Vahrenholt Tells German Audience Of 1200: “Manmade Climate Catastrophe No Longer The Issue”

German skeptic site Klimanotizen brings us what I view as very good news on the trend of climate science skepticism in Germany.

Readers need to keep in mind the very harsh environment skeptics face in Germany, where they are targeted and marginalized by powerful forces such as major arms of the government, leading politicians, massively funded alarmist institutes and the mainstream media as dangerous disinformers who should not be listened to, and under no circumstances ever be given a bullhorn.

But fortunately, thanks to Germany’s democratic society, that effort is failing. The latest example Klimanotizen presents is a recent annual meeting of the German Home and Property Owners Association in Hanover last week.

What was different about this annual meeting was that one of the invited speakers was Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt, co-author of the skeptic book The Neglected Sun – How the Sun Precludes Climate Catastrophe – a best-seller in the German version Die kalte Sonne. The gathering was in large part a climate-skeptical event – all taking place in the Kuppelsaal at the Congress Centrum before an audience of 1200.


1200 listened attentively to Prof. Vahrenholt’s speech on why there’s no man-made climate catastrophe – followed by “sustained and thunderous applause”. Courtesy: Klimanotizen.

In his opening remarks Chairman Rainer Beckmann pointed out that there was a time when warmer weather was welcome, and cold was dreaded. Moreover most of the last 11,000 years were warmer than today. Warm periods, even those that were warmer than today’s, were always good for human development. Beckmann also poured cold water on the notion of a consensus among the experts. “There are many scientists who would not believe in man-made climate catastrophe.”


Professor Fritz Vahrenholt: “Man-made climate catastrophe no longer the issue”. Courtesy: Klimanotizen.

Next at the podium was Prof. Vahrenholt, one of the founders of Germany’s modern-day environmental movement. Klmanotizen writes:

Prof. Vahrenholt impressively described many developments and facts about Germany’s Energiewende, which to many in the audience were entirely new. For example he described the large economic burdens and the environmentally detrimental impacts of renewable energies and Germany’s image loss abroad. He showed how gradually the talk is going around that the Energiewende is not working out. He then detailed how the sun’s role has been under-estimated by the IPCC. During the time of increasing warming in the 20th century, the sun showed the greatest activity in over 1000 years. But since then its activity has been waning and also global temperatures have not risen in 17 years. The IPCC scientists have no explanation for it. However with the sun and the ocean phenomenon it is easily explained. Therefore a man-made climate catastrophe is no longer the issue.”

How did the German audience react to Vahrenholt’s speech? Klimanotizen were present and they write of a “sustained and thunderous applause“. Hanover’s leading daily the Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung (HAZ), also present at the annual meeting, confirms while paraphrasing Vahrenholt:

Sure an energy transformation is necessary in order to be independent of other countries, but we do not need any fear-driven energy policy stemming from falsely interpreted climate data. Vahrenholt received long applause from the visitors of the annual meeting.”

The result is that 1200 people, who likely had inklings of doubt about the allegedly approaching climate catastrophe, were shown data confirming that indeed it’s mostly all bogus. The good thing here is that once someone sees the Truth, they’ll never go back to believing the lie.

How many people have gone back to believing in Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy?

Special thanks to Klimanotizen for covering this event and reporting.


23 responses to “Vahrenholt Tells German Audience Of 1200: “Manmade Climate Catastrophe No Longer The Issue””

  1. John Shade

    Well done Prof Vahrenholt, and well done all those who helped this event take place. Another good contribution towards a wider appreciation of what has been happening on climate, and of the need for calmer, better-informed policies.

  2. Kurt in Switzerland

    Die Wende hat schon begonnen.

    (The change in public perception of this massive folly, that is!)

    It is only a matter of time until this movement will self-implode.

  3. John F. Hultquist

    Seems like these 1200 should be well educated and influential, not just in Hanover, but well beyond. The person(s) that invited Prof. Vahrenholt should get a medal.

    But no need to diss on Santa just before Christmas.

  4. Edward.

    1200, is a good number, these 1200 will tell others and in turn the information cascade is begun, to attract such a good number even 5 years ago would be nigh on impossible.

    Professor Fritz Vahrenholt, [in my not so good German]… wir horen sie in England!

  5. DirkH

    Just for fun: At the same time the HAZ, Hannover’s daily, of course ultra hard left, writes “Senior citizens are responsible for climate change in region Hannover.” No, they don’t refer to this property owner congress – they really have a pseudoscientific study by some statist lardass to cite.

    Why, do you ask, would senior citizens do such a dastardly thing? Well they tend to have more driving licenses. Via the usual non sequitors sold as arguments, our crazy journalists arrive at the predetermined conclusion.

    Rational thinking in German media is dead. It has been killed by Adorno.

  6. Stephen Richards

    But fortunately, thanks to Germany’s democratic society, that effort is failing –

    Yeh, but the EUSSS will soon change that. even if the UK leaves and takes it’s £50b a year with it, the rest of us will be living under a kremlin style cummunist regime. They will not allow their biggest income stream to be undermined.


