Activist Idiots At Work…Greenpeace Officials Shirk Responsibility… Spiegel: Peru Says Publicity Stunt An “Insult”

CFact RuckerMany outlets are reporting on Greenpeace’s desecration and exploitation of ancient Incan and Nazca historical sites for political and fund-raising purposes. See here.

Photo: Craig Rucker questions Greenpeace spokesman. Photo cropped from C-Fact video.

Today the online Spiegel covers (instead of buries) the story: “Nazca Lines in Peru: Greenpeace apologizes for cultural contamination“.

That apology of course comes only after a huge wave of negative publicity. When asked by C-Fact’s Craig Rucker at a press conference about what the activists had done, a Greenpeace spokesman seemed completely indifferent about having used the site for their stunt, and even thought that everyone just loved Greenpeace.

Well, I’ve been with them. I’ve been in the village and we were basically in the village for a day and everybody loved them, there was no problem.”

Indeed here it appears that the Greenpeace higher-ups were actually there at the site and aware of what the activists were doing. It seems as if the stunt even may have been orchestrated by the higher-ups. Will Greenpeace officials take responsibility for the actions of their activists members? Spiegel writes:

“On their homepage Greenpeace showed themselves as demonstratively proud about the stunt even still on Thursday morning. […]

However in the meantime Greenpeace no longer considers the spectacular action as a good idea.”

Note how Greenpeace officials quickly backpedalled once the massive backlash became undeniable. Greenpeace higher officials are (suddenly) acting as if they had nothing to do with it, and that it had been carried out solely by the activists on their own.

It’s a pity that Greenpeace officials always distance themselves from the actions of their activists whenever they go awry, but are always quick to collect the cash donations that flow in afterwards when the actions succeed. Spiegel adds:

Also the head of the Greenpeace delegation at the climate conference, Martin Kaiser, said he expects that the activists to always take the responsibility for their actions.”

Unbelievable. What about Greenpeace officials taking responsibility for once?

Greenpeace chief Kumi Naidoo will personally fly into Lima by jet and apologize. But that may be too little, too late. Spiegel writes:

Peru’s Deputy Cultural Minister Luis Jaime Castillo is requesting the state attorney to file charges for ‘the attack on archeological monuments’, a crime that is punishable by as much as six years in prison.”

Of course European governments and other organizations will express disgust at the Greenpeace activists’ action for awhile, but behind the scenes they’ll be working out a deal with the Peruvian government to get them off…probably in exchange for cash and support.


17 responses to “Activist Idiots At Work…Greenpeace Officials Shirk Responsibility… Spiegel: Peru Says Publicity Stunt An “Insult””

  1. DirkH

    “It’s a pity that Greenpeace officials always distance themselves from the actions of their activists whenever they go awry, but are always quick to collect the cash donations that flow in afterwards when the actions succeed.”

    It should be added that Greenpeace is a 100% centralized authoritarian organisation. I talked to an ex member who, during his time, wanted to do some local actions for local environmental problems. No way – Greenpeace leaders dicatate what can and can’t be done with the name of the organisation on it. So there’s no plausible deniability here – this, like all actions, was ordered by the top.

  2. Henning Nielsen

    Hopefully they will serve a serious amount of time. This is different from boarding a Russian oil platform, where no damage was done. This time they put their disgusting footprints on a cultural heritage treasure, protected for the benefit of all mankind.

    Let the whole world see what unsympathetic fanatics they have become.

    1. DirkH

      “This time they put their disgusting footprints on a cultural heritage treasure”

      It’s not like researchers don’t trample around there all the time. Wouldn’t get so worked up over the stunt. Greenpeace got egg on the face, serves them right; and that’s that.

      1. Sarah

        Actually it is EXACTLY like that. Arial visits are allowed, but to walk on the site is incredibly restricted and requires special equipment and shoes. Sp no, researchers don’t just “trample” there “all the time”.

  3. John F. Hultquist

    I can’t confirm, but read that a visit, if allowed, involved wearing a soft boot to protect the surface.

    1. wyoskeptic

      Here are some photos from a link at Dr Roy Spencer’s blog. The last photo shows the special shoes you wear. But regardless, it is the Government of Peru that makes the laws that Greenpeace ignored. They deserve to go to jail just for crossing into a restricted area, let alone doing it in a way that leaves damages which will be there for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

      Any bets on ole Banny Ki-Moon having anything to say against Greenpeace over this? Snort.

      1. DirkH

        Oh. Now that looks pretty bad. Ok, thanks for the link, they really did damage.

  4. Bjorn Ramstad

    See and hear former Greenpeace co-founder Patric Moore describing his life with them and why he no longer can support their actions.

  5. Kevin Marshall (Manicbeancounter)

    So activists trample all over a delicate ancient structure to get their dogmatic point across. Are they not following the lead of climate science? If there was a real signal of human-caused warming, if would be very faint given the sparseness of data and the large amount of noise within that data. Yet climatologists massage and mince the data to such an extent that any fine signal is likely to be lost.

  6. onlyme

    John F Hultquist: They are not only soft boots but have a very wide surface area to avoid too much pressure on any one stone, similar to small snow shoes … the stones the imbeciles from greenpeace picked up at random to hold the letters in place.

    Dirk H, they DID displace at least stones, the film shows one of the vandals picking one up placing it on a letter cutout. NONE were wearing the protective shoes.

  7. tom0mason

    Only 6 months ago Greenpeace were complaining about the threat to Edinburgh World Heritage Site from oil companies wanting to trial fracking there.

  8. JB

    Thanks to websites like this one we can see what utter contempt greenpeace have for the human species and what we deem to be of value. Incidentally, no media service in Australia has reported this vandalism yet, just like the oil spill from Sea Shepherd into the waters of the Barrier Reef.

  9. Edward.

    Greenpiss, causes death and is a cult of stupid youth [for useful idiots see photographs in Peru] and run by venal even sociopathic but very clever men.

    Already, the policies that greenpiss vehmently espouse; biofuels cause food commodities prices to rise and thus lead to starvation, holding up and halting fossil fuel derived energy development in the third world – are killing thousands of men, women and children in poorer parts of the world. But ‘minor details like that never trouble the consciences of people representing any of the money grabbing NGO’s.

    Indeed, political advocacies, when have they ever grown a conscience?

    Greenpiss are not altruists and never were. No, all it is – is a power game and ego trip for the likes of Naidoo et al where the trappings of wealth and influence are their’s to be had by the Greenpiss Commandants/’royalty’ – it’s all first class travel, 5* hotels and expense account meals: and damn the poor.

    GREENPISS – in their mind’s eye……

    “what’s the problem with moving a few rocks on a desert plain – like I mean…….. where’s the harm man, our message needs to get out – our message is far more important than history itself!”

  10. DirkH

    As electric cars are too mediocre to survive in a market economy, the Lower Saxon Red-Green government demands wealth redistribution: Buyers of electric vehicles should get 5000 Euro forcibly extracted from working taxpayers.

    Well not much of a surprise there.

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