NCEP November 2014 Globally One Of Coldest This Century…Bastardi: NOAA’s “Habit Of Jumping On” The Warmest Dataset

Veteran meteorologist Joe Bastardi at the Weatherbell Analytics Saturday Summary site sharply criticizes NOAA’s ongoing claims of all time high global temperatures being reached, the latest this past November.

Early in the video the Weatherbell expert says NOAA has a habit of ignoring the other many (cooler) datasets and jumping on the warmest one they can find:

One thing I want to try to sort of stop here is this whole, you know, record warmth ever type thing; I can’t help what NOAA does. Basically they use a database that, that I don’t what exactly they are up to, except for part of that database has pre-satellite temperatures. It is a much more coarse grid then say their NCEP database. And there are many ways of measuring the global temperature and NOAA has been in the habit of jumping on the one that is the warmest.”

Joe then shows an entire series of NCEP November global temperature charts for most years going back to 1997. Using the results for each year, I slapped together the following chart to show the overall trend for November. So much for the NOAA’s “record warmth”.

NCEP November global temperature

Global November temperature anomaly versus the year. From NCEP data. Note that Joe did not show the 2011 result, so a straight line was drawn from 2012 to 2010.

Although cold snaps, blizzards, record sea ice, ice in lakes in July, harsher winters, etc. are mere anecdotes, their increasing frequency globally flies in the face of the claims of record warmth repeated every month by NOAA. When compared to observations on the ground and other datasets, NOAA’s claims are looking more and more like the scientific propaganda one expects of a rogue government institute obsessed in a hypothesis and bent on misleading citizens.

The above chart clearly shows that the November trend is considerably downward – with a trend of more than 2°C cooling per century having occurred since the beginning of the century.

Given that the reality on the ground contradicts the weird claims made by the NOAA, the new Republican controlled Congress should start an investigation into the inner workings of the organization. The American taxpayer deserves much better.


7 responses to “NCEP November 2014 Globally One Of Coldest This Century…Bastardi: NOAA’s “Habit Of Jumping On” The Warmest Dataset”

  1. Joe Bastardi

    Did not show the 2011 result because it was the only one this century colder than this one, the rest all warmer.

    Look you can use whatever you want to say whatever you want. I like the blend of RSS, UAH and NCEP as they are all based on satellite era where I think you really can hone in on what is going on. If someone wishes to assume this area or that area was colder before, then they can do whatever they want with it. People like me believe if we had satellites in the 30s-50s, they would be EVEN WARMER not colder, as it seems the normalization NOAA uses has made them look.

    In the end its a moot point, because as long as the foxes are guarding the henhouse, they will do what they want. Its the old statement, Who are you going to believe them, or your lying eyes?

    The shame is things like this ruin what I consider to be the greatest gvt environmental study organization on the planet. My issues with NOAA are over specific, agenda driven topics, not the overall benefit they do and have done.

    1. Stephen Richards

      Joe, did you really deep fry those turkeys, completely !! ??

      If you did I will have to try that next year.

      Incidently, and I really don’t need to tell you this, but hang on to Ryan at all cost. He is just brilliant and a superb foil to the Joes ².

      1. mwhite
  2. Graeme No.3

    Well, in Australia we were informed in November that it was a hot year. The first of my agapanthus flowered on Dec. 3, unusually late. I noticed this as the middle of Nov. was the more usual date.
    This November we were told we had finished(?) with the hottest year ever, with particularly warm and dry August to November. My agapanthus started blooming on Nov. 26.

    Do I believe the Bureau of Meteorology or my plants? (Disclosure: my plants do not receive any government funding, or issue press releases).

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