NTZ Stings A Nerve…Rockefeller Philanthropy’s “Climate Nexus” Lashes Out At Harvard Astrophysicist Soon

Recently I published an opinion by Harvard astrophysicist Willie Soon concerning the dubious “2014 hottest year ever” claim.

That post is doing very well and continues to be widely shared in the social media – so much so that the piece stung a sensitive nerve over at Climate Nexus. But instead of rebutting Dr. Soon point-by-point, Climate Nexus produced an openly sophomoric rant with the usual name-calling we are all accustomed to from alarmists who run out of arguments.

Here’s what Climate Nexus wrote at their “DENIER ROUNDUP”:

“Denier-for-Hire Preaches About Prostituting Science

While we would normally ignore the low-grade blogs like NoTricksZone as well as bottom-tier, fossil fuel spokesmen-for-hire like Dr. Willie Soon, the two have come together for a post that is just too good to pass up.

NoTricksZone wanted a comment from Soon about how 2014 is shaping up to be the hottest year on record. His reply was a perfect example of a classic defense mechanism identified by Sigmund Freud called psychological projection—where one projects a problem of their own onto others. We see this regularly in deniers who claim “alarmists” ignore or cherry-pick evidence and engage in ideologically driven groupthink, as well as in deniers who name their deceptive and misleading blog “NoTricksZone.”

In this case, it’s Dr. Soon implying that the World Meteorological Organization and anyone else who notes this year’s record heat is “prostituting science.” Which is interesting, considering all of Dr. Soon’s grants since 2002 have come from the fossil fuel industry! Together with Sallie Baliunas, Soon has received over $1 million from dirty energy interests since 2001, according to a number of documents uncovered by Greenpeace.

So here we have someone who’s taken literally hundreds of thousands of dollars from the American Petroleum Institute, ExxonMobil, Charles G. Koch Foundation and other fossil fuel interests with the express purpose of casting doubt on man’s influence on climate, saying independent scientists are “prostituting science.”

I think Freud may want a word with you, Dr. Soon. So have a seat on the couch, and tell us, how is your relationship with your mother?”

No surprise here that Climate Nexus kept the entire focus away from all scientific points made by Soon. Emotionally, it seems they never developed beyond puberty.

On the accusations of Dr. Soon being a “denier-for-hire”, we refer readers to the response Dr. Soon sent to the Guardian already years ago:

I do not write papers because ExxonMobil or Greenpeace pays me to, but because my academic researches demonstrate that the sun, not carbon dioxide, is the chief driver of Arctic temperatures, and that much of the ‘evidence’ for the bears’ imminent demise is speculative. Indeed the population has increased fivefold since the 1950s, mainly because of restricted hunting. Where the Arctic has cooled, bears dwindle: where it has warmed, they increase.

Polar bears evolved from brown bears 200,000 years ago and therefore must have survived the last interglacial period, when global temperatures were many degrees warmer than the present. More perspective and less prejudice, please.

Willie Soon”

Well, let’s not look at the BILLIONS in funding the IPCC alarmists get. Or Phil Jones taking money from Saudi Arabia…or Stanford taking from Exxon-Mobil. Although the list is long and lavish, funding is the popular instrument used to distract audiences from the shite-quality science underpinning alarmist claims. Under the bottom line, the real issue is the integrity of the science and observations, and not who funds it.

And even though skeptics are out-funded by several orders of magnitude, the alarmists are still losing the scientific debate. Running and hiding, dodging debates in public, and refusing to disclose data and code also hardly convince the objective audience.

On the subject of Freud, if he were alive today, I suspect he’d be really interested in psychoanalyzing the frustrated end-of-world-obsessed alarmist who only can derive satisfaction from crystal ball quality catastrophe scenarios.

“Low grade” sites?

Freud might also be interested as to why Climate Nexus characterizes NTZ as a “low-gradesite. According to Alexa (15 Dec), Climate Nexus global ranking is: 1,532,673. NoTricksZone global ranking is 148,886. Sort of like the Queens Park Rangers calling West Ham United a low-grade team in the Premier League. Who’s projecting here?

