September 2015 In Austria Comes In Cooler Than Normal…”Snow In Many Valleys”

Yesterday we posted here how Germany’s DWD national weather service reported that September 2015 was cooler than normal. The United Kingdom saw one of its coolest Septembers in decades.

The Austrian ZAMG national meteorological services released the temperature results for September 2015 here. Looks like the country is getting an early start to the ski season. It writes:

The preliminary monthly result of the ZAMG: September 2015 pretty much hit the multi-year mean (0.1 °C below normal). Rain and snow were 20 percent above normal. The sun shone 15 percent less than it usually does over an average September.

A September with wide temperature fluctuations has come to an end. On September 1 the Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik (ZAMG) measured the hottest September day in the history of measurements: 36.0 °C in Pottschach. In the second half of September a cold mass of air brought snow down to many valleys. Early on 24 September in Bad Gastein (S, 1092 m), for example, there was 8 cm of snow. At the Rudolfshütte in the Hohen Tauern (S, 2317 m) there was 45 centimeters of snow. ‘On average, however, the extreme temperatures yielded a very average month,’ says ZAMG climatologist Alexander Orlik. “Looking at Austria as a whole September 2015 was 0.1°C below the multi-year normal.'”

Urban heat island effect in Vienna?

Interestingly the ZAMG data show that remote locations saw cool anomalies, for example with Achenkirch (T, 904 m) coming in at
0.8°C below normal. The warmest anomaly was recorded in the city center of Vienna (W, 177 m), coming in at 0.3°C above the long-term mean for September.

5 responses to “September 2015 In Austria Comes In Cooler Than Normal…”Snow In Many Valleys””

  1. John F. Hultquist

    By this time next year all these happenings will have been disappeared. Official temperature records will be adjusted accordingly and September 2015 will be the warmest September since the Jurassic or maybe, even the Silurian.

  2. Kurt in Switzerland

    September here was 0.5-1.5 deg. C cooler than the norm for the 30 y reference period:

    1. Kurt in Switzerland

      Interim report on September temperatures here:

      Expectations for the entire month, based on data to 29 Sept. and prognoses through the end of September: for the entire country, September was 0.8 deg. Celsius colder than the norm for the month, based on the averages from 1981-2010.

  3. terrence

    See what EVIIIL CO2 can do – September was cooler than usual, increased amounts of EVIIIL CO2 did this; just as it would have made it warmer than usual

    1. ClimateOtter

      sod? Is that you?


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