    1. DirkH

      Germany will flip to the BRICS. That will be the moment EU and NATO will become meaningless. Though, they might be carried along for a while letting them wither away. We (Germany) will likely just ignore them. It’s not so easy to arrive on the other side of this transition but it’s well underway.

      Notice that Germany’s Russian gas supply is safe via Northstream. Bulgaria and neighbours, which just got some NATO troops and planes, not so much – Putin just stopped the SouthStream project. NATO can now boast that their goal of isolating Russia works – talk about pyrrhic victories.

      Germans will not jeopardize the gas supply bar a full scale NATO putsch in Berlin.

      1. Ulrich Elkmann

        Notice this while it`s still up: Der Spiegel tells us that BRUSSELS stopped South Stream.

        “Mit dem Stopp der South-Stream-Pipeline trifft Brüssel den Kreml hart. Moskau wollte durch die Megaleitung seinen Einfluss in Südeuropa zementieren – und muss nun umdenken.”

        [With the stop for the South-Stream-Pipeline Brussels hits hard on the Kremlin. Moscow wanted to strengthen ist infulence on Southern Europe through this mega Project & has to rethink now.]

        At least as far as brazen lies are concerned, they are now on a par with their eastern counterparts.

        1. DirkH

          One of the tools at Spiegel had a bit too much ganja it seems.

          And Putin now just builds the pipeline to Turkey. Orders at Mannesmann pipes for 500,000 tons of high strength pipe have not been cancelled.

        2. DirkH

          Oh and Spiegel forgets to mention the reason for Putin’s decision: Newly stationed NATO fighter jets in Bulgaria. SImple payback.

      2. John F. Hultquist

        Germany will flip to the BRICS.”

        I think you are going to need a new group and a new implication. At the moment G and R seem to be heading opposite, backward – not forward, of the group. You might consider Germany, England (UK), and France as a group – all historically and currently important countries with self-&EU-imposed illnesses. This can be changed. Contrast Russia or Venezuela with autocratic leadership and oil as a support that has just crashed. Likely R and V won’t change without a shattering upheaval.
        France, UK, and Germany have much more promise.

        1. DirkH

          France might be able to avoid its own destruction only if they stop voting socialist.

          UK will side with USA and stay a corrupt banking place. Hint, London whale, banker “suicides”… Need I say more?

          Frankfurt and London compete for Chinese business (Renminbi bonds).

          Frankfurt’s ahead (“Goethe bonds”). Also, less corrupt.

  7. Dave Ward

    “Articles about the climate in my newspaper have become sheer propaganda pieces. The journalists never ask questions or point at facts that may falsify AGW”

    I find exactly the same thing here in Norfolk, home of the UEA. Myself, and a handful of others, repeatedly write to the local papers and point out the inaccuracies of most of their pro warming articles. There are many marine industries involved in wind farm installation & maintenance based in coastal ports, and this is clearly another factor at play – no opportunity is missed to trumpet the number of jobs “created”, and investment in the local economy. We also regularly tackle the editor and individual writers, but are always rebuffed with assurances that they don’t have a “hidden agenda”. Yet shortly afterwards there will be another article or story, parroting the words from our most famous institution or the IPCC. Several times a year there will be a multi-page supplement about “Green” energy – again most of the content appears to be lifted from the participating companies press releases.

    The only good side is that I’m seeing a small but increasing number of letters from other readers expressing dissatisfaction with current energy policy. And some of those quote the real time statistics from Grid Watch, which is encouraging.

  8. mwhite

    Were there any protesters outside this meeting. Presumably it was publicised, just the type of thing the green mafia would like to stop.

    Lack of protest may be meaningful.

    1. DirkH

      AntiFa-Stasi is busy trying to kill the protesters against uncontrolled islamic mass immigration. There are now 5000 strong demos against mass immigration every week.

      And yes, there have been murder attempts by the AntiFa-Stasi.

  9. Ian

    By the looks of it the crowd was largely conservative based. Conservatives by nature want less restrictions and more freedoms from government rules and regulations.. making money and being successful is obviously a lot easier with less rules/regulations. They know the ice is melting and many parts of the world are drying out and running out of water…. they also know these issues will create a need for massive increase in government spending and control… and that scares the hell out of them. Which is why we see so much denial of the obvious. At some point we all are going to have to admit the king is naked.

    1. DirkH

      Ian, we conservatives also know where we can find data. So, no, we’ve looked at it and we’re not scared about a non-existent Global Warming. If you also want to take a look at the data, try the UAH time series at .

      Don’t believe your pied pipers from Greenpeace. They earn their money by lying to you.

    2. DirkH

      2. Dezember 2014 at 19:39 | Permalink | Reply
      “By the looks of it the crowd was largely conservative based. Conservatives by nature want less restrictions and more freedoms from government rules and regulations.. making money and being successful is obviously a lot easier with less rules/regulations.”

      This deserves another comment. So you admit that making money and being successful is easier with smaller government.

      Ian, do you know what the necessary TWO preconditions for all deals between two parties are?

      The first is that the first party PROFITS from the deal.

      THe second is that the SECOND party profits from the deal.

      Otherwise, there will be no deal. And no profits for either of them.

      And that’s the whole reason for the eternal failure of socialism.

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