen’s earlier GISS Institute and the IPCC. In the Wikipedia user profile the climate science suboptimum qualification profile of Nils Simon is even well highlighted by himself, perhaps an attempt to rehabilitate his earlier activist years. He quotes an assessment on him from a Wikipedia user:

‘Again and again I am amazed by the tenacity of people who have not the least of background knowledge yet think they are in a position to argue because they maybe once viewed ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ and ‘The Day After Tommorrow’ and now believe they know everything there is to know about climatology.“’– a user about me [Nils Simon]”

Interestingly Nils Simon is still listed in the number one place as an employee of the Wikipedia-Project “Climate Change”. The project page serves to coordinate the work on Wikipedia articles on the topic of global warming. The group forthrightly describes its aims on the site:

At Wikipedia there is a series of articles that deal with these complex phenomena. Up to now there has not been any central location where all employees have been able to coordinate. Moreover, due to the open structure of Wikipedia, the articles are prone to vandalism, and, more importantly, the dissemination of often scientifically unsupported minority opinions from so-called climate skeptics.”

In short it boils down to assuring the alarmist IPCC opinion purity at Wikipedia and to actively suppress other interpretations. Climate realist views are in short degraded off hand as “scientifically baseless, minority opinions”. This judgment is adopted by the ideology and its Wikipedia friends – even though they themselves cannot have any real grasp of the subject due to their lack of training in natural sciences and especially geology. Instead the IPCC/PIK opinion is crudely parroted, and everything else if regarded as false and is promptly deleted. This is nothing less than censorship and is highly dubious.

According to talk in the Internet, a few years ago Nils Simon was barred from Wikipedia because of his activist and rabid revisionism. But as of late has been allowed back in once again (see comment at by FragenderIn, 7 July 2011 12:31).

As an example at Wikipedia the following entry on Fritz Vahrenholt was made by the circle of activists:

“He [Vahrenholt] claims that a 16-year stop in the rise of global temperature has been observed and that the reports from the IPCC were influenced by by environmental organizations like Greenpeace and the WWF.”

Here  by employing the word “claims”, they wish to imply that his facts are wrong. Yet in the meantime there’s hardly a person who seriously doubts the pause in warming. That data speak clearly and loudly. Even the IPCC now openly admits the missing warming and in its doubt offers up a full bouquet of possible explanations on how this unexpected development could have occurred. Also the involvement of Greenpeace and WWF workers in the IPCC reports is confirmed black on white, thus showing that the word “claim” was totally incorrect. One could have also written: “Vahrenholt claims that the day has 24 hours and that the earth is round”. Therefore we suggest a change for the better:

Vahrenholt points out that a 16-year stop in global temperature rise has been observed and that the IPCC reports were written with the involvement of environmental organizations such as Greenpeace and the WWF.”

That formulation would be much more honest and correct. Dear Mr. Simon, it’s time for a correction.


12 responses to “Climate Gatekeeper/Editor At German Language Wikipedia Would Even Make William Connelley Blush”

  1. Moose

    For me Wikipedia is a total failure regarding the subject of climate change. On the other subjects I take them with a large grain of salt.

    1. DirkH

      In every politically sensitive subject whole propaganda departments of the secret services of all interested nations are at work.

      Wikipedia is the modern Wochenschau.

  2. Mike Haseler (Scottish Sceptic)

    Wikipedia is no more reliable than reading a tabloid paper with a political bias.

    The problem is nto that it is biased, but that somehow wrongly assume it is not.

  3. Edward.

    Wiki and man made warming via man made CO2 emissions – is a waste of space and time.

    Wiki and anything else – cross reference it.

  4. Nils

    I feel flattered 🙂

    1. DirkH

      You’ll never achieve the notority of Connolley. You’re just the average Blockwart.

  5. Nils

    And I’m working so hard! I guess some of us are just meant to be mediocre Blockwarte.

    1. DirkH


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