Hypocrisy Exposed…Spiegel Publishes Undisclosed German Survey Results: Green Voters Like Flying The Most!

Online Spiegel has a piece titled: Preaching travel by rail, but flying Business Class.

It would be natural to expect environmentalist greens and climate activists to take commercial flights very rarely, opting for rail, bus, or bicycle instead. However, it turns out they do not practice what they love to preach.

Spiegel news magazine writes of an unpublished survey commissioned by the Bundesverband der Deutschen Luftverkehrswirtschaft (Federal Association of German Aviation Industry) to find out which voters in Germany fly the most often. Some of us will not be surprised to learn that hypocrisy is alive and well in Germany.

Spiegel writes.

Hardly anyone criticizes air travel as vehemently as the Greens do. An unpublished study now shows: It is precisely the voters of the ecology party who most prefer hop onto commercial airliners.


Green love most flying the carbonated skies. Public domain photo.

 Spiegel writes that the survey was conducted by a “renowned polling organization”.

The results of the survey show that the Green Party voters fly the most: 49% have flown at least once in the past 12 months. They were followed by the communist Die Linke (42%), the conservatives CDU (36%) and lastly by the socialists SPD (32%).

When asked who had never ever flown in a jet, 17% of the communists said they had never flown, 16% of the conservatives, 13% of the socialists and 0% of the greens. All Green party voters surveyed said they had flown at least once in their lifetime.  Flying for me, but not for you.

When asked if they agree that it is good that so people today can afford to fly today, the percentage answering “yes” was 77% for the conservatives, 77% for the socialists, 69% for the communists and only 48% for the jet-setting greens.

Spiegel reports that green voters tend to be younger and hold high-income jobs, and so fit the profile of frequent fliers. What’s strange is that 60% of the flights in Germany are domestic, trips that could easily be done by rail. Apparently railcars are not good enough for environmentalists.

According to Spiegel the survey was conducted in September with 1032 persons interviewed. 77 of those interviewed identified themselves as Green voters.

9 responses to “Hypocrisy Exposed…Spiegel Publishes Undisclosed German Survey Results: Green Voters Like Flying The Most!”

  1. lemiere jacques

    sooo green!!! ( again)

  2. Graeme No.3

    97% of IPCC climate scientists believe in global warming.
    10% of Greens believe in taking the aeroplane.

    I wonder what percentage of the latter pay for the ticket from their pocket?

    1. DirkH

      You got a typo, 100% of Greens are flyers, not 10%.

  3. The Hypocrisy of the Green Mind | Scottish Sceptic

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  4. DirkH

    Yeah, not to be outdone by Bertelsmann and the Spiegel Kombinat, Springer also wrote about this in Die Welt. (I found out that the tax-evading globalist foundation Bertelsmann does own 25% of everyone’s favorite Agitprop kombinat. The comrades themselves own just 51%.)

    All I can say is, why the heck do these watermelons keep buying return tickets; I’m ok with them flying, just stay wherever you go would you; there are so many countries that just crave some maoist lectures and vegetable recipes.

    1. Henning Nielsen

      No thanks, they might end up here, and we have plenty already. Let every hypocrite return to his nest.

  5. Josh

    This kind of hypocrisy is perhaps not all that surprising. They are, after all, an elitist organisation who think they can tell the rest of us how to think and feel.

  6. DirkH

    Our agitprop friends from Hamburg have another interesting article:
    Climate change leads to more lightning, climate modelers find in their model. Now, I don’t think they really have a GOOD simulation of thunderstorms as the processes are not well understood and of too small scale for the cells of a GCM, but they say that 1 deg C warming of their fictitious average global temperature correlates with 12% more lightnings.

    The tendency should at least be there, due to the obvious acceleration of the hydrological cycle. Unwittingly, what the modelers have identified is the self-limiting effect of temperatures due to the accelerated working of the atmospheric steam engine.

    If they were halfway smart they would look at the minimum and maximum temperatures in their computer model and see that while minimum temperatures go up in their warming scenario, maximum temperatures are limited by the inevitable development of thunderstorms.

    Of course, Der Spiegel is not capable of making that connection, and maybe not even the warmist scientists themselves.

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