The Wolf Of Climate-Protection…Leonardo DiCaprio’s Monster-Size, Fuel-Guzzling “Rolling Palace”

Many of us are familiar with climate jihadist/ambassador Leonardo DiCaprio’s über-hypocritical lifestyle of cruising on billionaire mega yachts, private jets and living in huge mansions. Well, it doesn’t end there by any means.

There are times when DiCaprio actually has to slum it, and put up with travel on the road, along with the rest of the world’s lowly mortals.

To help the Hollywood superstar cope with such horrible hardships, a “rolling palace” gets used, this according to Steve Austin of WQYK here. Hat-tip Graeme No.3.

DiCaprio’s monster-size vehicle is reportedly supplied by KING KONG Production Vehicles Inc.

According to the company, it is a 53-foot “celebrity suite” that includes extra capacity air conditioning and heating systems, large hot water heating system, heated floors, fireplace, home theatre, and plasma TV. According to the KING KONG website:

No expense will be spared on the luxurious interior, with only the finest fabrics, fixtures, appliances and floor coverings hand picked by our interior designers.”

These are precisely the sorts of things the rest of the world’s citizens are to shun if there is any chance of rescuing the planet. The following YouTube video unabashedly boasts about all the features the rolling palace sports, such as a $50,000 shower!

The total price tag for the “celebrity suite” is $1.5 million and probably consumes by itself as much energy (diesel fuel) as three American homes. And even if it did use renewable power, the manufacture and transport of all the components to assemble the palace leaves a carbon footprint that is as big as a crater.

What’s really amazing is that DiCaprio expects us to take him and his planet-saving message seriously. It’s all worse than a B-rated comedy.

These people are truly spoiled phonies with a few loose screws.

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9 responses to “The Wolf Of Climate-Protection…Leonardo DiCaprio’s Monster-Size, Fuel-Guzzling “Rolling Palace””

  1. John F. Hultquist

    While I understand the sentiment of the post it is not possible for high profile folks (whether company officials, politicians, or movie stars) to travel the way I might (if I were to go someplace).
    The US country-music performers mostly used large buses and Bob Seger (Silver Bullet Band) has a classic hit, “Turn the Page” (1973) mentioning travel and the problems.

    In more recent times – Paparazzi comes to mind as something to be avoided.

    Also of interest – biodiesel bus:
    BioWillie, Willie Nelson’s biodiesel dream, goes up in smoke

    1. DirkH

      John F. Hultquist
      1. Januar 2015 at 19:33 | Permalink | Reply
      “While I understand the sentiment of the post it is not possible for high profile folks to travel the way I might ”

      But di Caprio at the same time fears for the future of Mother Earth if we continue to expel CO2 at the current rate, right? So he would have a personal interest in minimizing his carbon footprint, to set an example for his followers. He would live in a tent while filming in the desert. And he would tweet about it, telling his followers, look how I reduced my Carbon footprint.

      He doesn’t do that, so he is a hypocrite.
      Nobody wants to take away e.g. John Travolta’s Boeings, he paid for them. But he also does not lecture us about reducing a carbon footprint. At least not that I knew.

      1. Henning Nielsen

        Travolta is no doubt busy saving souls in his Scientologist church.

    2. Curious George

      “It is not possible for high profile folks…” Poor high profile folks committed to sentencing everybody else to a lifestyle with few pleasantries. The idea of a personal leadership borrowed from Generalissimo Stalin.

    3. Streetcred

      Didn’t know that Di Caprio was a high-flyin’ rock band … rock bands have a long history of ‘touring on the road’. Movie stars … not so much.

      1. DirkH

        Well, every small rock band with a contract uses a nightliner bus these days; I would even call that a rather energy-efficient way of travel.
        You keep the movie stars right by the set so you can reduce the number of filming days. So you have a bunch of mobile homes there.
        di Caprio though should be living in a tent because he’s the Climate messiah.

  2. Henning Nielsen

    Happy new year Pierre! And thanks for a great website. 2015 will be an exciting year, with Paris looming on the horizon. No doubt we will be treated to an extraordinary number of alarmist warnings, to put the populace into the correct mindframe. Alas for them, the public is fed up. During the Christmas holiday, how did climate disaster and global warming score when family and friends met for celebration? Way down low, is my impression. Not a subject anyone is eager to discuss, although plunging oil prices and other energy matters are much debated.

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