And who sponsors who?

NoTricksZone: private citizen Pierre Gosselin.
Climate Nexus: Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors.

Case closed.


30 responses to “NTZ Stings A Nerve…Rockefeller Philanthropy’s “Climate Nexus” Lashes Out At Harvard Astrophysicist Soon”

  1. DirkH

    Wow! And here I thought the globalist Vampire Squids had exploited the Global Warming scam for all its worth a long time ago and are back to their worldwar games!

    Maybe some rearguard action.

  2. Josh

    Thankyou for that richly deserved nailing of Climate Nexus. Alarmists are getting to be truly pathetic in the quality of their arguments and the manner in which they handle debate and differences in opinion.

  3. Kurt in Switzerland

    RESPECT – from the Climate Nexus website, “About Us – Our Values” first line:

    “We treat our colleagues, clients, partners, vendors and other stakeholders with respect.”

    How do the terms “low-grade”, “bottom-tier” and “denier-for-hire” (from the first sentence of their article) fit that value statement?

    Kurt in Switzerland

    1. Curious George

      Low-grade obviously means low-rank. Learn newspeak.

  4. Kurt in Switzerland

    Pierre –

    I couldn’t find the “Denier Roundup” on the Climate Nexus web page.

    Please provide the link.

    1. DirkH

      Looks like some minor demon in the Inferno got a serious bathing in boiling excrement… That disappeared fast!

  5. Ed Caryl

    Case closed, indeed. It must be very embarrassing for them. The public wants to know about this subject, and follows the facts. No facts, no audience.

  6. Robin Pittwood

    Well done Pierre. That’s the way. Now you’ve had a mention over there maybe a few of them might come visit you more often and hear the other side of the story. A new version of the tipping point. Keep up the good work!

  7. David

    22 billion dollars is spent every yr by the US gov which is figured out to 46,000 dollars an hour for the alarmists…Koch bros. doesn’t compare to this or what Sierra Club…the National Park in Peru ruining Green Peace or the other organizations make a year.

  8. Graeme No.3

    Well said Pierre.

    And Josh for “Alarmists are getting to be truly pathetic in the quality of their arguments and the manner in which they handle debate …” Very true.

  9. Edward.

    They find enough straw men, they’re gonna break that camels back and he’s been toiling pulling the CAGW ‘load’ for thirty years.

    Put a few noses out of joint there PG – it makes us all so proud! And bless Willie Soon – he’s got bottle and it takes guts.

  10. Bob in Castlemaine

    NoTricksZone versus NoFactsZone, no contest. Well done Pierre.

  11. Colorado Wellington

    This “high grade” tribe is 21 people strong.

    Seems like a lot of Chiefs and not enough Indians:

    10 Directors, 3 Managers
    1 Video Journalist, 1 Fellow, 1 Writer, 1 Climate Voices Writer
    4 Associates

    The few Indians must wonder why they aren’t Chiefs, too. The job requirements can’t be too high.

    I wonder if the piece was written by a writer. Was it just their run-of-the-mill writer or the professional Climate Voices Writer?


  12. david

    It will no doubt astound many readers to learn that there are more than 26,500 American environmental groups. They collected total revenues of more than $81 billion from 2000 to 2012, according to Giving USA Institute, with only a small part of that coming from membership dues and individual contributions.
    “Cracking Big Green” examined the Internal Revenue Service Form 990 reports of non-profit organizations. Driessen and Arnold discovered that, among the 2012 incomes of better-known environmental groups, the Sierra Club took in $97,757,678 and its Foundation took in $47,163,599. The Environmental Defense Fund listed $111,915,138 in earnings, the Natural Resources Defense Council took in $98,701,707 and the National Audubon Society took in $96,206,883. These four groups accounted for more than $353 million in one year.
    That pays for a lot of lobbying at the state and federal level. It pays for a lot of propaganda that the Earth needs saving because of global warming or climate change. Now add in Greenpeace USA at $32,791,149, the Greenpeace Fund at $12,878,777; the National Wildlife Federation at $84,725,518; the National Parks Conservation Association at $25,782,975; and The Wilderness Society at $24,862,909. Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection took in $19,150,215. That’s a lot of money to protect something that cannot be “protected”, but small in comparison to other Green organizations.
    If you wonder why you have been hearing and reading endless doomsday scenarios about the warming of the Earth, the rise of the seas, and the disappearance of species and forests, for decades, the reason is that a huge propaganda machine is financed at levels that are mind boggling.

