Surprise! Austrian Winters Have Gotten 0.9°C Colder Since 1984…Confirmed By Independent Meteorologists

The online Salzburg Austria ORF site here writes: “Despite climate change, winters in the Salzburg mountains over the past 30 years have not gotten warmer, rather they have gotten colder.”

0.9°C drop since 1984

The ORF site writes that this is based on a study commissioned by the Schmittenhöhe Bahnen. The ORF site adds: “Independent meteorologists confirmed the trend“. The study elaborates further:

The mean temperature over the winter months at Schmittenhöhe has fallen  0.9°C since 1984. That is from minus 3.8 to minus 4,7 percent.”

Obviously the ORF writer was sloppy here and likely meant “degrees Celsius”, and not “percent”.

“Surprising result”

The ORF also writes that the Schmittenhöhe Bahnen – who commissioned the study – reacted by saying it is “a surprising result”. Board Chairman Erich Egger says he is relieved that winters have not gotten warmer and that the future of the ski industry is intact.

However the ORF quotes meteorologist Bernd Niedermoser of the Salzburg Weather Service, who reminds that there has been “a significant warming” over the last 130 years and that it occurs in cycles, and that there will always be “periods where it will be colder for a short time.”

Tell it to the modelers.

More snow thanks to “global warming”

Meanwhile Austrian site writes that precipitation at the Pyhrn-Priel and Dachstein regions during the winter season has increased – in the form of snow. On the precipitation, it writes:

And because it is transported over to us by cold air masses from the North Sea, it comes down 90% as snow already at 1100 meters elevation.”

Yet, the Austrian alarmists refuse to let go of their climate change horror scenarios, insisting that by 2050 the “skiing fun will end” because of runaway global warming”.  The site sought out the opinion of Jürgen Schmude, Economics Geographer at the University of Munich:

Austria’s ski resorts could lose up to 30 days per year by then, should the average temperature indeed increase by 2°C.


4 responses to “Surprise! Austrian Winters Have Gotten 0.9°C Colder Since 1984…Confirmed By Independent Meteorologists”

  1. Graeme No.3

    Wasn’t 1984 the peak of solar activity?
    But I forget that the IPCC says the Sun has very little effect on climate.

  2. John F. Hultquist

    peak of solar activity

    Because solar activity cycles there is a so called 11-year peak. However, of the recent ones these seem to be the highest. 1957-58, 1980-81, & 1990.
    From Figure 44 in

    This link (above) is a long story. Very interesting.
    A simple graph is here:

  3. Steve Borodin

    There will soon be a peer reviewed paper published in Journal of Junk Science (not its real name) to prove that cooling in Austria is due to AGW.

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