German Climate Alarmists Deflated By GOP Election Sweep: “Could Not Have Come At A Worse Time”

Germany’s formidable green/climate movement is deeply deflated over the GOP’s grand midterm election success.

Especially the many German greens and socialists are struggling to fathom what happened and are only left to conclude that Americans must be just too stupid to appreciate all that President Obama and the Democrats have done and to understand the climate risks that threaten ahead.

For the reaction of Germany’s formidable climate alarmism movement, a good one is presented by, an online alarmist site on climate and energy policy run by a motley crew of activist journalists with no scientific background.

“It could not have been any worse”

For the analysis of and reaction to the US midterm election results, presents an interview with Liane Schalatek, climate and energy expert at the North American Office of the Heinrich Boll Foundation. The title of the interview: “It could not have been any worse“. writes in it’s introduction:

The election debacle by the Democrats in the USA is a catastrophe for climate protection. The outlook for a global climate treaty has dropped considerably.”

Well, that is indeed good news for the many and growing number among us who equate climate protection to climate swindle.

In the interview Frau Schalatek thinks it is likely the US Congress will move to cut EPA funding.

$85 million “a drop in the bucket”

On the $85 million spent on the election campaigns by environmental and climate protection organisations, asks if perhaps that money could not have been better spent. Schalatek responds:

That amount of donations is only a drop in the bucket when you look at how much money flowed into the elections in total: over 3 billion dollars. Foremost from people with an anti-environment agenda. It’s a good thing that the environmental organisations stood up. The political weighting however clearly was against the environmental organisations.”

Don’t you love the smell of the enemy’s money burning? The 85 million probably hurt them more than it helped. Nothing like putting kookiness on display for the whole country to see.

Global climate treaty “to be a lot harder” asks if the chances of a binding climate treaty have now fallen. Schalatek:

Yes. It is now going to be a lot harder for Obama to advance ambitious national obligations.”

Schalatek also believes it is going to be a lot tougher for Obama to make commitments to the green climate funds because Congress has a say on the matter. She also believes that a GOP controlled Congress at best would agree only to an “extremely watered down” climate treaty that would have “little legal power and obligation“.

“…could not have come at a worse time”

Klimaretter comments that the election result “thus could not have come at a worse time“, just one year before Paris. And for advancing real climate policy, Schalatek thinks that “it’s a very negative signal” and confirms it indeed could not have come at a worse time.

Thank you, democracy!


19 responses to “German Climate Alarmists Deflated By GOP Election Sweep: “Could Not Have Come At A Worse Time””

  1. oebele bruinsma

    Well timed information Paul, thanks.

    1. DirkH

      That’s Pierre, not Paul

      1. lemiere jacques

        global name change induced by climate change… another evidence.

  2. Robin Pittwood

    Propaganda based on lies and fear works in an atmosphere of apathy and ignorance. It is through the work of folk like Pierre and their blogs that the atmosphere is changing. Keep up the good work.

  3. BillyNZ

    Hi,can anyone here let me know if Bard 1 is operational yet. Sorry for being o/t, but I can’t find any info on this. Thanks.

    1. DirkH

      BARD itself says they are operational since September.

      No German news found that indicate new problems.

      1. DirkH

        Oh sorry – the BARD page says, operational since Sept 2013 – so they stay silent about all the problems that have happened since then. Very bad information policy. So it is likely still broken.

        1. BillyNZ

          Thanks DirkH,I imagine there would be big headlines if and when they get it operational.

  4. BobW in NC

    So…”Germany’s formidable green/climate movement is deeply deflated over the GOP’s grand midterm election success. ”

    Awwwww… Did oo get a boo-boo? Awwww.

    Thank you, Pierre!

  5. Graeme No.3

    Thank you, Pierre for your part.

    You may be out-numbered by climate (nappy) wetters but you carry far more gravitas.

  6. KTWO

    The chance for a global climate treaty hasn’t changed. Obama and Kerry had already indicated they would sign anything, worthless or not. They will still sign.

    The US Senate was not willing to ratify a treaty before. It won’t now either.

    Treaty or not, ratified or not, Obama will continue to use his existing powers to do as he wishes. And those powers are considerable.

    1. Herve D

      Perhaps, but Obama is not eternal, and in two years he will pass in history, alone, no longer supported by his party for two years…: A brilliant man’s failure for having listened to Green smear instead of implementing the program upon which he has been elected twice.

  7. Streetcred

    That US$85mil was just the amount spent by Steyer and his self aggrandized Komrades … the total amount wasted by DemoKratz would have been substantially more … and I say well wasted!

    1. Herve D

      Have you ever hear about a billionnaire giving money for nothing? If so, he would have not became a billionnaire ! Let us stop be naive: The 85+M$ Stayer invested are to be more than compensated by President Obama hidden “special budget”, with a 20% mark-up profit..!

  8. Layne

    We shouldn’t laugh too much about that 85M, it was probably welched out of taxpayer’s pockets.

    But indeed, joy has returned to the world as of Nov 4! The rout would have been even better if ALL of the dead had not voted.

    Here is the really exciting news: In the USA now, the GOP is said to hold 67% of all seats in the state legislatures. This is actually a long term trend. If not for Democrat scammery in the cities, we’d likely hold strong majorities at the federal level as well. But the state legislatures are working on this with voter ID laws and redistricting.

    From WND:
    Republicans now control 67 state chambers while the Democrats control 28. Prior to Tuesday, Republicans had a 57-41 advantage.
    Republicans have complete state control – both chambers and the governor’s mansion – in 23 states, compared to six states for the Democrats.


  9. Stan stendera

    See Michelle Obama: I was NOT proud of my country until they elected Barack president. Well I was not proud of my country when they, inexplicticably, reelected the miserable cretin. I am proud of my country now, and I hope I am forevermore.

  10. Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #155 | Watts Up With That?
  11. Psalmon

    The new congress needs to keep the economy running, and the EPA rules are a direct threat to that. The new Senate needs to investigate the fraudulent adjustments to the temp record and clearly go on the offensive to explain the threat of sutting down 40% of our electricity generation.

  12. Mervyn

    When people are hurting, when people see the cost of living rising and their money not buying as much as it once did, when people have grown tired of the promises of a deceitful president, and when they see a president acting against the American people by making life much harder rather than allowing more people to achieve what was once known as “the American dream”, such people become disillusioned. That’s the American people … and the only way they could show it was through the ballot box. If Obama doesn’t yet feel ‘the hot poker’ up his rectum, he will surely feel it come January 2015 when the Republicans take control of both the House of Reps and the Senate.

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