    1. reformed warmist of logan/OZ.

      Hi David,
      Thanks for the great intel.
      I will find this very useful in the coming month or two.
      Thanks again.
      Regards, reformed warmist of logan/OZ.

    2. Mindert Eiting

      Many years ago the municipality of Amsterdam used to subsidize the Hells Angels. They were considered by then poor and deprived youngsters, making that the subsidy served a general interest. I assume that also in the USA, at the state and federal level, subsidies are granted to organisations serving a general interest, the common good, or how you would call it.

      1. DirkH

        Adorable (the Amsterdamers). When I look for that kind of hilarity I go to tersee.com and enter Kreuzberg. For one and a half years they had their own, ahem, impromptu township on a public place (Oranienplatz). Currently they have a public park (Görlitzer Park) where all the Africans sell recreational self-medication and all the tourists go there to get stuffed.

  13. John F. Hultquist

    The history of the word “nexus” with respect to computers, information, search, and the like is interesting.

    This site you mention – climate nexus – seems to be a dead end on the family tree.

  14. Kurt in Switzerland


    Still haven’t been able to find a heading or other reference to “Denier Roundup” on the Climate Nexus website.


    Perhaps you could provide the source of the article/rant: “Denier for Hire…” which was the catalyst for this blogpost.

    1. DirkH

      Rockefeller’s Climate Nexus seems to have deleted their copy. Thankfully Markos Moulitsas provides a copy.

    2. DirkH

      You can find a copy on DailyKos. I posted a comment with the link here but the URL contains the D word so the comment won’t show.

      So we don’t know whether it actually originated from the Crony Nexus, or from DailyKos or wherever.

      1. Kurt in Switzerland

        Thanks, Dirk.

        Here’s a link to the source from Climate Action / Hawks at Daily Kos:

        Scroll down a few articles to Mon Dec 15, 2014 at 07:42 AM PST.

        So it’s not clear (not to me, at least) that Climate Nexus is affiliated with, let alone responsible for the post. In fact, the authorship of the CDR is altogether nebulous. Makes sense, given the adolescent behavior.

        Pierre: I think it would be appropriate to retract your statements regarding Climate Nexus.

        Kurt in Switzerland

  15. reformed warmist of logan/OZ.

    Good Evening Pierre,
    Thanks for the great work generally, and the fantastic work on this sub-issue in-particular.
    By the way, I know you people in Europe aren’t as sports-mad as us here in the “Antipodees” … (eg. three footy codes in winter; golf, tennis and soccer in the summer) …
    But we have a saying here which I think is “right on the money”!
    These unsceptical (thus un-scientific) scientists are “Playing the man and not the ball”!!!
    Keep up the ‘scintillatingly’ good work.
    Kindest of regards,
    Reformed warmist on logan/OZ.

  16. Oswald Thake

    Shame on you Pierre…you low-grade blogger, you!

  17. Bernd Felsche

    One of the things on which I “waste” my time, is to take a snapshot of controovesial webpages on which I’m about to comment.

    Firefox has a “Scrapbook” plugin that does a pretty neat job; much better than screenshots. Not only can one easily copy text, one can also highlight content before including a “screenshot” and cropping only enough to maintain context and including the resulting image in e.g. a blog post. The plugin keeps meta-dat on source, date scrapbooked, etc.

    My “Firefox Scrapbook” currently occupies several gigabytes of space.

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