Video Analysis: Nazca Lines Cultural Heritage Site Permanently Ruined…”Marks Left By Greenpeace Are Irreparable”!

UPDATE: Trek of Fools – Ric Werme provides the link to a Spanish language video…the pictures tell the whole story:

The documentary provides the names and passport numbers of some of the Greenpeace activists.


Here’s a Spanish-language video clearly showing the “irreparable” damage to the Peruvian Nazca Lines done by renegade Greenpeace activists earlier this month.

In the video Ana María Cogorno, director of the Asociación Maria Reiche Internacional para el Arte & Ciencia, explains the “irrefutable evidence of damage” to the UNESCO World Heritage site. The video clearly shows Greenpeace protestors trampling the site, moving stones in order to hold down the signs so that aerial photos could be made for the purpose of publicity. And publicity they got.

Unfortunately I do not know Spanish and if any Spanish speakers could provide the important points made in the video by Ms Cogorgno, who is clearly showing the damage done, please do so and I will post.

Meanwhile Greenpeace is no longer a loved organization in Peru, as Russian RT news site here shows. The Greenpeace director unsuccessfully tries to manage the exploding public relations disaster amid angry protesters demanding justice:

Russian RT news site quotes one angry protester, writing:

The first thing that the people of Nazca are demanding in the name of everyone who makes a living from tourism is the punishment to the individuals responsible for this,’ a demonstrator said Friday.”


8 responses to “Video Analysis: Nazca Lines Cultural Heritage Site Permanently Ruined…”Marks Left By Greenpeace Are Irreparable”!”

  1. DirkH

    Hey. They let him get away.

    1. Josh

      They shouldnt have.

  2. Ric Werme

    Check out longer, and the videos repeat, but they have some before and after images – you can see where three rows of letters were and the crew left a new line with warts where they congregated. Some of the interviews near the end are with Greenpeace officials speaking in English.

    I suspect Greenpeace won’t be doing much fundraising in that area for a while!

  3. Mindert Eiting

    In an earlier comment I said that the damage looked repairable to me. Perhaps I was wrong. We may use the term of Iconoclasts for people with this behaviour, destroying the remains of former civilisations because they think that they have to offer something better.

  4. Steve C

    People who trash archaeological sites, for whatever reason, deserve every gram of opprobium they get. And the next time one of Greenpeace’s “charity” beggars approaches me in town, boy, are they going to get some, first hand.

    Good wishes of the season to all. Except Greenpeace, of course.

    1. DirkH

      The NGO chuggers are usually pretty student girls getting to keep 30% of the take.
      Be nice to them, they just need the money, and are not involved in the ideology of the NGO at all.
      Just tell them, I won’t give you my money because the organisation you’re working for did this and that. Maybe there will be feedback up the chain of command, though I doubt it.

  5. R2Dtoo

    I wish Peru would sue them for their total worth. That would put them out of business and improve the human condition. What they did is far more serious than is being portrayed. They desecrated one of the world’s truly significant cultural artifacts – they must be punished! What possesses these people?

  6. yonason

    Talk about your “climate criminals.”

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