Activists All Pissy About Water Consumption…Call For Urinating In The Morning Shower To Save On Toilet Water!

Germany’s popular daily Bild here reports on a pair of English environmental activists from the University of East Anglia in Norwich who have a novel idea on how to cut back on water consumption: Urinating while taking your early morning shower rather relieving yourself in the toilet bowl.

Also read here in English.

Bild writes that Debs Torr and Chris Dobson calculated that if their 15,000 classmates all did the same, enough water to fill 26 Olympic-size pools would be saved each year.

This is a rather strange idea for a country where rain and water are hardly in short supply. Let’s not kid ourselves. This is just the latest nutjob idea to regulate humans back to prehistoric lifestyles.

The activist students would like to see their “GoWithTheFlow” water savings initiative implemented nationwide across Britain. Thankfully the two leakers are not calling on making it mandatory. Bild writes:

Chris requests to be considerate of others. “When students share the shower stalls, then you should only do it when it’s okay for everyone.”

Thanks for asking.

My God, can you imagine how the shower would smell after a few months time? Who brought up these two slobs?

To me it’s truly mystifying as to why there would be any urgency at all “to save water” in a rain-drenched country like Great Britain, as if water is some kind of disappearing resource. Is civilization now at “peak water”?

Even here in wet, damp Germany there are constant calls by enviro-lunatics to not waste water. Granted some places have seen the local groundwater table drop due to agriculture and industry, and so I suppose in some areas there are legitimate arguments to do so.

However at many municipalities, city officals are begging for an end to all the water-saving madness. Wastewater from homes and businesses has dropped to dangerously low levels and put city sewage systems at risk.

Waste water levels are so low that solid waste material in wastewater systems ends up stalling and plugging the system. The water is simply too inadequate to keep everything flowing. Indeed municipalities are pleading: How about a “GoWithTheFlow” initiative for sewage systems!

A number of German public utilities are forced to regularly pump millions of gallons of additional water just to keep the system from breaking down, clogging up and rotting out.

And don’t expect this kind of proposal to be the last. Look for calls for composting as a way to save water for the “other business”.


20 responses to “Activists All Pissy About Water Consumption…Call For Urinating In The Morning Shower To Save On Toilet Water!”

  1. Bjorn Ramstad

    Ever more frqently an idea comes to mind:
    There must be a world-wide brain attacking virus at work.

  2. Paul

    Whats next? Suggesting to piss in the kettle and boil it up for a few minutes to make your coffee? Every cup would have its own unique flavour and bouquet and we’d save 5 swimming pools full of water every year…….”

  3. Henning Nielsen

    It seems that the activists in Cancun, who campaigned for cuts in the emission of H2O, have found some followers at last.

    But a better idea for the English students would be to drink less, thus reducing the need for toilet water. A maximum of fluids intake of 0,2 liter per student per day should be a small sacrifice in order to save the world.

    And no water should be allowed to be wasted on showers. It is perfectly possible to clean yourself by rubbing the skin with dry sand.

  4. Dell Wilson

    File this alongside Sheryl Not-a-Square-to-Spare Crow’s call to use one square of toilet paper.

  5. John F. Hultquist

    They and Sheryl Crow ought to get along well.
    –Sheryl Crow’s view on toilet paper: one sheet a visit:

    1. DirkH

      Somebody tell Maduro.

  6. Bob Armstrong

    Living up in the Colorado Front Range , facing limited water from our well , I’ve come to enjoy being able to just walk outside and join the dogs pissing with a postcard view .

  7. Steve C

    Shower? I’m one of those shockingly profligate degenerates who enjoys a long wallow in a hot bath, preferably with a coffee, some incense on, something to read or listen to … Ah, sybaritic luxury.

    D’you think I could save my soul if I left the water in the bath when I got out, and used it by the bucketful to flush the (conveniently adjacent) pedestal? That should “save” at least half a dozen flushes, and I could feel half a dozen times as righteous as these unwholesome shower folk!

  8. Asmilwho

    I guess this stupidity will carry on until the first outbreak of typhoid or cholera in Hamburg or Berlin, and people start dying.

  9. Streetcred

    They could just stop taking a bath to save water … what’s that? … they already have an aversion to bathing?

  10. DirkH

    I think the real problem is the availability. So, if we got rid of the pipes, and instead had to carry the water in tanks, consumption would go down. Used water could be carried back to the water works in another tank for a partial refund.
    This would allow us to save millions of miles of pipes, and solve the problem of breaking and clogging pipes.
    And it would solve the problem of unemployment, as we would need water carriers. Also, there would be no more sewer rats. There wouldn’t be any sewers. (Bad for mutants, but oh well)

  11. DirkH

    WUWT currently scratches its head about Alexa’s ranking adjustment which favors leftist and warmist sites. So I checked NTZ on Alexa – Pierre, you’re #3000 in Sweden. Some recent posts seem to have hit a nerve with the Swedes.

  12. Greg

    Where I live we have been on water restrictions for years. No car washing at your home, no watering of lawns. There is no shortage of water. Shortly after this was instituted they raised the water rates because the city revenue was down, they still had to pay the lazy public servants.

  13. Stew Green

    The DramaGreens are talking about saving a penny/day by pissing in the shower
    … whereas we skeptics are talking about the $1billion/day they are PISSING AWAY everyday on useless green policies/measures

    (“spending a penny ” is often used as a polite way to say go to the toilet as public toilets used to cost 1p..coincidentally now flushing a toilet in your house costs you 1p worth of water)
    – Greens are usually under the delusion that “every little counts” that their futile tiny gestures MAKE A DIFFERENCE … so by saving 1p/day they are saving Earth’s resources
    – While they are blind to the big things : Truth is these British students take a £9,000 loan each year for their lectures so that £60/day of the Earth’s resources they spend

  14. gofigure560

    I say stick to the conventional method. Out the back window.

  15. Tom D

    Bucking for a Nobel Piss Prize?

  16. West Houston

    I would normally reject green BS immediately. However, one needs to realize that one’s toilet flushes to the same place that one’s shower drains.
    Were one to urinate in the shower drain, the only question is of “flushing”. If one urinates at the outset and then showers with soap, shampoo and whatever else, there can be little fear of foul smells or contamination.
    However, slow running drains throw all into chaos! In that case, don’t do it!

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