Central Europe Sees Cool September…Germany Mean Temperature 0.5°C Colder Than Normal

Snowfall …in September!

 WetterTicker - Wetter live verfolgen Senden Sie uns Ihre Bilder/Videos 15:49 Uhr 23. September Wetterbericht: Morgen wieder freundlicher Das Wetter hellt sich ab morgen wieder auf. Verbreitet bleibt es fast den ganzen Tag über trocken und die Temperaturen steigen etwas an. Und zwei Gebiete bekommen voraussichtlich den meisten Sonnenschein ab... Mehr Details im aktuellen Wetterbericht 14:51 Uhr 23. September Alpen: Auf 1000 Meter Höhe weiß! Überraschend tief hat es im österreichischen Bad Gastein herunter geschneit: In dem Wintersportort am Alpenhauptkamm ist es heute auf nur 1000 Meter Höhe weiß geworden. Quelle: wie vo

A webcam recorded this image on September 23 at 2:41 p.m. in Austria in Bad Gastein (1000 meter elevation). Source: here.

Listening to the media, I kept getting the impression that September 2015 in Germany had been a warm one (though my heating costs tell a different story). Yes, I kept hearing weathermen saying how mild it was, with summerlike temperatures. But now the reality comes out.

Germany’s national weather service Deutsche Wetterdienst (DWD) has just issued the preliminary results for September 2015. It turns out the month in Germany was cooler than normal. The results are tabulated from data collected by the country’s approximately 2000 weather stations scattered across the country.

The DWD writes how September was unusually uneventful and just plain normal, after an “extremely hot and dry summer“. It also announced that the drought period that gripped most of the country since since February has ended in the north and central parts of the country, yet lingers on over the east and the south (an area with a size of something like Maine).

The DWD sums up the temperature:

In total the temperature, precipitation and sunshine were below the long-term mean. […] September 2015 had a mean temperature of 13.0° Celsius, 0.3°C cooler than the mean of the 1961 – 1990 international reference period. Compared to the 1981 – 210 reference period the deviation was -0.5°C.”

Especially the northwest part of Germany was cool in September as the temperature failed to reach the 25°C mark during the entire month, with surface frost appearing in many regions late in the month and snow at higher elevations (see photo above). In general Northwest Europe and Scandinavia saw unusually cold conditions this summer, see here and here.

The average temperature for 2015 so far in Germany over the first 9 months of this year has been 10.77°C. By comparison last year (2014) the average temperature after the first 9 months was 11.42°C. 2014 in Germany was the hottest on record.

With October looking to be perhaps dominated by a high pressure over Scandinavia (GFS model), 2015 will fall well below last year’s wild anomaly.

The overall trend for Germany over the past 25 years remains slight cooling. There has not been any statistically meaningful warming since 1990.

UPDATE: And Great Britain has just had its 3rd coldest September in 42 years. See here.

9 responses to “Central Europe Sees Cool September…Germany Mean Temperature 0.5°C Colder Than Normal”

  1. mwhite
    1. roger

      October CET continues the cold run, yet we can expect no help at all from the 6500 wind turbines in the UK which on this cold October evening and night are producing just 0.11GW.
      This alone proves that wind is a totally busted flush.

  2. DirkH
  3. Svend Ferdinandsen

    Also in Denamrk it is colder than used to, even if it is a bit warmer than the normal 1961-1990. Which by the way was a cold period.
    The climate cummunity can praise themselves for changing Global Warming to Climate Change.

  4. Mervyn

    Two things are beyond the ability of government agencies to manipulate and adjust data to deceive people over climate change. They are:

    1. Time.
    2. Cold weather

    Nobody can stop time.

    Nobody can stop cold weather.

    The climate science has become irrelevant as the UN doesn’t care about it.

  5. Fred Stoller

    ” we don’t need no stinkin’ facts, we have models”

  6. Vermeer

    The Netherlands had it coolest September in 15 years. Mean temperature in De Bilt 13.4 °C , this 1.1 °C below average. There were only two days with a maximum above 20 °C. Highest only 20.2 °C
    This was the lowest high september maximum in 50 years.

    Source : KNMI : http://www.knmi.nl/over-het-knmi/nieuws/koelste-september-in-15-jaar

  7. Hans-Dieter Schmidt

    Dear Pierre,

    I emphasize not too much focusing on this cold snap in September. What worries me much more is the extremely early onset of winter in Russia. Something like this wasn’t seen last winter, not even when in average it was supposed to occur.
    If the tendency for building giant high pressure systems in Northern Europe, what we see today and what we will see some time in the future, does not ease, we will get it.

    But – isn’t there a climate gabfest in Paris, due perhaps for the Al-Gore-effect? Then this certainly is the base for it.

    Dipl.-Met. Hans-Dieter Schmidt

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